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Rise Against (Ecko) is unimpressed by his midnight journey from Holland to England. Photo from Bunnie Sexton's Facebook Page
Sometimes there’s so much going on it makes your head spin. My Facebook feed is filled with all sorts of awesomeness from around Eventerland. The awesomeness runs the gamut from new gear and new ponies to move-up...
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The CIC1* division knocked out its show jumping this afternoon at Richland Park, and Marc Donovan’s course did its part to scramble the 39-horse scoreboard. The winding course sent competitors up and down the undulating...
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Click over to Millbrook's Facebook page for photos from the event. Photo © Millstreet International Horse Trials.
Rosalind Canter and Zenshera are your leaders in the inaugural Noel Duggan Engineering CCI3*after dressage at Millstreet International Horse Trials in Ireland, scoring 49.1 ...
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Welcome to Richland Park! Photo by Leslie Wylie.
Every edition of Richland Park is special but 2016 marks an extra exciting landmark in the event’s history. It’s Richland’s 15th anniversary horse trial — here’s to you, Richland! The story of Richland dates back...
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Photo courtesy of CrossCountry App
We’re eagerly anticipating an exciting day of cross country action at Blair Castle in the Scottish Highlands. You can watch the free live stream on Blair’s website here, and Event Rider Masters will air CIC3* cross country...
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Twinsies? Photo courtesy of Doug Payne.
You know what’s super cool? Having horses that are siblings, and watching them develop in different but similar ways. Check out Doug Payne riding Debi Crowley’s Vandiver next to his little four-year-old brother, Noah! They...
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The 2015 Richland Park Save of the Year went to Darby Weerstra, who competed in the Junior Novice division with Seelie Court II. Darby and the Irish Sport Horse mare ran into a bit of...
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Beautifully decorated jumps need to stay that way for a whole week! Photo by Holly Covey.
The rain begins a steady, soaking rhythm on your back as you are bent, placing flowers at the base of the huge wooden table on the cross county course. You’ve been working all day: shoveling...
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Just two super grooms having some fun. Shannon Kinsley & Sergio Reyes. Photo courtesy of Sergio.
Yesterday I just finished a two-day jumping clinic with Leslie Law at Morningside Training Center, where I was lucky enough to snag a spot with the Olympic gold medallist himself. I took my seasoned partner,...
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Tracey Bienemann and Geoni, an 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
The most bustling corn field in America this week is located in Richland, Michigan, site of Richland Park H.T. The event gets underway tomorrow with one- through three-star dressage as well as the Advanced horse...
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