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This Horse For Trade/Sale Ad Is Next-Level Hilarious

Photo courtesy of Amanda Stodghill‎.

From the Ohio Horses For Sale, Lease or Adoption Facebook page comes this painfully honest ad for Josie, a 4-year-old OTTB who seems like … an interesting project. Enjoy!


“Still looking to trade my TB filly for something with a penis. I can’t handle females of any species. Are you happy? Are you going to cry? Will this piss you off today? Is the color of my shirt deeply offensive to you? I can’t tell.

“I get males. Literally everything in my life is a male. 4 male children, 1 male husband, 2 male dogs. I get them. They may be dumb but they’re consistently dumb. No surprises there. I don’t like surprises. I like boring. I’m really boring.

“Josie is a 4 year old OTTB, although I’m being generous with that term. She was on the track. She trained. She did not start because she decided the gate or the required speed or the color of her saddle towel were displeasing and that was that. She is super fancy. Big time hunter potential movement. 16h and big bodied, she is starting to fill out and look like a real horse. She came off the track at the beginning of her 3 year old year and then sat around for a year doing absolutely nothing…which she liked. A lot. I restarted her about 2 months ago and her opinion on having a job to do is that she’d rather not. She needs a rider that makes her do it. Once she realizes being a free loader for life isn’t an option, she works nicely. If you let her walk all over you, she will take full advantage and laugh doing it.

“She is sound, currently barefoot, gets along well in a mixed turnout group. Clips, bathes, really likes to eat. She wasn’t born here so she must load. Going w/t/c in a western saddle because I’m cool like that and I like something to hang onto in case she decides I’d look better on the ground. She’s never gotten me off, but she definitely needs a rider that can handle a temper tantrum buck and get after her. She knocks it off if you make her. There is a really nice, fancy horse in there. Deep down. Want a challenge? Like to feel accomplished? Want really impressive before and after videos of how far you’ve brought her? Have at it. Does best with consistent work. I am not consistent. I like to go to the barn without my kids and sit around. Maybe I’ll ride, maybe I won’t. I’ll probably eat instead.

“Looking to trade for a gelding that is sound, at least 16h, and doesn’t want to lawn dart me.

“Will also sell outright for $1500 obo.

“Located in NE Ohio.”

Go Eventing.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: FEI Launches #BeOne WEG Campaign

Man, my dream job would be some sort of PR/marketing position with the FEI. I can see myself sitting a board table, at their headquarters in Switzerland, hemming and hawing over hashtags. While eating a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich. (Back off! This is MY fantasy, of course it involves cheese, leave me alone!)

In advance of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the FEI think-tank came up with the heartwarming #TwoHearts campaign. And now, with WEG on the horizon, a new hashtag has been born: #BeOne.

“We are very pleased to launch our BeOne campaign today as the excitement really kicks off in the countdown to the FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon this September,” says FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez. “When you look at equestrian sport, which is intense and emotive, our sport thrives on passion, not only from our athletes but our fans, this campaign will clearly showcase the diversity of our disciplines and will demonstrate that it really all comes down to one partnership and one sporting effort. A true celebration of the sport and as for the Games, there’s really is no event quite like it!”

Equestrian fans, athletes and teams from across the globe will come together to celebrate the sport — as one. We will #BeOne and stand proud as a global community united by sport and horsemanship as we honor the unrivaled bond between horse and human.

We ask equestrian fans to come together and show their love of the sport at one of the biggest events in the world. It’s the chance to celebrate everything that makes equestrianism one of the most loved sports worldwide.

It’s time to be passionate.

Be epic. Be free. Be united. Be fearless. Be spectacular. Be victorious. Be one.


Is your horse currently suffering from metabolic syndrome and insulin dysregulation?

Do you have a horse that is at risk for developing insulin resistance, or a horse with Cushing’s (PPID) that may become insulin resistant?

Ask your vet about InsulinWise™.

InsulinWise :

  • Maintains lower blood insulin levels, a marker of increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces body weight.
  • Supports a decreased risk of laminitis in insulin-resistant horses.
  • Sustains normal insulin regulation, reducing the risk of developing insulin resistance in the future.

For more information on this new product, visit KPPvet.com.

US Equestrian Raises the Bar on Eventing Show Jumping Course Design

Photo by Sportfot, courtesy of US Equestrian.

The US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program has gone a long way toward upping many events’ course design game. Today the federation announced its plans for the program going forward: After reviewing all FEI level eventing show jumping courses in 2017, US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Richard Jeffery will turn his focus to 12 National Horse Trial show jumping courses across the preliminary and intermediate levels in 2018. However, in a shift from 2017, Jeffery will evaluate the courses prior to each event in addition to offering a critique of the course post event.

“We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from riders as they have seen great improvement in the courses,” Richard says. “We are working hard to reach as many course designers as possible since many do not have an opportunity to attend other events to see firsthand how eventing show jumping is progressing.

“Through the US Equestrian website, course designers can learn from each other, especially from more senior course designers, compare courses and read the evaluations. In some instances, events use the same show jumping course across all divisions. This can be equal for some, harder for others, and too simple for the advanced divisions, so the idea of this program is to make course designers aware of the degree of technicality that should go into each division.”

Course designers will submit their courses with all technical details to Richard 14 days prior to the start of competition. He will review the course and provide feedback to the course designer and technical delegate before the start of the event. Within five days of the event’s conclusion, course designers will complete an evaluation form, also noting the adjustments made to the course based off Richard’s pre-competition feedback.

Each course’s pre-competition evaluation and overall analysis will be available on USequestrian.org. This gives course designers an opportunity to review a variety of courses and consider Richard’s input from them when designing. To view his 2017 FEI-level course critiques, visit USequestrian.org.

For more information about the US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program, contact Shealagh Costello, Director of Eventing National Programs, at [email protected] or 859-225-6923.

[US Equestrian Outlines Plans for 2018 Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program]

Weekend Winners: Huntington Farm, Loch Moy, Chatt Hills, Twin Rivers, Whidbey Island, Powder Basin, Coconino

Growing up, I loved flipping to the back of my weekly Chronicle of the Horse magazines to see who won what over the weekend — and, on the occasion that I’d had a good horse trial finish myself, excitedly racing around the house pointing at the fine print and shouting to my family: “Look, it’s my name!” As much as any blue ribbon, that little bit of recognition made me feel special.

There are a few very sensible reasons why the Chronicle stopped publishing comprehensive results some years ago. Timeliness is one: Nowadays, you can follow event scores as the event is still unfolding. Oftentimes, scores even post online before they’ve hit the actual scoreboard at a show. Compiling them, also, is extremely time-consuming, and nowadays there are more events countrywide than ever before. Putting “Weekend Winners” together for EN is a monster cut-and-paste weekly project that takes me as long or longer than any other post I write.

It’s nothing, however, compared to the hundreds or thousands of hours of work that eventers around the country put into the effort of competing in this sport. And you’re not doing it for a $3 ribbon, although success is certainly a measuring stick to keep progress on track. You do it because you love it.

And I cut-and-paste for hours each Monday not for page views, but because I love the idea of some eventer out there seeing their name or photo on EN and feeling a little burst of pride. From EN to each week’s winners, may we extend a heartfelt congrats and a well-deserved moment in the sun.

