Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: NBD, Just a 14.7 at Beginner Novice

The Michael Jungs and Laura Colletts of the world might make us feel like sub-20 dressage scores are a totally normal, absolutely achievable thing — but in real life? Well, we know we’re not alone in getting a little bit moist around the eyes whenever we manage to slip sub-30, so they’re a serious feat. But trainer Erin Murphy and the expressive Hemisphere managed to stride easily into the sub-20 club at Old Tavern Horse Trials over the weekend in the Open Beginner Novice division, and thanks to owner Courtney Bolam DVM DVSc DACVS-LA, we’ve got the full video to share with you of their winning test.

Courtney, who works as a staff surgeon and Medical Director at Piedmont Equine Practice in Virginia, says: “I almost didn’t record this ride, thinking ‘it’s just another BN dressage test’…but it was something pretty special. My wonderful, amazing, talented trainer Erin Murphy [of Morningside Eventing, The Plains, VA] rode Quinn this past weekend (on very short notice) to an astounding dressage score of 14.7. They then went on to jump double clear and finish on that, 13 points ahead of 2nd place!”

Courtney ordinarily rides her ten-year-old Dutch Harness Horse cross gelding (that’s a Clydesdale/Hackney dam line, for those of you who are into curious breeding combos!) herself, and they’ve picked up some exciting results in the year or so they’ve been competing together — including a second place finish in the Open Beginner Novice at the CDCTA Spring Horse Trials this April.

Erin and Hemisphere. Photo courtesy of Courtney Bolan. 

According to Courtney, ‘Quinn’ is “one of the coolest horses I have known and ridden, [and he has] SOOOO much personality! He and I have come so far under the watchful eye and instruction of Erin with the support of Team Checkers!”

Of course, now Courtney’s got her eye on a jolly good challenge: beating that insane score.

“Now, to achieve something similar to this myself…hmmmm…goals!” she laughs.

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