Weekend Winners: Apple Knoll Farm, Meadowcreek Park, Sundance Farm, Twin Rivers

From coast to coast, we round up the winners from the weekend that was at recognized events around the country. Congratulations to all!

Our Low Score Award this week was earned at Twin Rivers by Ava Chase and Made You Look. This pair finished on their dressage score of 18.6 in their Introductory division. Well done!

Apple Knoll Farm H.T.: [Results]

Training A: Lanie Mourgenos and Fit & Frisky (24.6)
Training B: Emily Holmes and Hurricane Bay (37.9)
Novice A: Eloise Plante and Mr. Lickety (24.8)
Novice B: Gwendolyn Braglia and Oveta (32.6)
Novice C: Jennifer Bagley and Intrinsic (21.2)
Beginner Novice A: Isabella Day and Twilight (37.5)
Beginner Novice B: Devon L Champlain and Champagne Event (35.8)
Beginner Novice C: Caroline Teich and Lyrical (26.5)

Thank you to Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto for providing a few win shots from Apple Knoll this weekend. Don’t forget to view and order your show proofs here.

Meadowcreek Park Fall Social Event: [Results]

Open Preliminary: Carson Crowell and Levity (34.2)
Open Training: Katherine Rivera and HVL Hocus Pocus (23.0)
Preliminary/Training: Ellen Doughty-Hume and Summer’s Due (34.2)
Training Rider: Brooke Harris and Sir Oberon (30.5)
Jr. Novice Rider: Ella Robinson and Winter Colony (30.7)
Novice Championships: Brittney Caflisch and When Stars Align (25.9)
Open Novice: Nicole Hatley and Biscotti (21.0)
Sr. Novice Rider: Julie Bishop and Malibu Knight (32.1)
Beginner Novice Championships: Casey Locklear and FLS Major Bounce (30.0)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider A: Brett Youssi and Xena (34.8)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider B: Avery Eisenman and MDS Marigold (31.8)
Open Beginner Novice: Tracy Hewlett and Pixie Dancer (33.6)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Cathy Jennings and Lucky Imagamblingman (32.3)
Starter: Jaeli Uselding and My Little Rebel (33.1)

Sundance Farm H.T.: [Results]

Open Preliminary: Brynna Jovanovich and Arthur (39.4)
Preliminary Championship: Rebecca Roth and Chapter Two (41.8)
Open Training: Alexis Anderson and Symphony (28.6)
Training Championship: Chris Heydon and Is He A She (41.5)
Novice Championship: Leah Lang-Gluscic and Bollywood (28.8)
Novice Rider: Aspen Duffin and Tag You’re It (33.3)
Open Novice: Leah Lang Gluscic and Concatulations (34.1)
Beginner Novice Championship: Sophie Schroeder and Fernhill Prada (33.8)
Beginner Novice Rider A: Janessa Shillingstad and Dante (30.3)
Beginner Novice Rider B: Abigail Haydam and C-Note (34.8)
Beginner Novice Rider C: Hannah Stuewar and BFF Tiara (36.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Ashley Butteris and Star De Warrior (28.3)
Starter A: Alexandra Carlson and Zahara (37.3)
Starter B: Maria Novotny and FGF Kingslayer (40.9)

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#mistymorningfarmlessons went eventing again! 6 riders plus 5 show mom's and grooms went to Sundance Farm HT to wrap up our dynamic 2020 eventing season. Most riders went clear on XC, clinching a second score for PC Champs 2021. One rider error resulted in no score, but an "I'll be back" attitude. #themmfgreyturtle and I got to compete again! Our dressage still needs a lot of help, and our SJ was messy, but we jumped all the things, and didn't finish last; a win for me in a busy year on a new-to-eventing horse. Now to improve during the upcoming less busy season. We all also competed in the simultaneous Lake Shore Region Eventing Rally to qualify for champs in KY for 2021, with 5 riders now qualified from #mmfpcrc. Kentucky, here we come! Shout out to @slbersell Julie @sophiaamcguire @mimilevinson @raebirr As horse show moms extrodinaire! And @xanbethson for again being a phenomenal stable manager and show groom! Shows aren't the same without you wonderful ladies! #mmfeventing #mmfwilbur #jumpingthings

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My dear Wolfred led on a 28.6 start to finish in the OT. The win is icing on the cake as I was simply thrilled to be back competing after baby #2. So thankful for this boy, his breeder and supporter Kathleen, and the extensive family it takes to make this all work. Fred was not the only one to bring home a blue, Hannah and Tiara won the BN, Allie and Zoey won the starter, Ellie and Oliver placed 3rd in the BN, and Tania and Tempi placed 8th in the BN. As always the high have lows, or rather less than highs but my students/team seems to find the positive even in the hard times, ahem @wayward_eventing @trieckx , Lauren and Sarah which is the true test of class and grit. Thankful for @sssf_countysaddlerymn @equinekneadsmassage for keeping them team happy and comfortable, @jennaroth.eventing for wrangling Freddie, and the kiddos and for the army that helped make this weekend possible with a baby and a toddler! Finally thank you to @sundancefarmhorsetrial for putting on a first class event, can’t wait for next year! #teamwool #lovethevibeofmytribe #areaiveventing #adastraeventing

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Twin Rivers Fall International: [Results]

CCI4*S: Tamie Smith and Passepartout (32.3)
CCI3*S: Tamie Smith and Cheers (38.3)
CCI2*S: Haley Turner and Shadow Inspector (26.8)
Advanced: Hilary Burkemper and Undercover (102.1)
Open Intermediate: Derek di Grazia and Ringwood Justice (42.5)
Open Preliminary: Emilee Libby and MaiTānzer (35.2)
Jr. Training Rider: Sophia Merz and Claro Bō (29.8)
Open Training: Rebecca Braitling and Liam’s Guinness (25.5)
Sr. Training Rider: Sarah Moseley and Earl of Foxpoint (35.9)
Training Horse: Nick Cwick and Toulano von Worrenberg (29.8)
Jr. Novice Rider A: Chloe Kischuk and London Calling OHF (29.3)
Jr. Novice Rider B: Lauren Crabtree and Nabouco De Lessay (27.0)
Open Novice: Toora Nolan and Even More Impressive (23.5)
Sr. Novice Amateur: Gilan Read-Bailey and BF Fernando (26.7)
Sr. Novice Rider: Shayna Silcox and Zoltaire (27.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Rylan Tucker and My Box of Crayons (25.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Olivia Miller and Convince Me (24.0)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Leslie van der Wal and Doonhill Dancer (26.5)
Intro A: Ava Chase and Made You Look (18.6)
Intro B: Toora Nolan and Santino II (25.0)
FEH 2 Year Old: Earl McFall and Jungle Love DF (84.5)
FEH 3 Year Old: Sarah Moseley and Twain’s Firelight DF (85.8)
FEH 4 Year Old: David Koss and Fendi (87.9)
FEH Yearling: Christine Jones and Graciella GWF (83.2)
YEH 4 Year Old: David Koss and Fendi (87.9)
YEH 5 Year Old: Julie Anne Boyer and Truly Enchanted (88.8)