An extra-special shout-out to Jordan Linstedt and Staccato, who posted the lowest finishing score in the country this weekend! The pair earned a 19.8 to win Open Preliminary at the 42nd Annual Whidbey Island H.T.

And now, for your weekly winners!

Huntington Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Preliminary: Christina Reiter & Outlier (50.7)
Junior Young Rider Training: Hannah Smith & Bittersweet Aurora (39.4)
Open Training A: Nicole Leikert & All the Above (33.5)
Open Training B: Jane Hamlin & Fernhill Mischief (39.6)
Junior Novice: Maya Zigler & King Dingaling (34.3)
Open Novice A: Andrea Manley & Shadais China Moon (31.2)
Open Novice B: Julie Howard & Isn’t She Sweet (31.7)
Junior Beginner Novice: Isabel Estes & Fernhill Blue Moon (31.7)
Open Beginner Novice A: Sue Levy & Baltic Mahogany (27.8)
Open Beginner Novice B: Kristy Branco & Phair Play (32.2)

Maryland at Loch Moy I H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Intermediate: Kelli Temple & Metallica (30.5)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Emma Ayre & Dad Arewethereyet (34.4)
Open Preliminary-A: Kelli Temple & Caleesi (25.7)
Open Preliminary-B: Maya Black & West River (31.7)
Preliminary Rider: Bennett Camp-Crowder & Rosalynd (31.7)
Modified A: Nicholas Hinze & Dakota Blues (36.1)
Modified B: Abigail Lindsay & A Kodak Image (31.1)
Junior Open Training: William Kidwell & Tremolo (27.4)
Open Training-A: Sarah Cousins & Sneaky Rascal (32.9)
Open Training-B: Jan Byyny & Dashwood (30.0)
Training Rider-A: Elizabeth Billings & Calero (31.9)
Training Rider-B: Nicole Wisniewski & Compromise Elsewhere (34.1)
Junior Open Novice-A: Brynn Hershbine & Cadenza Aria (23.4)
Junior Open Novice-B: Amara Underwood & Slim Jim (35.7)
Novice Rider-A: Katelyn Duda & Will You Remember Me (32.4)
Novice Rider-B: Taylor Martin & Stiletto (25.7)
Open Novice-A: Alexandra Peterson & Captain Crunch (31.0)
Open Novice-B: Sarah Whitehead & Proletariat (30.2)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Jennifer Trautmann & Norman (25.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Annabel Carruthers & Princess Leia (38.6)
Junior Beginner Novice-A: Sadie Phifer & Gusty Day (32.8)
Junior Beginner Novice-B: Georgia Cooley & Gossip Girl (35.3)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Courtney Sendak & Just Once Ide (29.2)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Carla Tussey & Wise Thinking (23.9)

Chattahoochee Hills Summer II H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate Championships: Kerry Torrey & Zumba (44.4)
Open Intermediate: Alexa Ehlers & Amistoso (41.1)
Open Preliminary: Emilie Mudd & Quite Nice 11 (28.9)
Preliminary Championships: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (29.4)
Preliminary Rider: Liv Levine & Fernhill Fifth Avenue (33.4)
Jr. Training Rider Championships: Caroline Dannemiller & Tops (33.0)
Open Training: Devon Brown & Hickstead (22.4)
Training Championships: Tik Maynard & Stakkato Bronx (28.4)
Sr. Training Rider Championships: Cindy Phillips & 3rd Times The Charm (35.1)
Training Rider-A: Kelly Carter & My Mexico (31.8)
Training Rider-B: Hanna Johnson & Urlanmore Beauty (33.3)
Jr. Novice Rider Championships: Kaitlyn Brittendall & Blyth’s Madeline GS (33.3)
Novice Rider-A: Kennedy Wheeler & Jos Estoico (31.9)
Novice Rider-B: Charlotte Laseter & Born of the Blues (32.9)
Open Novice-A: Lauren Eckardt & Mancini’s Code (30.5)
Open Novice-B: Nicole Hatley & Aspen (23.6)
Open Novice Championships: Julie Richards & Beaulieu’s Cecelia (28.3)
Sr. Novice Rider Championships: Ashley Selembo & Sweet Georgia Brown (32.4)
Open Beginner Novice Championships: Tik Maynard & Santiano (32.3)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Elizabeth Clymer & Ima Iny Too (36.0)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Joanna Dunkerton & Perelli (37.3)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider Championships: Devon Tresan & I Am Superman (28.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Alexa Ehlers & Clear Laveer (32.9)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider Championships: Cheryl Benefiel & Treliver Drambuie (29.8)

Twin Rivers Summer H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Intermediate: Tamra Smith & Mai Baum (31.5)
Open Preliminary: Auburn Excell Brady & BSP Tuxedo (28.0)
Preliminary Rider: Kaylawna Smith & Fleeceworks Ghost (28.7)
Jr. Training Rider: Alexis Concolino & Contigo (30.9)
Open Training: Taren Hoffos & Hi Duty (26.6)
Sr. Training Rider A: Stacia Lloyd & Infinite Jest (36.1)
Sr. Training Rider B: Margaret Crow & Remington III (32.7)
Jr. Novice Rider: Kayla Bierman & Addyson (29.5)
Open Novice: Tamra Smith & Cooley Starstruck (27.1)
Sr. Novice Rider: Angela Cricelli & Sunsprite’s Cali (29.8)
Future Event Horse 3 Year Old: Holger Hoetzel & Terraplane Blues (80.5)
Future Event Horse 4 Year Old: Doretta Wright & Wright Rendition (80.5)
Future Event Horse Yearling: Sarah Gross & Royal Street (77.8)
Young Event Horse 4 Year Old: Tamra Smith & Fleeceworks Quinn (82.6)
Young Event Horse 5 Year Old: Tamra Smith & MB MaiStein (88.5)

42nd Annual Whidbey Island H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Advanced/Intermediate: Sandra Donnelly & Belshazzar (46.4)
CT-Open Intermediate: Marc Grandia & Campari FFF (31.2)
Open Intermediate: Kerry Groot & Borasco (44.1)
CT-Preliminary-Open: Madelyn Floyd & Clementine (30.5)
Jr/YR Preliminary: Stephanie Miller & Cabrio (32.4)
Open Preliminary: Jordan Linstedt & Staccato (19.8)
Jr/YR Training: Samantha Hollow-Bist & Scout (31.4)
Junior Training: Ella Carpenter & He’s Got Moxie (29.5)
Open Training 1: Karen O’Neal & Danciana (29.5)
Open Training 2: Karen Lounsbery & Stewart (26.6)
Jr/YR Novice: Ava Cox & Inigo Montoya (34.1)
Junior Novice 1: Madelyn Myers & Bare Necessities (29.1)
Junior Novice 2: Kiran D’Souza & ROR Lisbane Finch (26.4)
Open Novice 1: Jenny Holbrook & Alchemist II (23.3)
Open Novice 2: Leonie Padgett & Don Schatzeli (25.9)
Jr/YR Beginner Novice: Laura Roberts & Ellen Gobrightly (24.7)
Junior Beginner Novice: Grace Messmer & Bentley (26.1)
Open Beginner Novice 1: Karen O’Neal & Clooney 14 (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice 2: Chris Gianini & Aliado (34.7)

First place!

