5th Annual EN Blogger Contest: And the Winner Is …

It’s been a hard fought battle, but in the end only one can come out on top. We’ve once again been privileged to have a multitude of quality entries to sift through in our 5th Annual EN Blogger Contest, and we’ve put our finalists through some rigorous test to get a feel for their style and talent.

We also asked you to vote on who you thought should be the winner of this year’s contest — while the votes were not the sole determining factor in our decision, they certainly played a hand.

So, without further ado, we are incredibly thrilled and proud to announce that the winner of this year’s EN Blogger Contest is…

David taylor 2

David Taylor!

David hails from Maryland, where he’s currently the head tractor driver and an avid event rider who owns three OTTBs. He’s been a big EN fan from the get-go and has really put his best foot forward in our blogger contest. I mean, who dresses in a women’s tank top just to get noticed? David does, ya’ll.

David has written for Bloggers Row, our page for our readers to share their own blogs, in the past, so his byline may be familiar to you. We’re pleased that he will be joining the EN team (who are we kidding, he’ll be put to work doing Chinch’s bidding) and adding his humor and knowledge to our staff.

Thank you once again to each and every one of our participants this year, as well as to our readers for their continued support. We’re already looking forward to next year’s contest!