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Screenshot via Sport Horse Nation, EN's classifieds site.
In addition to being an avid eventer and reigning champion of the Hagyard Midsouth P3D, Michael Willham is a Senior at Otterbein University....
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Raise your hand if your horse is brave into water. How about THROUGH water — a “water curtain,” to be specific? Check out this video, posted by the Equestrian Centre Celje in Slovenia. Snemanje Konjeniški center CeljeNaša Tajda...
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Photo via EN's Instagram.
As the beginning of the 2017 season approaches, one thing on everyone’s mind is who might be aiming for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event this spring. The qualification requirements have been similar for many years,...
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Joan Hampf's farm is right across from Team Dutton in Aiken, SC and she hung this sign to support Lee Lee. Love you Joan! Photo by Doug Payne.
Sometimes, going back to one of your golden oldie exercises with your horses is the way to success. At the beginning of the year, I’m just starting to jump my horses a bit again (as...
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Graeme Thom. Photo by Samantha Clark.
We have big news from the Kiwis this morning, as Graeme Thom has been named Equestrian Sports New Zealand high performance eventing manager. ...
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EN's own Sally Spickard and  enjoying a Buck Davidson clinic in sunny California. Photo via Sally.
Virginia is cruel in the winter, and not in the same way as many other snowy states. It’s cruel because throughout the winter months, it likes to go from below freezing to over 60 and...
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Which venue will join the Kentucky Horse Park as the second in the U.S. to host a CCI4*? Photo by Lorraine Jackson.
The USEF Board of Directors has named Fair Hill and Great Meadow to a short list of venues being considered to host a new CCI4* in the U.S. Due to the change in location of...
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The latest #BehindBadminton video was released today, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the course as we get closer to the 100-day countdown to this year’s horse trials. The Willis brothers have been synonymous with...
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#EventerProblems on the way to a horse trial this fall. Photo by Leslie Wylie.
When it comes to trucks, horse people tend to have, to put it gently, very strong opinions. For instance, don’t EVEN get me started on my own 2004 F250. It’s got one of those notoriously...
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Robyn Fisher and Betwave at Le Lion. Photo by Libby Law Photography.
Several years removed from her last outings at the three- and four-star levels, California eventer Robyn Fisher didn’t anticipate returning to the upper levels of eventing. But a special horse and special circumstances rocketed Robyn...
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