A post shared by David D'Souza (@davidds) on

We all know this sport has extreme highs and lows, today I was lucky enough to have it all fall into place, and lucky enough to get to ride two of the most talented horses I’ve ever had in my life ❤️ the redheads were just foot perfect the whole weekend, with Murphy finishing first and wiski finishing second on their dressage scores of 23.6, and 23.3 respectively. I cannot thank @mjaten and the entire Jaten family enough for their ongoing support, and driving me to be better each weekend. Melissa reminds me at each show whether I am at the top or bottom of the leaderboard that the goals are always the same, to keep working on what we are building with this incredibly talented young horse. Thank you so so much for all you do Melissa!! To all of my clients who support me, encourage me, got up early to see me ride at the crack of dawn Saturday, texted me, and put up with my crazy schedule I could not do this without all of you and appreciate each of you very much!! ❤️🖤 #prestigeitalia #olsonstack #eventing #horsetrainer #horseshowlife #holsteiner #eventersofinstagram #hardworkpaysoffs #samshield

A post shared by Jenny (@lodestar_training) on

Powder Basin H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary-Open: Lynnea Woody & Prince Eric (43.1)
Training-Open: Linda Quist & Belle Gambe (29.2)
Junior Novice: Jhett Jenkins & Pedernales Cat (33.1)
Open Novice A: Erin Contino & Handsome Ransom (28.5)
Open Novice B: Anna Weatherford & Thaddaeus (30.7)
Junior Beginner Novice: Hanna Wildin & Happy Dance (30.8)
Open Beginner Novice A: Sabrina Manning & The River (36.8)
Open Beginner Novice B: Anika Bronfman & Sidecar (31.6)
Intro-Open CT: Kirsi Hussa & The Rest of the Story (34.0)

Coconino Summer I H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate: Summer Peterson & Jake the Fish (44.9)
Open Preliminary: Ellie Brown & Ringfort Fighting Chance (31.0)
Open Training: Jeanine Allred & Shabang (27.1)
Training Junior: Lauren Gillis & Under the Spotlight (26.8)
Training Rider: Shannon Bird & Gatsby V (26.1)
Novice Junior: Savannah Carter & Ballustree Dun Believable (24.1)
Novice Rider: Ashley Armijo & Cimbria (30.0)
Open Novice: Rachel Maloney & Empire Bear Bones (28.1)
Beginner Novice Junior: Sophia Hardesty & San Marco (29.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Jane Worrall & Mystique Knights (26.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Nicholas Madsen & American Style (27.0)
Intro: Jennifer Wooten & Bella (28.6)

Go Eventing!

Plantation Field to Host Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Championship

Photo courtesy of ERA of NA.

The Eventing Riders Association of North America (ERA of NA) has always aimed to be a resource for young professionals, but they also work hard to make sure the pipeline of young professionals stays chock-full. The Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro program continues to grow with each passing year, culminating in a Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Team Championship for ERA of NA Plus Members.

This year’s Championship program will run in conjunction with the Plantation Field International Young Rider CIC1* division, September 20-23, 2018. Participants will interact with sponsors and receive Prelim to Pro “swag,” in addition to enjoying media exposure and mentorship by top professionals. In the past years, top professionals such as Buck Davidson, Sharon White and Boyd Martin have volunteered as team coaches.

“Prelim to Pro was an amazing experience filled with seminars, course walks with Olympians, and wonderful teammates. I had the opportunity to course walk with Boyd Martin (one of my biggest role models) who really helped my confidence around a huge 1* track,” says Keely Cooley. “My teammates were awesome, always helping each other from lending hole punches to going through courses many times. The seminars were a great way for all of the teams to communicate and learn about careers with horses and behind the scenes of veterinary practices.”

Young riders are grouped into teams of four to five and may use a single nominated horse within the division for a score to count in the championships. Daily seminars are held throughout the weekend and individual media highlights are shared across all platforms. Past educational seminars have broadened participants’ knowledge on nutrition, tack fit, media etiquette and generic and non-generic pharmaceuticals.

“The Prelim to Pro series was a very educational experience for all of us. It showed us different opportunities in the horse world and how to compete together as a team,” says Joe Bowersox.

Arielle Aharoni took away some career path ideas: “Plantation was a huge learning experience for me. At the Triple Crown seminar we learned how to work with sponsors. In the future, I have to be prepared to sit down with sponsors, build my resume, prove how I’m different, and show them that they will be the ones benefiting if they sponsor me. Furlong Healthy Horse’s seminar taught me that in the long run it’s more economical to use brand name medications (which are more expensive) rather than experimenting with compounded medications that may or may not be effective.”

The top three teams will be rewarded with ribbons and prizes, while the top eight individuals also receive awards. Last year’s winner, Ryan Keefe, was awarded an Amerigo saddle from World Equestrian Brands, as well as a custom saddle fitting session by Robin Moore.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in Prelim to Pro. My favorite part was having the support from fellow teammates and especially having a team coach for help and to answer any questions we had,” says previous participant Shelby Brost. “I got to meet some great people and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to compete on a team. I feel strongly as though this program opens doors for us with the extra tools we need to become the best riders we can be.”

This program has continued to grow over the years and has seen graduates such as Caroline Martin step up onto Senior Nations Cup Teams and compete at the highest levels. Additionally, last week at the Horse Park of New Jersey three graduates — Grace Fulton, Arielle Aharoni and Jorgen Olijslager — all completed their first Advanced level horse trials.

The ERA of NA is also looking to expand the Prelim to Pro program this year, with the association deciding after much discussion to turn the page on the Triple Crown Nutrition Junior Young Rider Training Scholarship and focus primarily on the Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Team Championship. In 2019, further announcements will be made as they become available. Many thanks to the program’s sponsors, including Triple Crown, Furlong Healthy Horse, Merrill Lynch, Kulak Equestrian, World Equestrian Brands and previous sponsor SSG Gloves.

Learn more about the Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Program here.

[Eventing Riders Association of North America to Continue Triple Crown Nutrition Prelim to Pro Team Championship]

#EventerFailFriday: ‘Because You Know in Eventing They Just … WHOA!!!’

Never has an #EventerFailFriday video narration been more perfect than in this first video. “Because you know in eventing they just … WHOA!!!”

On point. Enjoy!

I was such a goner 😂 thanks Finn

A post shared by @ jm.eventing_ on

Also, all the props to the plucky young eventer in this next one. Reagan Barefoot, age 8, recently embarked on her very first cross country school at Full Gallop Farm riding Darling Pearl, or “Pearl” as she’s known around the barn.

Eyewitness Helen Kaiser explains, “Reagan is a feisty kid and wants to do everything the adults do. She does a great job with Pearl’s unconventional jump. She had been down the bank once cleanly, and the second time around Pearl dived a bit more exuberantly. Reagan was holding on to the front of the saddle but her hands slipped. She did take a plunge in the mud, but her peacock stirrups did their job and she was laughing before she was on her feet. She went around and did it three more times perfectly.”

We love Reagan’s positive attitude, grit and determination. That’s not failing — that’s winning!


Go Reagan go! Hero status. In the spirit of “we’ve all been there,” here are a few more winning fails (but is it even failing if you can laugh about it afterward?) to get you through your Friday!

