Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin

Elite racehorses are far and few between. Watching the Kentucky Derby, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the statistic that of the estimated 21,000+ Jockey Club registered Thoroughbreds that were born in the U.S. in 2013, only 20 of them — less than one horse in 1,000 — made it to Derby starting gate.

Not all Thoroughbreds are cut out for the sport, and even the best ones have expiration dates. Many thousands of horses get sent home from the track each year due to injury or lack of speed/competitiveness, and finding safe, happy second homes for them is a massive project. Thankfully there are multiple organizations out there that are dedicated to connecting OTTBs with second careers, and there are OTTB enthusiasts like you (judging from the fact that you’re reading this!) who are willing to give them a shot.

Here are three OTTBs that jumped out at us this week!

Photo via CANTER Arizona.

Photo via CANTER Arizona.

Who doesn’t love a classic, bay Thoroughbred?

Smokin’ Padre (Stormy Jack – Prizes Are Smokin, by Smokester) is a 2009, California-bred, 16.2-hand gelding. After 23 starts (including two firsts, two seconds and four thirds), “Joe” is looking for his next career.

A female owner is a must for this boy due to a rough history with former male owners. He is a flirt with the ladies, even giving kisses for peppermints. CANTER Arizona reports that he was extremely well behaved with their volunteers, standing patiently for his photos and showing off his lovely personality.

Joe is reportedly sound and has a clean round of x-rays (as of 3/12), having enjoyed excellent care by his connections. We are told he has no vices and no other known injuries.

Located at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona.

View Smokin’ Padre on CANTER Arizona.

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.

Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.

Joshan’s Giant (Frost Giant – Ogygian’s Louise, by Ogygian) is a 2011 liver chestnut mare with a solid, balanced, 15.2-hand build and caramel dark coat, with dapples just about to emerge.

The groom raved about what a kind, wonderful horse this stunning mare is — and when a horse becomes the favorite of a groom in a big racing stable, you know it is indeed a great horse to be around! “She’s a peach,” the groom kept saying as Finger Lakes Finest took down Joshan’s listing information.

Joshan’s is ready to move on to a new non-racing career, because after hanging out at the farm over the winter (where she was great in turnout with other horses), she is letting her trainers know that she just doesn’t want to run anymore. She is getting stressed in the paddock before races, although during morning training rides she is fine. An experienced rider is recommended for her, to help her settle and learn her new job. She is described as sound on old osselets, and wonderful to handle and work around on the ground.

She has a terrific pedigree for sport and jumping and showed lovely fluid light movement for her jog video. She appears bigger than she is, and FLF predicts that she will “ride big” — just like the mighty little horse who finished third at Rolex this year. So do not let her smaller wither height deter you from giving this gorgeous young mare with huge potential a serious look.

View Joshan’s Giant on Finger Lakes Finest.

Photo via CANTER Ohio.

Photo via CANTER Ohio.

Sneak a Cold Treat (Snuck In – Frozen Dinner, by Formal Dinner) is a 2005, 16.1-hand bay gelding and true racetrack warhorse! A multi-stakes winner, he’s retiring sound (x-rays available) with earnings of over $412K.

Don’t be deterred by his age, “Sneakers” has a lot of miles left on his tires. He is athletic, a graceful mover, and intelligent — CANTER noticed right away that Sneakers showed above-average thinking skills. He has a very busy mind, they tell us, and he tends to want to work things out right away. Around the farm Sneakers is an easy keeper, he is quiet, goes out in a group and has no vices.

Since he came off the track CANTER has spent a lot of time desensitizing Sneakers and giving him more people skills. What they found was a very trusting horse with a very sweet temperament; they feel he has the makings of a powerful riding partner and has the potential to compete through the Preliminary level.

He’ll do best with a patient, confident and knowledgeable advanced level rider who has prior experience with green horses. Sneakers has a lot to learn but will make it worth your while, as he has raw talent and the makings of a sport horse.

View Sneak a Cold Treat on CANTER Ohio.