Weekend Winners: CDCTA, Chatt Hills, Fair Hill, Spring Bay, Twin Rivers

Time for our weekly round-up of winning scores! We saw action in three FEI events this weekend, as well as stacked national divisions all over the country. If you want to relive the international action, catch up on our reports from Chatt Hills/Fair Hill and Twin Rivers.

This weekend’s Unofficial Low Score Award was earned at Kentucky’s Spring Bay H.T. and goes to Magdalene Montgomery and Foreign Affair, a 16-year-old Holsteiner gelding formerly piloted by Erin Pullen and owned by Mackenzie Spaes. This pair pulled off a 19.8 in the dressage and would go on to finish on that score to win their Novice Amateur division. Well done!

CDCTA H.T.: [Website] [Final Results]

Open Preliminary: Ashley Trier and Quality Village (47.1)
Open Training 1: Caitlin O’Roark and On A Mission (34.5)
Open Training 2: Mckenna Martinez and Commitment (31.9)
Open Novice 1: Francesca Broggini and Cooley High Flyer (28.6)
Open Novice 2: Linden Wiesman and Fifth Ace (32.6)
Open Novice 3: Janna Scholtz and Fernhill Locklann (34.7)
Open Novice 4: Isabel Giordano and Davinci (32.4)
Open Beginner Novice 1: Taylor Martin and Avocado (30.3)
Open Beginner Novice 2: Brittany Hebets and Black Sea Baron (32.3)
Open Beginner Novice 3: Abby Dove and Zippity Doo Dah (36.3)
Intro 1: Bekah Bartley and Plain Brown Wrap (33.1)

Chattahoochee Hills H.T.: [Website]ย [ Final Results]

CCI4*-S: Liz Halliday Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver (35.9)
CCI3*-S: Kimmy Cecere and Landmark’s Monaco (31.0)
CCI2*-S: Liz Halliday-Sharp and Shanroe Cooley (27.3)
CCI1*-S: Crockett Miller and Mr Panda (30.0)
Advanced: Buck Davidson and Jak My Style (32.3)
Open Intermediate: Ben Noonan and Keep Kitty (34.5)
Open Preliminary: Jenny Caras and Sommersby (25.9)
Preliminary Rider: Fiona Cotter and Miltown Malbay (32.5)
Modified A: Hugh Wrigley and FE Money Made (30.3)
Modified B: Hugh Wrigley and FE Santos (23.7)
Jr. Training Rider: Devon Tresan and Zavallo (29.8)
Open Training A: Deborah McWhirter and FE Show Business (26.7)
Open Training B: Lauren Lambert and Biscotti (28.6)
Sr. Training Rider: Colleen Mauro and Miles To Go (36.4)
Jr. Novice Rider: Kate Bell and Daphne AS (27.4)
Open Novice A: Ann Wicander and Mighty Finn (29.1)
Open Novice B: Julie Richards and Nimbalina (28.6)
Sr. Novice Rider: Malin Eriksson and WHF Wilhelmina (26.2)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Claire Roddy and Goodness Gracious (32.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Mindy Cady and Davino (29.7)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Nikki Eremita and Charmin (32.8)

Fair Hill International April H.T. and CCI-S: [Website]ย [ Final Results]

CCI4*-S: Daniel Clasing and MW Gangster’s Game (46.0)
CCI3*-S: Jennie Brannigan and Connory (31.8)
CCI2*-S: Martin Douzant and Frame Shamrock (28.0)
Advanced: Tim Bourke and Quality Time (44.1)
Intermediate: Alex Reed and On Broadway (45.5)
Preliminary: Tim Bourke and Flying Quality (30.4)
Training A: Martin Douzant and Harthill Diamond (25.5)
Training B: Sophia Kager and Rasher (36.2)
Training C: Skyler Decker and Cooley Monsoon (27.7)

Spring Bay H.T.: [Website] [Final Results]

Open Preliminary: Chelsea Kolman and Dauntless Courage (31.3)
Open Modified: Bennett Adkins and Arch Dancer (34.7)
Open Training: Rosie Napravnik and Sanimo (38.0)
Training Amateur: Madelyn Cease and Charlie (35.2)
Novice Amateur A: Magdalene Montgomery and Foreign Affair (19.8)
Novice Amateur B: Jenna McPeek and Blue Sky Law (30.2)
Novice Junior: Ava Stevens and Two Against the World (32.7)
Open Novice A: Madeline Bletzacker and Drummer Boy (27.4)
Open Novice B: Julia Spatt and Sterling’s Bailero (30.2)
Beginner Novice Amateur A: Alison Zeitlin and Royal Report (31.3)
Beginner Novice Amateur B: Julie Watkins and Burnished Silver (21.7)
Beginner Novice U-19: Tate Northrop and Photo Shoot (32.6)
Open Beginner Novice: Corinna Garcia and Lyric (24.7)
Open Starter A: Diane Begemann and Middle of Nowhere (28.3)
Starter YR/JR: Kylee Redman and Mr. Duddles (31.8)

Twin Rivers Spring International: [Website] [ Final Results]

CCI4*-L: Amber Levine and Cinzano (32.3)
CCI3*-L: Alina Patterson and Flashback (35.2)
CCI2*-L: James Alliston and Calaro (31.4)
CCI4*-S: Andrea Baxter and Laguna Seca (53.2)
CCI3*-S: Lauren Burnell and Counterpoint (38.0)
Advanced: Kayleen Crowley and Whiskey Up (63.7)
Open Intermediate: Stephanie Goodman and Drs Resolute (53.6)
Open Preliminary: Tommy Greengard and Joshuay MBF (27.8)
Preliminary Rider: Cassie Weber and Minnie (32.2)
Jr. Training Rider A: Catherine Bonadio and IndiGo (26.6)
Jr. Training Rider B: Dane Padgett and Cafe Noir (29.1)
Open Training: Jordan Linstedt and Lovely Lola (20.5)
Sr. Training Rider: Cynthia Wright and Samba Dromo (28.5)
Training Amateur: Louise Leslie and Souvenir (29.5)
Training Horse: Asia Vedder and Get Cheeky (29.0)
Jr. Novice Rider A: Payton Piearcy and Geronimo (22.6)
Jr. Novice Rider B: Isabella Degner and Riley’s Life (33.8)
Novice Amateur: Sue Buxton and Leap of Faith XI (30.5)
Novice Horse: Whitney Spicher and Ballon (28.9)
Open Novice: Ludger Thole and Rudy (28.5)
Sr. Novice Rider: Anne Johnson and Grandios Sky (28.8)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider A: Siena Lester and Simply SM (31.7)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider B: Amber McKain and Burton Hill (29.4)
Open Beginner Novice A: Taylor Miles and Crescendo (29.4)
Open Beginner Novice B: Chloe Smyth and Byzantine SC (24.7)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider A: Elisabeth Anderson and Spaceman Spiff (27.4)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider B: Janet Han and Fernhill Vanguard (30.6)