Happy #failfriday For those of you wondering how Queeny Park HT went, the short answer is not well. Phil decided to act up during dressage and we got eliminated for “dangerous behavior” as he bucked and reared through the first 30 seconds of our test. This video was taken AFTER elimination where I was just try to get him out of the ring. Some days you win and some days you lose and it just wasn’t our weekend. We later found out that he just really had to pee and wasn’t comfortable enough to go with me on him in warm up, which, in combination with the thunderstorm, probably led to the less than stellar performance. That’s the risk you take with green horses 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was very disappointed at the time, but I’m determined to go to the MACTA schooling show at the end of the month and do better. #babyhorseproblems #hadtogo #endedonaletter #itsabust #dressage #stressage #holsteiner #areaiv #equestrian #eventing #istayedonthough #eventerproblems #eventerfailfriday

A post shared by Erika Stafford (@erikaszoo) on

Go Eventing.

#EventerProblems Vol. 149 from Ecovet: You’ve Got Problems, We’ve Got Solutions

You can always count on eventers to get the job done! In lieu of your regularly scheduled #EventerProblems programming, here are a few strokes of #EventerSolutions genius as ‘grammed by EN readers.

Go Eventing.

Stock Up on Your USA-Spirited Gear with SmartPak’s JULY18 Sale

Happy Independence Day! SmartPak is getting in the spirit with its 15% off (or 20% with an association discount) Fourth of July sale — use promo code July18. My fellow Americans, you know what to do.

Being a World Equestrian Games year, it is prime time to stock up on your Team USA gear. Be honest with yourself: do you have enough red, white and blue clothes in your closet and gear in your tack room? The answer, probably, is no.

Unless, of course, you are Jenni or I.

Leslie and Jenni at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy.

Leslie and Jenni at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy.

Here are a few red, white and blue items you might consider checking off your SmartPak wishlist:

Ariat Team Sunstopper Longsleeve 1/4 Zip. Photo via SmartPak.

Ariat Team Sunstopper Longsleeve 1/4 Zip. Photo via SmartPak.

Ariat Team Sunstopper Longsleeve 1/4 Zip: I own this myself, obviously, and it’s an MVP of my equestrian wardrobe. Don’t let the long sleeves fool you: It’s made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking pique knit with breathable mesh underarm paneling and a sun protective finish. The color blocking is super-flattering and the mock collar makes it perfect for clinics and schooling shows in addition to everyday wear.

It also pairs really well with red patent leather stilettos, patriotic socks, a light-up tutu and tinsel boa for a night on the town.

These colors don't run.

These colors don’t run, y’all.

The Ariat Sunstopper Longsleeve and its Ariat team brethren are already offered at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer, which means the 15% off JULY17 promo discount doesn’t apply. However, there are plenty of other Uncle Sam approved purchases that are! Including but not limited to….

Piper Full Seat Breeches by SmartPak in Navy/Dove

Photo via SmartPak.

Photo via SmartPak.

SmartPak Medium Diamond Deluxe AP Saddle Pad in Navy

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

Photo courtesy of SmartPak.

SSG All Weather Gloves in Red

Photo via SmartPak.

Photo via SmartPak.

SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet in Silver/Red

Photo via SmartPak.

Photo via SmartPak.

SmartPak Soft Leather Halter in Havana/Blue

Photo via SmartPak

Photo via SmartPak

Colorful Cotton Lead with Snap End in Red/Navy


Photo via SmartPak.

Plastic Grooming Tote in Blue

Photo via SmartPak.

Photo via SmartPak.

Use promo code JULY18 at checkout, and don’t forget that SmartPak offers free shipping on orders over $75 every day!

Go SmartPak. Happy Fourth. Go Eventing!


Weekend Winners: Groton House, New Jersey, Chatt Hills, South Farm

Groton House Farm H.T. Preliminary Training winners Madeline Hartsock & Prinz S.W. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

Can I start this week’s edition by just raving over our cover model a bit? I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Madeline Hartsock‘s Prinz S.W. since seeing them win the Junior Training division at the AEC last year. Square knees, pricked pony ears, expression like a kid on Christmas morning and a tail so bushy you could hang Christmas ornaments from it … I can’t even deal. Madeline and her 9-year-old German Sport Horse Pony (PR. H. Principal Boy x St. Pr. St. Hauptsutbuch Bienchen) won the Preliminary Training division at Groton House Farm H.T. over the weekend — congrats to this dynamic duo!

Another shout-out to the lowest finishing score in the country of the weekend: a 21.1 earned by Emily Beshear and Templewood in a division of Open Preliminary at Horse Park of New Jersey I H.T. Well-played.

And now for your weekend winners!

Groton House Farm H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Intermediate Preliminary: Katie Lichten & RF Luminati (36.7)
Junior Young Rider Open Preliminary: Abigail Niles & Carrick Finest Lad (29.2)
Open Preliminary: Jasmine Jencks & D’Paradi (34.2)
Junior Open Training: Abigail Niles & Delight (34.5)
Preliminary Training: Madeline Hartsock & Prinz S.W. (31.5)
Senior Open Training-A: Barbara Cassani & King’s Mustard (30.7)
Senior Open Training-B: Annie Read & Carolina PCH (31.8)
Senior Open Training-C: Beth Murphy & It’s Me (24.8)
Junior Open Novice-A: Dean Tengdin & Watson’s Autumn (32.6)
Junior Open Novice-B: Madison Haney & Revelation (26.2)
Senior Open Novice-A: Meaghan Wood & Make Change (27.4)
Senior Open Novice-B: Sarah Noble & Man About Town (27.6)
Senior Open Novice-C: Jean Detert & Dorchis (32.0)
Senior Open Novice-D: Mike Robbins & Alexander (24.5)
Training Novice: Nancy Read & Caribe PCH (26.0)

Many thanks toJoan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for this photo gallery of Groton House Farm winners!

Horse Park of New Jersey I H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Advanced: Buck Davidson & Carlevo (31.3)
Open Intermediate-A: Maya Black & Black Ice (41.2)
Open Intermediate-B: Caroline Martin & Cristano Z (31.3)
Open Preliminary-A: Emily Beshear & Templewood (21.1)
Open Preliminary-B: Maya Black & Miks Master C (28.9)
Open Preliminary-C: Emily Beshear & LVS Jackson (31.8)
Open Training-A: Mikki Kuchta & Cano Cristales (28.5)
Open Training-B: Bobby Meyerhoff & Lumumba (29.3)
Training Rider-A: Goldie Roth & Rain Dancer (44.0)
Training Rider-B: Elizabeth Posillico & Hill Dancer (27.5)
Novice Rider-A: Cindi Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (33.8)
Novice Rider-B: Emeline Gilbert & Herr Winzig (28.6)
Open Novice-A: Skyler Decker & Excel Star Eminem m2s (32.4)
Open Novice-B: Amanda Beale Clement & BE Kilgoric Felix (28.6)
Beginner Novice Rider: Michelle Donelan & Rocket Man (34.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Lindsay Hafer & Reflecktions (31.3)

