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Liniments vs. poultices, poultices vs. liniments … how to know which one to use and when? In this episode of SmartPak’s “Ask the Vet,” Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer a reader question about...
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The Diesel Boy is really enjoying his holiday! Photo by Molly Sue Kinnamon.
I spent all of yesterday driving my horse several hours down the road to Virginia Tech so that he could see an ophthalmologist, and I always really enjoy when new people meet my horse. Can...
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Erin Sylvester and Mettraise. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.
Erin Sylvester won the $30,000 Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant last weekend at the USEA Year-End Awards. We’re delighted for her, so we’re throwing it back to her cross country round at the 2017 Kentucky...
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On Dec. 2-3, Mid-South Eventing & Dressage Association welcomed David O’Connor to the bluegrass for two-day educational forum. The first day consisted of in-seat education — read highlights from that in Part 1 here. The second...
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All smiles from the Clemson Tigers! Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.
The USEA has announced that the USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Championship will return to Virginia Horse Trials (VHT) in Lexington, Va. May 24-27, 2018. VHT hosted the first two years of the Intercollegiate Championship in 2016 and...
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Images courtesy of World Equestrian Brands.
It’s day three of EN’s “12 Days of Christmas,” featuring a giveaway a day from our amazing and very holiday-spirited sponsors! Today’s lucky winner will receive a prize pack from World Equestrian Brands, including a…...
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My new favourite GIF — Nico Morgan Media (@nicomorgan) December 12, 2017 This should really not be that mesmerizing. I really should not be watching it on loop. I am not absolutely fascinated by...
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The last big indoor eventing competition was held over the weekend at CHI Genève in Switzerland. This venue showcases flashy portables alongside eventing fixtures like water drops and banks on a track that winds around the both...
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Welcome to Day Two of EN’s 12 Days a Christmas! A giveaway a day … truly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Today we’re stuffing someone’s stocking, er, tack trunk with a StretchTech...
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Photo courtesy of ERA International.
Equestrian Australia is leading the eventing world by example, having yesterday announced a rule change that mandates the use of approved FEI frangible devices. Beginning Feb. 1, 2018, frangible devices must be utilized “on those fences...
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