EN’s Most Popular Videos of 2015

Scouring the internet for videos you’ll love is one of our favorite pastimes here at EN, and with 2016 almost here, it’s time to take a look back at the most popular videos we posted this year. Let the countdown begin!

10. What It’s Like to Nearly Get Run Over by Bruce Davidson

Kelly Hageman sent EN this video from her trip to Rolex in 2009, when Bruce Davidson Sr. and Cruise Lion took the long route at the sheep pen and nearly turned her into one of those infamous dandelionsMoral of the story — don’t sit down next to the ropes in the potential path of a rider, even if it is the long route and everyone else has been going direct!

Cutest. Thing. EVER! Show this little girl and her pon some support! Always love hearing a crowd cheer not for ribbons and medals, but just for sheer resilience to give up. #nobodystoppingthisponytrain

Posted by Trot-Shots on Sunday, September 27, 2015

9. This Little Girl Gets the Pure Determination Award

Ella and her pony Rocky captured our hearts this year by showing us what it means to never get up. Meet Ella, who had a bad fall and chipped a tooth while schooling cross country the day before this video was taken. Knowing that her confidence was shaken, her pony Rocky takes care of her the whole way around this course, and the crowd is doing everything they can do cheer them on.

8. Check Out This Vintage 1982 Rolex Footage

You all loved this footage from Rolex in 1982, starring riders like Jimmy Wofford, Mike Plumb, Torrance Watkins and Karen Stives. This video really captures the intensity of the long format: The fences are big, bad and unforgiving, and the horses are fierce athletes with huge hearts.

7. William Fox-Pitt’s Yard from the Air

Take a behind-the-scenes look at William Fox-Pitt’s yard in this video. From a picture perfect gallop track to neatly manicured arenas, it’s easy to see why the horses in William’s care seem to glow with happiness. You’ll probably need watch this more than once trying to picture yourself there — we did!

6. Watch Trading Aces at the Devon Horse Show

It was big news when Boyd Martin’s upper-level partner Trading Aces was sold as an equitation horse in Wellington, and EN readers loved watching him thrive in his new career with young rider Alexandra Pielet. These two have since racked up top placings at major shows all along the East Coast. You can an eventer new tricks!

Maja Marchwicka i JARY zwycięzcami finału grupy A1, HPP-B DiM – Leszno 2015. Poniżej zwycięski przejazd z rozgrywki.

Posted by Świat Koni on Sunday, April 12, 2015

5. This Kid and Her Pony Are Awesome

What’s cuter than a little girl and her pony? Better yet, what’s cuter than a little girl who can ride the snot out of a tricky jumper course on her game little pony? That’s exactly what you’ll see in this video of Polish rider May Marchwicka and her pony, Jary. Yes, this gutsy pair won their class, in case you had any doubt.

4. Niklas Bschorer Casually Stays Dry at Badminton

It’s no surprise that German rider Niklas Bschorer is currently leading the vote for EN’s 2015 Stickability Awards. Niklas made the best of a potentially bad (and wet) situation — as well as an inflated air vest — and somehow made it through a tricky question on course with Tom Tom Go 3 at Badminton.

3. Joe Meyer Makes a Great Jog Save

We can always count on our good friend Thehorsepesterer to take video at jogs, and he captures this comical moment on film when South Paw decided to liven things up at Richland’s first horse inspection. Joe Meyer held on tight and then proceeded to carry on down the jog strip like nothing happened!

Cody schooled the beginner novice fences with my trainer, Rose riding and Kate Chadderton giving a lesson. This is what he thought of the ditch! Kudos to Rose for sticking it.

Posted by Amanda Braun on Friday, July 24, 2015

2. We Have Lift Off!

This video of Amanda Braun’s Commando schooling his very first Beginner Novice ditch with her trainer Rose in the irons ultimately garnered millions of views around the world during its viral run this year. “Cody,” a 4-year-old Holsteiner gelding by Concerto Grosso out of the Voltaire mare Isis du Desert, certainly looks to have the hops for a very successful eventing career!

1. Ride Around Rolex With Highest Placed Rookie Elisa Wallace

Elisa Wallace’s helmet cam from her Rolex debut with Simply Priceless had more views on EN than any other video we posted this year! We all loved watching from Elisa’s perspective as she and Johnny jumped clear around the course in the driving rain with just 7.2 time penalties.

Go Eventing!