3rd in Training and Champion in TIP🦄💕 ran and jumped his little heart out

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Chattahoochee Hills H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Open Intermediate-A: Leslie Law & QC First Class (36.1)
Open Intermediate-B: Leslie Law & JKF Vogue (37.2)
Open Preliminary-A: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (30.0)
Open Preliminary-B: Lauren Hoover & Atlanta VII (33.6)
Open Preliminary-C: Arden Stephens & Ultra T (43.1)
Open Training: Julie Norman & La Sonrisa (26.4)
Training Rider-A: Cindy Phillips & 3rd Times The Charm (28.1)
Training Rider-B: Hannah Page & WHF Wilhelmina (32.9)
Novice Rider-A: Christy Wood & Queen Valentine (33.1)
Novice Rider-B: Kaitlyn Brittendall & Blyth’s Madeline GS (31.8)
Open Novice: Charlotte Cloudsdale & Oxygen (28.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Erin Walker & Cinerescent (29.4)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Anna Mitchell & All That Hoopla (37.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Sarah Dunkerton & Here’s Hope (32.8)

South Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Charlotte La Bouff & Elizabeth Henry (28.9)
Training A: Wishful Thinking & Barbara Lyons-Sprouse (38.8)
Training B: Lady Hannah B & Kendahl Holden (33.6)
Novice A: Drummer Boy & Madeline Bletzacker (24.5)
Novice B: Princess Bailey & Samantha Bonath (29.8)
Novice C: Dartanyan & Samantha Szpak (35.7)
Beginner Novice A: Lyric Corinna & Garcia (27.2)
Beginner Novice B: M. Graham & Tiffany McDermott (35.6)
Beginner Novice C: Watercolors & Marion Dix (31.7)
Starter: Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier & Hannah Reeser (28.9)

I like my ribbons like I like my horses…Brown 😂😂 #successatsouthfarm

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Go Eventing.

Eventers Show Support for Jonty Evans with #WearGreenForJonty

#WearGreenForJonty CALLING ALL EVENTING FAMILY PLEASE TAG AND SHARE Whilst we are all still taking in the news of @jontyeventing stable but non changing condition this week, we at Eventing Worlwide thought we would do something positive to show our support by asking all of our eventing family to please wear something green. Starting this Saturday 30th June and throughout July. Whether you are out competing XC or just out supporting the sport – put on something green and get into the Irish Spirit!! Headed up by our very own blogger Alice Dunsdon – Alice hopes that during the month of July, we all show our support for Jonty and go green on the course. “We all know the eventing community is such a close family group, and when anyone has a fall or an injury we all feel it, so when it happens to one of our Sports legends we must all get together and show our support for him and his family. Change your hat silk, change your base layer, put a green numnah or browband on, it doesnt matter what, just 'Wear Green for Jonty" Please also post up pictures so his family can feel the support with the hashtag #WearGreenForJonty

A post shared by Eventing Worldwide (@eventingworldwide) on

When Eventing World Wide issued a rally cry to show support for the plight of Jonty Evans by wearing green, the eventing community answered. The #WearGreenForJonty initiative has taken off, with eventers around the world posting photos of themselves in Jonty’s signature colors. Proceeds from the campaign (visit the website here) go to benefit the David Foster Injured Riders Fund.

Jonty is in a coma after having suffered a head injury following a fall from Cooley Rorkes Drift on the CIC3* cross country course at Tattersalls International Horse Trials & Country Fair on Sunday, June 3. At last update on June 20, Eventing Ireland confirmed that Jonty remains in a stable but serious condition in the high dependency ward in the Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, West Dublin.

We are all behind you, Jonty, and praying that you wake up soon. #WearGreenForJonty


A post shared by Eventing Worldwide (@eventingworldwide) on


A post shared by Eventing Worldwide (@eventingworldwide) on

#weargreenforjonty #jontyevans #eventersofinstagram #jonty_rider

A post shared by pippa (@saddleupagain) on

I'm sure anyone who knows me is probably sick of hearing me mention about the #WearGreenForJonty campaign, but I think it's so so important for us all to pull together and show each other that we do care about one another. Sure, horse riding and ownership has competitions, but equally we're all in it for the same reason, and use it as an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and support one another. Give advice, give someone a helping hand, give support, or just give someone a nice comment or a smile. Instead of sniggering and making rude remarks to someone because they forgot their SJ course mid round, congratulate them for getting out in the first place with their beautiful horse. It's not hard. The equestrian world needs all the love and support we can offer. Thinking of Jonty, and all his friends, family and connections. 💚💚💚 @eventingworldwide @pegasusjewellery @wimpyeventer #WearGreenForJonty #greenforjonty #jontyevans #jontyevanseventing #weargreen #eventingworldwide #EWW #britisheventing #be #eventing #eventersofinstagram #horseriding #horsesofinstagram #horseridersofinstagram #friendship #family #eventingfamily #support #bands #bracelet

A post shared by Stacey Smalley (@smalleystacey) on


A post shared by Alexandra Rose Farrar-Fry (@farrarfry) on

#weargreenforjonty #baldhuhightide

A post shared by Young Rider🇬🇧 (@l.cayford) on

• #WearGreenForJonty • Inspired by @trainingcowpony_ most recent post & with our first BE of the season finally in sight ~ 22nd July @launcestonhorsetrials ~ I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get involved in the “Wear Green for Jonty” Campaign 💚 I will therefore be competing in my lime 🍈 @woofwear performance shirt and saddle pad ~ i am proud to be an #Eventer whether an amateur or professional we all take the same risks because we share the same passion #twohearts #prayforjonty #eventingfamily ——————————————————————————- These are available to purchase from @equiboodle and if you use the special code EQUITW you will get 10% off to support the #WearGreenForJontyCampaign

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Go Jonty. Go Eventing.

France Leads the Pack After Dressage in Strzegom Nations Cup

Marie Kraack and Havana Bay. Photo by Mariusz Chmieliński/ LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials.

Seven teams are in the hunt for Nations Cup victory at Poland’s LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials, with France taking the early lead after dressage today. Sweden lies second, and Germany rounds out the top three.

The CICO3* Nations Cup individual leaderboard was topped by Marie Kraack from Germany, who scored a 26.1 with Havana Club.

“He was really super, he did what we expected from him, and he performed very well,” says Marie of the 15-year-old Polish-bred gelding (Mesandra x Nike, by Cardiff).

Linda Algotsson of Sweden and Fair Spot sit second on a dressage score of 26.3 …

… followed by Yoshiaki Oiwa of Japan with Duke of Cavan, who scored a 28.2.

“He was very good, I’m happy with the test. He was a bit tense inside, I could have done a nicer test, but otherwise I’m really pleased with him,” Yoshiaki says.

Yoshiaki Oiwa and Duke of Cavan. Photo by Mariusz Chmieliński/ LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials.


The best placed Polish rider was Mateusz Kiempa with Lassban Radovix, who are currently 11th: “I think the test went alright. It is a great honor for me to compete in the Nations Cup representing Poland — I want my score to be as good as possible for our team.”

View more post-ride videos on Strzegom’s YouTube channel here.

The Nations Cup competition in Strzegom is the first test of the new Olympic format, which will be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Three riders compete for each team, and their added score counts for the overall classification.

In the two-star competition two riders are tied for the lead with the same score: Maxime Livio (FRA) with Ariano du Quinze and Mateusz Kiempa (POL) with Libertina. In the one-star Pia Münker (GER) with Dunkin Donut M. has taken the lead.

Strzegom continues with cross country tomorrow. Go Eventing!

