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Part of the homepage of Phillip Dutton's new website.
Good morning EN! Check out the above screenshot, which comes from the homepage of Phillip Dutton’s brand new website. Designed by EN friend Athletux, the site looks pretty snazzy and has lots of great information...
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Jolie Wentworth and Goodknight. Photo by Sherry Stewart.
Well this isn’t a sad Rolex withdrawal announcement to make by any means! Jolie Wentworth announced tonight she is withdrawing Goodknight from Rolex because she is pregnant and expecting her first child in September. “My husband...
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Insanity in the middle!
Laura Millerick was kind enough to donate her two four-day passes to Rolex after finding out she couldn’t go at the last minute, and we asked you all to recreate the EN logo in a...
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“There’s no better accessory than Will Coleman as your date!” writes today’s featured poster, Hayley Harwell. Does your version of Cinderella include Will Coleman slipping a perfectly fitted Dubarry boot onto your foot? We can...
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Katharine Knauz, who wrote a wonderful clinic report when she lessoned with Boyd Martin over the winter, sent in a tearjerker helmet cam from FENCE Horse Trials, where she and her horse Poppyfield’s Tristan completed...
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Jody and Vinnie. Photo courtesy of Lauren DeNeve.
More details have emerged surrounding the fatal trailer accident in Sumter County, Fla., near Ocala last Thursday that claimed the life of Jody Harwood’s D-Vine. Lauren DeNeve, Jody’s trainer, was hauling three horses, Cindy One,...
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USEF headquarters this morning. Photo via the USEF Eventing High Performance Facebook page.
Like the drunk girl stumbling around at the end of a party who just needs to go home, Mother Nature seriously needs to take off her party dress and pass out. Facebook is littered with...
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Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister at Badminton last year. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Tiana Coudray confirmed this morning that she will forgo her Land Rover grant for Rolex to compete at Badminton with Ringwood Magister. ”I am so appreciative for the opportunity to go to Kentucky, but when it came...
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Congratulations to Collegiate Team Challenge participants at FENCE! Photo submitted by Pat Salomon
After a fun and eventful weekend, Pat Salomon sent us an email following the FENCE Horse Trials: I was hoping we could get in a brag about our Collegiate Team Challenge, which had 6 colleges...
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An exciting weekend at Ocala International is now behind us, and believe it or not that signifies the end of the spring season for many horses! So soon? It just stopped snowing! The competition was...
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