Friday Video from SmartPak: Can’t Catch This

7 ways to catch a horse… plus a bonus, how it all started…

And here it is, all 7 ways to catch a horse, to better help you choose a method that may work for you (we'd be surprised 🤔) … plus a bonus one, how it all started.

Posted by Brookby Heights International on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Just in case your horse is the lone sadomasochist who delights in whizzing away from you across the field (presumably to spend an extra hour or two clenching his bumcheeks against misplaced gusts of wind), the fabulous folks of Brookby Heights International in New Zealand have treated us to this very educational video. (You may remember the Brookby crew — and remarkably bombproof denizens Pumba and Kevin — from their brilliant sales ads, which quite rightly earned owner Karen Teague the unofficial title of Sales Ad Queen.) Can’t catch the quick-heeled little bugger? There’s every chance you just haven’t stumbled upon the right method yet. Don’t worry: there’s seven to choose from.

(An EN disclaimer: maybe leave this one to the pros, eh?)