#EventerProblems: XV

Two months and well over 300 #EventerProblems later, your struggles are threatening to take over the horsey Internet. Here are 30 more problems only eventers will understand.

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I want to ride. I really do, but an ice cold beverage is sooooo tempting. … #horsegirlproblems #eventerproblems A photo posted by Emily (@emily.beasley1221) on

When the Liniment you purchased for your horse is on point and now have no feeling in your hand. #eventerproblems A photo posted by Katie Richardson (@krichar321) on

Via Tom Kimmel: When we XC school, Flyzilla, the infamous “B-52 Fly” is our nemesis in the fields, it’s loud buzzing clearly audible when inbound for horseflesh. #eventerproblems


I hate white breeches #fml #dressage #eventerproblems #equestrianproblems #HorseNation A photo posted by Diane (@dmzrimsek) on

When in doubt, just jump it! #toomanylegs #hardtocontrol #eventerproblems

A video posted by Oscar (@oscareventing) on


When your mother is your videographer for your Eric Smiley clinic. #eventerproblems Posted by Sarah Evelyn Murawski on Sunday, July 12, 2015


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