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Craig Nicolai and Just Ironic at Bramham in 2012. Photo by Samantha Clark.
New Zealand eventer Craig Nicolai is fighting for the return of Just Ironic, also known as Spida, after he was seized by the UK debt collection agency DCB Limited, according to the NZ Eventing Facebook...
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Winter is coming.
(And body clips, and quarter sheets, and riding in the dark, and hot chocolate, and audiobooks, and gloves and beanies and blanketing and barn jackets)
I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that I’m losing a minute of daylight every few days. Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and with it, the end of summer. Autumn means earlier sunsets and...
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The KER ClockIt Sport App is revolutionizing equine fitness one download at a time. By providing vital health data to horse owners, riders and trainers, the KER ClockIt Sport App is giving us new ways...
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Jon Holling and Downtown Harrison at Carolina International 2014. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Maggie Deatrick predicted Jon Holling and Downtown Harrison to win the Advanced division at Chattahoochee Hills this weekend, and while she isn’t often wrong, the details of her prediction are eerily accurate following the first...
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What happens with you pit Francis Whittington, Izzy Taylor and Gemma Tattersall against each other in a tough quiz on European Championships? This video is all the evidence you need that UK eventers know how...
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Justine Dutton and Jak My Style. Photo via Justine Dutton.
Justine Dutton, “the Other Dutton”, continues to build her business and string of horses at the upper levels with the new addition of Jak My Style, a 10-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, this week. Jak My Style...
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From American Pharoah's Facebook Page
Everyone loves a hero. American Pharoah takes to the track again today for the Travers Stakes. While I was glad to see him win the Triple Crown, I must admit that I’m getting more and...
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Two-time Burghley Horse Trials winner Blyth Tait kindly took some time to walk through some key questions on this year’s course with our friends at Horse & Hound. You can follow along in the video...
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Gigi McIntosh and Rio Rio. Photo by Lindsay Y. McCall.
Margaret McIntosh, better known as “Gigi," is an international para equestrian who trains out of Missy and Jessica Ransehousen’s Blue Hill Farm in Unionville, Pennsylvania, alongside numerous eventers....
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Photo courtesy of Caitlin Romeo.
Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. “Fun-sized” is perhaps the best descriptor for the unusual relationship between Caitlin Romeo’s event horse Audacious Comet and her BFF, a mini donkey named Baby Kong. The story...
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