Strzegom CIC03* Nations Cup Top 10 After Dressage:

Strzegom: WebsiteRide TimesScheduleCourse PreviewLive StreamCCI3* Live Scores


‘Special Water Training’ with Michael Jung

Special Water training 💪🏼💦 #eventing #watertraining #happyhorses #summer #teamjung

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Hashtag “happy horses” indeed! Watch Michi Jung’s youngsters (Jungsters?) happily popping off a Prelim-sized drop into water. Between the music and Michael’s quiet, positive methodology and the clockwise lunging on repeat ad infinitum, there’s something mesmerizing about this video. If your Friday gets stressful, consider this a soft landing.

The eye-catching grey is fischerDaily Impressed, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Cartani 4 x Impression, by Elcaro) who has been doing quite well for himself on the jumper circuit with Michael. His cross-training paid off at this recent derby obstacle!

Go Eventing!

Strzegom Underway in Poland with Sara Algotsson Ostholt Leading CCI3*

Sara Algotsson Ostholt and Wega. Photo by Leszek Wójcik/LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials.

Poland’s LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials is an important competition, especially in a championship year with several nations still ironing our their World Equestrian Games lineups. It’s also on the FEI Eventing Nations Cup fixture, with the CIC3* and team competition kicking off tomorrow.

The CCI3* division completed its dressage today at the Morawa hippodrome. Sweden’s Sara Algotsson Ostholt is the leader aboard Wega, a 17-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare (Irco Mena x La Fair, by Labrador 58) owned by Margareta Algotsson. The pair scored a 26.0.

“Wega was fantastic!,” Sara says. “She was amazing to ride, she loves to show off in the dressage arena, and she did so today.”

The Ostholt family was well-represented at the top of the CCI3* leaderboard, with Andreas Ostholt and So Is Et in 4th and Frank Ostholt and Jum Jum in 6th. Both represent Germany. Linda Ostholt sits 10th in the CIC2* and has two horses in the CIC3*.

Karin Donckers of Belgium, a veteran of the event, and the Belgian-bred gelding Fletcha van’t Verahof sit 2nd in the CCI3* on 26.8. “I had a good feeling about our test with Fletcha,” she says. “I’m happy with how it went, I’m really pleased with my horse. It’s been a very good year for him.”

Christoph Wahler of Germany and Carjatan S are 3rd on 27.1. The only Polish rider in the CCI3* is Artur Społowicz with Poker, currently 12th after dressage.

In the CCI2*, German rider Kai Ruder has taken the lead with Chicago M. Sara Algotsson Ostholt is currently 2nd and 3rd with Arpertina and Cesar accordingly. Poland’s Margit Appelt and Born to Fly lead the CIC1*.

More tomorrow!

Strzegom Top 10 After Dressage: 

Strzegom: Website, Ride Times, Schedule, Course PreviewLive StreamCCI3* Live Scores

#EventerProblems Vol. 148 from Ecovet: Summer Bummers

Bum-crack of dawn rides, scary tanlines, sizzling temperatures, storms that turn horse shows into mud wrestling tournaments (we see you, Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T.!) … some #EventerProblems are particularly rampant this time of the year.

Here’s a sampling!

And so it begins… #glovetan #equestrianproblems #eventerproblems

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Medieval fun in the mid #eventerproblems

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But for all our summer struggles, the season has its perks, too!


Go Eventing!

Let’s Discuss: What’s the Worst Way You’ve Gotten Eliminated at an Event?

Today’s “Let’s Discuss” topic was inspired by Amy Nelson, EN blogger and trainer at Hummingbird Stables in Rochester, Illinois. She asks, “What’s the worst way you’ve ever gotten eliminated in eventing?”

Hers: Over the weekend at Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T.: “Young Prelim horse River spooked at VIP and giant American flag in dressage. Bolted. Jumped out of the ring. Had some 6.5s and 6.0s until then. Crowd dove out of the way screaming as they thought he was jumping the wood arena fence too. I figured here we go … better two-point.”

“One second you’re the windshield. Next second you’re the bug,” Amy says. “For the record I did NOT fall off and no one in the crowd was injured.”

Hey, letter scores happen. Tell us in the comments what is the worst way YOU have gotten eliminated at an event?

Weekend Winners: Essex, Stable View, FRVPC, Shepherd Ranch, Inavale, Arrowhead, MSPC, Honey Run, Abbe Ranch

So. Much. Eventing! A whopping nine USEA events took place across the great sovereign state of the Eventing Nation this weekend.

We hope everyone enjoyed a happy, educational outing. An extra special congrats to Vickie Morse and Sweet William, who posted the lowest finishing score of the weekend in the country! The pair, from Santa Rosa, California, won the Introductory A division at Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. on their score of 21.9.

Looking ahead, please note that Genesee Valley Hunt H.T. in Geneseo, NY has extended the closing date for its July 14-15 Horse Trials by a week, to July 3. Offering Into through Preliminary divisions, they are also hosting a Donald T. Holland Memorial Challenge — bring your friends and challenge your other friends! On a team of three or four riders, three levels of competition must be represented, a great way to foster camaraderie between upper and lower level competitors. Prizes include sashes and mint julep cups! Thoroughbred Incentive Awards (TIP) will also be given, and there will be an air show! Contact the secretary at [email protected] for more information and visit the omnibus listing here.

And now, your weekend winners:

Essex H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Prelim: Kaitlin Clasing & Warren LVS (29.8)
Preliminary Essex: Ryan Wood & Ruby (27.7)
Preliminary Rider: Juliana Hutchings-Sebring & Welbourne (37.5)
Open Training: Dale Eddy & Poker Run (28.9)
Training Rider-A: Dawn Eastabrooks & Valito (30.5)
Training Rider-B: Donna White & High Stakes (30.5)
Novice Rider-A: Lauren Chumley & Santa Barbara DASH (30.0)
Novice Rider-B: Tara Brienza & Highlander (29.5)
Open Novice: Jennifer Eddy & Fernhill Cascum Marco (24.1)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Nicole Marcantonio & Guinevere (27.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Tara Astacio & Money to Burn (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Elizabeth Stewart & Speedy P (25.8)

Stable View Summer H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Doug Payne & Starr Witness (24.5)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Gabrielle Hutchison & Straight Moonshine (44.6)
Training: Doug Payne & Vantastic (29.1)
Training JR/YR: Paytin Schaeffer & Fernhill Tito (32.1)
Training Rider: Amy Kaplan & FGF Mr. Montificent (36.6)
Novice: Elisa Wallace & Reloaded (29.6)
Novice JR/YR: Hayden Jones & Kimora (33.1)
Novice Rider: Marlena Schlerman & The Golden Ticket (37.4)
Beginner Novice: Sarah Kuhn & F.O.F. Grey Gatsby (27.3)
Beginner Novice Rider: Carol Tresan & Knight Skye’s Zensation (36.3)
Beginner Novice JR/YR: Jessica Savage & Latin Warrior (34.3)

