Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Your Top OTTB Wishlists of 2019

The Weekly OTTB Wishlist has been a long time reader favorite here on EN, are we’re grateful to our long time sponsor Cosequin Equine for making this weekly feature possible. It’s no secret that we at here at EN and the eventing population in general are big fans of OTTBs, and we’re pleased to be able to promote second careers for these amazing horses and help them find new homes.

Did you end up adopting a horse that was featured in an edition of our Weekly OTTB Wishlist this (or any previous) year? We’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected].

This week we’re counting down the top three most viewed Weekly OTTB Wishlists from the past year. Read on find out what the top three themes of the year were and get to know a new adoptable horse fitting each one:

Photo via Canter PA.

Gran Fortress (VIOLENCE – FUZZY BRITCHES, BY POLLARD’S VISION): 2015 17.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Our third most view OTTB Wishlist this year was Three Tall Drinks of Water, which was posted on March 27 and garnered 1,726 views. This edition featured horses 17.0-hands and over, which seem to be perennially desirable and actually a bit hard to come by. But don’t worry, we found a new 17-hander to feature for you today!

Tall, dark, and handsome — that’s Gran Fortress! This tall drink of water has been racing consistently since the fall of 2017 and his most recent race was just last month. After 30 career starts and over $70,000 in earning, he’s ready for a new job. Gran Fortress was described as a “good egg” by his connections and they think he’d enjoy life as a fox hunter, which doesn’t bode badly for a future as an event horse either!

Located in Grantville, Pensylvannia.

View Gran Fortress on CANTER PA.

Appian. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.


Everyone who has an OTTB who has won a race loves to have that little bit of bragging rights. So it’s not terribly surprising that the number two spot at 1,836 views goes to A Winner Once Again, which featured horses who had won at least one race, when it was posted not too long ago on November 6. One of the horses featured in this edition, Frogman Mel, is actually still available! We hope that whoever adopted the other two featured in this edition were able to get ahold of that coveted winner’s circle photo!

Do not fear this chestnut mare, Appian, who’s our ‘winner’ representative. But Appian hasn’t just won a single race — she won 10, and out of 29 career starts! That’s a pretty decent record. Not only was she a pretty great racehorse, but she’s cool as a cucumber and looks like a complete sweetheart who doesn’t fit the chestnut mare stereotype. Make sure you check out her job video, where she shows impeccable manners and springy movement and note that she’s practically taking a snooze during her photoshoot!

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, New York.

View Appian on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Mrs. Stinkman. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Mrs Stinkman (CAIRO PRINCE – LUMINAIRE MYSTIQUE, BY FORESTRY): 2016 16.1-hand Kentucky-bred mare

The most viewed edition of  the Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin in 2019 was Bay Mare Don’t Care at 2,218 views when it was posted on June 19. Was it the bastardization of the “long/short hair don’t care” phrase that caught your clicks or are you all really that drawn to bay mares? No judgement either way!

Here’s one more beautiful bay mare for you in Mrs. Stinkman, who is no stinker really! She goes by “Stella” around the barn and has presence that has ‘wowed’ the New Vocations staff since the moment she walked off the trailer. Stella has just 3 career starts under belt and has had the summer off to rest and relax. She’s just recently been restarted under saddle by the folks at New Vocations.

Located Gansevoort, New York.

View Mrs. Stinkman on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.