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Thank you, RBG.

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Ordinarily when I’m covering a major three-day event, I’m so deep in the ‘bubble’ of the competition that anything outside of it has to wait at the windows, ready to bombard me when I’ve finally made it home at about 3.00 a.m. on Monday morning. But then, sometimes something happens that’s so colossal, so ground-shaking, that it makes its way in and makes things like trot-ups look rather insignificant in comparison.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of those somethings. We all owe such a colossal debt to this tiny behemoth of a woman — I, certainly, will be spending this week thinking about how her indomitable spirit can be best channelled for positive change in everything I do.

Thank you, RBG. 

National Holiday: It’s International Day of Peace today. I’m looking forward to finding a bit of peace with my mare, Bella — unless, of course, she’s decided to abandon a shoe at the far end of the field in my absence.

Global Eventing Bulletin:

  • The UK held its only CCI4*-L of 2020 at Burnham Market’s Blenheim replacement. You can follow along with our ongoing coverage here — and then take a moment to laugh at the idea of me sleeping in my tiny car in a Starbucks car-park on the way home, somewhere in Essex and wildly overtired from my first long-format event since Pau in 2019…!

Your Monday Reading List:

Remember when Beyoncé dropped an album without any warning? That’s kind of what Oliver Townend did after winning Burnham Market’s CCI4*-S with Cillnabradden Evo yesterday — except the unexpected announcement was that the 14-year-old gelding would be retired from the sport after a captivating and occasionally tumultuous career. [Goodbye Gary: Cillnabradden Evo Bows Out of Eventing after Burnham Market CCI4*-S Win]

A remarkable rider has taken up eventing despite losing her leg in a motorcycle accident. Now, Louisa hopes other riders will be inspired to overcome their limitations to give the sport a go. She also rather hopes she won’t see her prosthetic leg fall off when out hunting… again. [Rider who hunts and events with a prosthetic leg hopes to inspire others to push through]

Most of us are pretty adept at rehabbing our horses from various wobbles and whoopsies – but do you know how to bring yourself back from injury? Nadia Aslam shares what she learned in her recovery from a broken ankle and helps you to get back in the barn as soon as possible. [How to Rehab Like a Pro]

After 15 years of trying, Pakistan finally qualified an individual combination for eventing at the Olympics. Now their spot is in jeopardy after the tragic death of ex-racehorse Azad Kashmir, who rider Usman Khan has buried with the Olympic flag. “He was laid to rest as an Olympian and I am proud of my friend,” says the rider. [Horse’s death dashes Pakistan’s long-held Olympic eventing hopes]

Top tog Libby Law is a familiar face at events around the world, and we all know her distinctive, stunning photos without even needing to check the watermark. But who is the tiny enigma with the massive cameras? Get to know her over your morning coffee. [A Law Unto Herself]

Cathal Daniels’ feisty European Championships bronze medallist Rioghan Rua is the FEI’s Horse of the Month. If you’re partial to diminutive ginger mares with enormous attitudes and a tonne of talent, Rioghan Rua — whose name means ‘Red Queen’ — is everything you’ve ever wanted. [Horse of the Month: Rioghan Rua]

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A 23.2 finish is @izzytayloreventing’s lowest ever at CCI4*-L! With Monkeying Around, Izzy earned her 5th win at the level since she first won a CCI4*-L in 2014. Only 4 riders in the world have had more CCI4*-L wins since 2010. —Karin Donckers (9), @shane.rose.eventing (7), @fox.pitt.eventing (7), and @stuarttinney.eventing (6). Izzy’s previous PB at the level was 27.3. 👊 That’s a wrap on @barefootretreats Burnham Market run by @musketeerevents and livestreamed by @horseandcountrytv. It’s been a delight sharing all the stats, personal victories and PBs. . . . . #barefootretreats #burnhammarket #barefootretreatsburnhammarketinternational #livestream #horseandcountrytv #horseandcountry #eventingmanager

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If you’re not already following the EquiRatings ‘gram, you should be — there, you’ll find eventing stats made simple from around the world, helping to add another layer of enjoyment to your live-streaming.

Monday Viewing:

The entirety of the 2018 WEG showjumping phase is now on YouTube. I repeat, the entirety of the 2018 WEG showjumping phase is now. On. YouTube. See you in four hours.