Live results available here: http://www.evententries.com/livescoring/16802.html

Posted by Stable View on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate / Preliminary: Erin Nielsen & Garden Valley Gold (43.9)
Open Preliminary: Leah Lang-Gluscic & The Duck of Reed (63.0)
Preliminary Rider: Elly Bates & Bold Move (47.1)
Jr. Training Rider: Emma States & Infinnity and Beyond (35.2)
Open Training: Kristen Rozycki & Jaywalker (26.4)
Sr. Training Rider-A: Kailey DeMeyer & Ninjutsu (27.9)
Sr. Training Rider-B: Darby Weerstra & Exultation (26.9)
Training Horse: Sam Kelly & Cobra King (26.9)
Jr. Novice Rider: Madeline Newman & Teddy Bear (34.6)
Novice Horse: Alexis Anderson & Symphony (22.9)
Open Novice: Brynna Jovanovich & Arthur (27.1)
Sr. Novice Rider-A: Frankie Smorch & WHF Winter (29.3)
Sr. Novice Rider-B: Allison Williams & Chug (29.5)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider-A: Tatum Gray & Reds Loyal Flame (30.8)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider-B: Abby Oldham & Donkey Hodie (28.6)
Open Beginner Novice: Madison Bonamarte & Finnigan (22.2)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider-A: Ali Kuhn & Tall Drink of Water (22.5)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider-B: Lindsey Kahn & Seoul Sister (35.8)
Starter-A: Alexis Mikelenas & Dancing in the Dark (40.0)
Starter-B: Natasha Brady & Montgomery Scott (24.0)

Sorry/not sorry, Lindsey Kahn, we had to steal this from your FB page! Big congrats to a forever-member of the EN family.

Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Preliminary: Heather Morris & Charlie Tango (22.9)
Preliminary Rider: Lucy Hinton & Jameson (31.0)
Jr Training Rider: Lauren Gillis & Under the Spotlight (25.0)
Open Training: Heather Morris & Dante’s Fire (26.8)
Sr Training Rider: Sue Buxton & Clintwald (28.9)
Jr Novice Rider: Avery McDaniel & Xpresso (26.2)
Open Novice: Gina Economou & Swizzle (26.7)
Sr Novice Rider: Rebecca Fiedel & Robin Goodfellow (28.4)
Jr Beginner Novice Rider: Sophia Merz & Bird Is The Word (24.3)
Open Beginner Novice: Ashley Shrader & Cliffside Academy Award (30.5)
Sr Beginner Novice Rider: Annie Desmond & Little Elf (31.0)
Introductory-A: Jane Torphy & Tiara’s Rose (27.2)
Introductory-A: Vickie Morse & Sweet William (21.9)

Winner winner chicken dinner!! 🐓 🐴 🥇 super proud of the Good Fellow today!

A post shared by Rebecca (@wine_y_ponie) on

Inavale Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Intermediate: Anna Collier & Last Call (39.0)
Jr/YR Open Preliminary: Kate Lathrop & J’adore (36.2)
Open Preliminary: Sara Mittleider & La Paz (26.8)
Open Training: Kelsey Horn & Swingtown (21.9)
Training-Amateur Div 1: Leah Yacoub Halperin & Zahara (28.1)
Training-Amateur Div 2: Amy Haugen & Ebenholtz (23.6)
Junior Novice: Audrey Ogan & Blended With My Best (26.4)
Novice-Amateur Div 1: Kathryn Daniel & de la Renta (32.6)
Novice-Amateur Div 2: Lauren Greenleaf & Coastal Tide (32.1)
Open Novice: Lydia Sumner & Private Banker (29.5)
Beginner Novice-Amateur Div 1: Chelsea Novara & Duke (35.6)
Beginner Novice-Amateur Div 2: Alyssa Tucker & Arya (39.0)
Junior Beginner Novice: Rachel Russell & Sorrento (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Tarra Gakstatter & Mystic Prince (30.6)
Open Intro Div 1: Meika Decher & Cool River Birchfield (30.6)
Open Intro Div 2: Jenna McFadden & Add It Up (25.0)

Arrowhead H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Andora Tutvedt & Sugar and Spice (39.0)
Training: Andora Tutvedt & Just Curious (45.2)
Novice A: Michelle Cameron Donaldson & Danny Boy (39.2)
Novice B: Kelsey Guinn & Sassafrass (28.8)
Beginner Novice A: Tessie Baldwin & Leandros (37.6)
Beginner Novice B: Hanna Wildin & Happy Dance (28.9)
Intro/Elementary: Jennifer Allain & Cece (37.6)
FEH 3-Year-Old Open: Moriah Krafft & RSH Skaikru (68.2)

Well Arrowhead Horse Trails is a wrap for 2018! A huge thank you to everyone but most importantly to our wonderful…

Posted by Arrowhead Horse Trials & Warfield Park on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Midsouth Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate/Preliminary-Open: Alexandra Knowles & Ramdam de Mons (25.7)
Open Preliminary, Div. 1: Alex Banks & Continious (32.7)
Open Preliminary, Div. 2: Anna Kjellstrom & Run Marvin Run (30.7)
Open Training: Tate Northrop & Fine With Me (30.5)
Training Horse: Clark Montgomery & Hooked on Cooley (29.5)
Training Rider, Div. 1: Madeline O’Brien & Casarino (32.6)
Training Rider, Div. 2: Maria Moraniec & Lady Business (28.2)
Novice Horse: Amy Bunt & Recurrent (28.8)
Novice Rider, Div. 1: Terry Cain & Weis Lilie (31.8)
Novice Rider, Div. 2: Emily Stamper & The Winter Soldier (29.8)
Novice Rider, Jr.: Emily Hollon & The Perfect Storm MK (29.5)
Open Novice, Div. 1: Susannah Lansdale & R Pair A Dice (25.7)
Open Novice, Div. 2: Corinne Brunker & Joy Girl (30.5)
Beginner Novice Horse: Abby Blackburn & Celtic Knight (32.0)
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 1: Kerri Sweet & Shake The Glitter Off (20.3)
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 2: Sarah Hayes & Peut-être (23.3)
Beginner Novice Rider, Div. 3: Lucy Knowles & Not a Democracy (29.8)
Open Beginner Novice, Div. 1: Erin Herbstova & Hoza (32.5)
Open Beginner Novice, Div. 2: Josie Bankston & River City Gem (30.5)
Open Starter, Div. 1: Paula Kubicki & Lets Go Dutch (24.8)
Open Starter, Div. 2: Cathy Rutter & Casanova (24.8)
Open Starter, Jr.: Audrey DeRossett & Drizzlin’ Sunshine (35.5)

Thank you to all our competitors, volunteers and officials for a great event. See you next year, June 21-23, 2019!

Posted by Midsouth Pony Club Horse Trial on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Still awaiting results from these last couple, but we’ll update when we get ’em!

Honey Run H.T. [Website] [Results]

Abbe Ranch H.T. [Website] [Results]

Watch Leg 3 of Event Rider Masters in Arville, Belgium

Photo courtesy of Event Rider Masters.

Another day, another European event set against a spectacular castle backdrop. Leg 3 of the 2018 Event Rider Masters series heads to Belgium this weekend and that’s Arville Castle you’re Zillow-ing this time around. Set within the walls of the family estate of Guillaume de Liedekerke, close to Namur, Arville sounds proper fancy for some of the proper fanciest event horses in the land — an “exquisite estate with extensive woodland, soft hills and a picturesque lake” …  #castlelife.

