Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: The Horse-Shopping Survival Guide

I always think trying horses for myself will be great fun. I’ll get to ride loads of lovely eventers! I’ll get to explore other people’s yards! What larks and japes we shall have! In reality, though, I always end up finding the whole thing pretty stressful, particularly having to ride unfamiliar horses in front of their owners. Suddenly, it’s like I’ve never experienced a trot before. I am guaranteed to be at my absolute worst, because of course I am! That’s part of the, um, fun, I guess.

Anyway, if you’re embarking on a similar shopping spree (lucky you! But also, my condolences.), you could probably use a bit of a pep talk and some advice. I really enjoyed this video from dressage rider Joseph Newcomb, who shares plenty of tips for making the process a little bit less painful. May your next trial ride be aboard a unicorn.

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