A Tribute to the Olympics: The Equestrian Super Bowl

Editor’s note: The finalists in the 6th annual EN Blogger Contest were asked to write a post-Olympic piece as their final entry in the contest, and now we are publishing each of their articles on the homepage before opening up voting for the winner. Thanks as always for reading, and please leave feedback in the comments section.

The Super Bowl is considered by many to be the pinnacle of American sporting events.  Even if we don’t care for the sport or if our favorite team isn’t playing, many Americans find themselves glued to their televisions the first Sunday of February. Some watch for the love of the sport while others may tune in only to see the commercials. Regardless of our intentions, watching the Super Bowl is something that brings us together.

Similarly, Olympic equestrian sports have a way of uniting all horse enthusiasts worldwide. Some of us hosted watch parties. I threw a party and ordered a cake. A non-equestrian must have decorated it because “Even Ten” definitely isn’t an Olympic sport.

Cake fail. Photo by Lauren Grindall.

Cake fail. Photo by Lauren Grindall.

Additionally, equestrians spent 3+ hours on the same emotional spectrum as football super fans:


1. Nervous anxiety:


Come on – nail that field goal tricky corner option!

2. Anger:


Only 6 yards points?! C’mon ref judge!

3. Disappointment:


That moment a podium-determining rail falls in stadium.

4. Spontaneous explosion of happiness:


That moment a competing nation knocks a rail taking them out of medal contention. BUT WAIT — that puts our team ahead! I’m feeling guilty and happy at the same time.

Go Even Ten Eventing!

Lauren Grindall, 30, is an Area VIII adult amateur who enjoys finding new (and unique) ways to boost her riding fitness to offset her love for cookies and ice cream. During a brief hiatus when she couldn’t own or event horses, she took on eventing of a different sort: triathlon. When she’s not riding her 6-year-old OTTB, she enjoys running, weightlifting and writing. In addition to wanting to enter the Blogger Contest, she would love to help Team EN triumph at next year’s match race at the Rolex Kentucky 5K Run.

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