Your Guide to the $50,000 Devon Arena Eventing

Arena eventing is coming to Devon. Photo by Chris Gosnell/Creative Commons. Arena eventing is coming to Devon. Photo by Chris Gosnell/Creative Commons.

Get excited, EN! The entry list is up and we’re ready for a night of action packed Arena Eventing from the iconic Dixon Oval at the Devon Horse Show.

This marks the first foray into Arena Eventing for the Devon Horse Show, which will boast $50,000 in prize money. The qualified riders entry list in the Order of Go is as follows:

Waylon Roberts (CAN) with Lancaster
Justine Dutton (GBR) with Jak My Style
Colleen Rutledge (USA) with Uno
Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA) with Rubens D’Ysieux
Holly Payne Caravella (USA) with Bruisyard Hall
Erin Sylvester (USA) with Campground
Ryan Wood (AUS) with Alcatraz
Amanda Beale Clement (USA) with Get Ready
Boyd Martin (USA) with Kyra
Lisa Marie Fergusson (CAN) with Honor Me
Morgan McCue (USA) with Fernhill Flutter
Erika Nesler (USA) with Right Above It
Douglas Payne (USA) with Flagmount’s Mischief
Waylon Roberts (CAN) with Kelecyn Cognac
Hillary Moses (USA) with Zanadoo
Holly Payne Caravella (USA) with Charmking
Douglas King (USA) with Zeno
Justine Dutton (GBR) with Huck Finn
Molly Kinnamon (USA) with The Diesel Boy
Colleen Rutledge (USA) with Shiraz
Gillian Beale King (USA) with Aspire R
Courtney Cooper (USA) with Who’s A Star
Monica Fiss (USA) with Malibu Rock
Alexa Ehlers (USA) with Amistoso
Holly Payne Caravella (USA) with Never Outfoxed
Waylon Roberts (CAN) with Mindful
Boyd Martin (USA) with Ray Price W
Douglas Payne (USA) with Getaway
Jennie Brannigan (USA) with Cambalda

Take a look at the course map for both rounds:

As we speak, horses and riders are en route to and settling in at the Devon show grounds. The Arena Eventing will kick off at 7 p.m. EST tonight and will be live streamed on the USEF Network.

The course will be designed by Capt. Mark Phillips and will feature about 25 jumps in all, with 15 of them being cross country fences shipped in from Fair Hill and the rest being show jumps. All jumps will be set at a maximum height of 1.20 meters or 1.40 meters for brush fences, with a maximum top spread of 1.60 meters.

Here are the guidelines for the class:

There will be two rounds of competition. Round 1 is the qualifier, and clear rounds under the optimum time will be sent forward to the jump-off. Round 2 is the jump-off, following the tradition of jumpers with the fastest clear round winning. The course will be set in the Dixon Oval and will feature both cross country and show jumping fences.


Knockdowns: 5 faults
First Refusal: 10 faults
Second Refusal: Elimination
Fall of Horse or Rider: Elimination

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the riders tonight, so be sure to tune in and watch the live stream and check back for the full report later tonight! Go (arena) eventing!

Devon Arena Eventing: Website, Order of Go, Course Map, Live Stream