The competition will see 29 riders representing 12 nations, including nine of the top 20 FEI ranked event riders: world #1 Oliver Townend, #2 Gemma Tattersall, #4 Tim Price, #6 Michael Jung and #7 Izzy Taylor. Our sole U.S. representative is Liz Halliday-Sharp with Fernhill By Night.

Don’t miss a second of the action from Leg 3 Concours Complet D’Arville. Watch the live stream here. The schedule:

Saturday, June 23

Dressage: 8:35 a.m. – 3:20 p.m. CET (2:23 – 9:20 a.m. EST)

*Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night do their test at 1:55 p.m. CET (7:55 a.m.)

Sunday, June 24 

Show Jumping: 10:20 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. CET (4:20 – 6:25 a.m. EST)

Cross Country: 1:05 – 3:55 p.m. CET (7:05 – 9:55 a.m. EST)

We’ll be back later today with a full dressage report from Arville. Go Eventing!

ERM Arville: WebsiteStart Times, Live ScoresLive Stream, Virtual Course Walk

#EventerFailFriday: That Awkward Moment When…

Welcome to #EventerFailFriday, a support group for sharing your most strugglebus moments. From slightly sticky moments to full-on bombs, join us in celebrating the fact that every road to success is paved with a few potholes.

The theme of this week’s edition: That awkward moment when …

Go Eventing.

Bid for a Cause: USEA Online Auction to Benefit Eventing Safety and Education

Among the USEA Online Auction items is a Full Corner Arrowhead from Jump4Joy with free shipping. Photo courtesy of Jump4Joy.

Eventing safety is at the forefront of all of our minds, and we’re all looking for ways to help. We have an opportunity to channel our concern into action with the USEA Online Auction, to benefit frangible fence research being conducted by the USEA Cross ­Country Safety Subcommittee.

New items have been added to the auction — the following are now up for grabs:

Two VIP Tickets to Great Meadow International and Two Nights Accommodations at Red Fox Inn ($2,500 value)

Mount Crested Butte Condo – 6 Nights in Luxury and Ski to Your Door ($3,500 value)

$100 SmartPak Gift Certificate ($100 value)

Veritas Fancy Raised Figure-8 Bridle ($375 value)

Flyaway Turtle Fly Sheet with Neck Cover – 78″ ($175 value)

Full Corner Arrowhead from Jump4Joy with Free Shipping ($725 value)

One-way Trip from H.E. Tex Sutton Forwarding Company, Inc. First Class Equine Air Travel (up to $5,000 value)

There’s a little over a week left to submit your bids, so visit the auction today! You may also make a cash donation at the link. Even sharing a link to the auction with friends or on social media helps … we can all play a part in helping make eventing safer!

Mars Essex Horse Trials Is Full Speed Ahead After Successful Return Last Year

Photo courtesy of Mars Essex Horse Trials.

The iconic Mars Essex Horse Trials was reborn last year after a near two-decade long hiatus and was welcomed back by the eventing community with open arms. Over 200 competitors signed up to contest the event’s 2017 return, and the entry list for the 2018 edition is stacked to the rafters as well. The event takes place this weekend, June 23-24, at picturesque Moorland Farm in Far Hills, New Jersey.

“This is an event where riders have the opportunity to compete at a beautiful venue and where spectators can be part of the action as they view the horses up close throughout all phases of competition,” says Ralph Jones, President of Essex Horse Trials, who spearheaded the event’s 2017 return with Morgan Rowsell. “As we saw last year when this event returned after a 19-year absence, both horse enthusiasts and families alike loved spending the day at Moorland Farm.”

Morgan, a Long Valley resident, designed the cross country course which caters to Beginner Novice through Preliminary divisions. Moorland Farm provides a breathtaking setting and rare opportunity to go behind the gates of this historic 230-acre property, which is only open to the public two weekends a year. It is also home of the annual Far Hills Race Meeting, a steeplechase held each October.

Photo courtesy of Mars Essex Horse Trials.

In addition to competitor hospitality, the event is family friendly for spectators. Weekend activities also include a popular classic car show; The Farmstand, offering fresh food from local markets; The Essex Market, offering a wide range of shopping from saddles and riding gear to jewelry and artwork; and the Willow School children’s activity center, offering a fun and creative diversion for younger spectators and their parents.

General Admission is just $15 in advance and $20 at the gate. Children 14 & under are free. Parking is free.

The Hoopstick Club offers a VIP experience with ringside seating adjacent to the show jumping arena with views of the cross country course including the exciting and expansive water complex; lunch or brunch during the day; and a cocktail party on Saturday evening.

The event is also offering two great tailgating options: New this year is Water Jump Tailgating, offering select spots around the event’s signature cross country element. Hilltop Tailgating provides panoramic views of the entire event. Attendees may bring a picnic lunch or purchase all the fixings at The Farmstand. Tailgating packages include one reserved parking space and four admission tickets.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Greater Newark LifeCamp in nearby Pottersville, which provides an enriching day camp experience for approximately 300 Newark-area youths per day for six weeks during July and August.

For additional information and tickets, visit www.essexhorsetrials.org.

Essex H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

[Mars Essex Horse Trials Offers Top Equestrian Competition & Family Weekend in the Country]



Area II NAYC Dream Team Is Backed by Serious Horsepower

Area II has announced its Young Rider squad for the FEI North American Youth Championship (NAYC) Three-Day Event and boy, is it star-studded. Like, you could create a small galaxy from all the stars on these horses’ FEI records!

The two-star team includes two Olympic veterans (Mr. Medicott and Flintstar) plus 2017 USEA Horse of the Year Cambalda and three-star horse Ideal Contini. Another experienced three-star horse, Center Stage, has been named to the one-star team.

We’re glad to see these equine veterans, some of them getting on a bit in age (Mr. Medicott is 19 and Flintstar is 18), out doing what they love and lending their experience to the development of our country’s brightest young stars. It’s important work.

The official Area II team of four horses and riders per division (2* and 1*) and any individuals will be named following the first horse inspection at The Event at Rebecca Farms on July 18, 2018.

The long listed Area II squad is as follows, in alphabetical order:

Area II CICOY2* Team

Olivia Dutton and Mr. Medicott. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Olivia Dutton, 16, from West Grove, PA., attends Foxcroft School in Middleburg, VA., riding Mr. Medicott, a 1999 chestnut ISH gelding owned by the Mr. Medicott Syndicate.

Mr. Medicott is an Olympic and World Equestrian Games veteran, helping procure team gold for Germany at the 2008 Hong Kong Olympics and, with Karen O’Connor in the irons, turning in a top 10 finish for Team USA at the 2012 London Olympics. He achieved five top-10 CCI4* finishes during his career at the level, with Frank Ostholt, Karen O’Connor and Phillip Dutton.

In 2018 Olivia and Mr. Medicott finished 3rd in the CIC1* at Fair Hill and completed their first CIC2* together at Jersey Fresh with a jump fault-free cross country round and no show jumping faults. Olivia trains at True Prospect Farm in West Grove, PA. In addition to riding, Olivia plays varsity lacrosse and was recently elected co-head of her schools’ athletic association. This is her first experience on an Area II Young Rider team.

Ryan Keefe and Flintstar. Photo by Mike McNally.

Ryan Keefe, 18, Sandy Spring, MD, a graduate of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Olney, MD and enrolled in the University of Kentucky, riding Flintstar, a 2000 New Zealand bred Thoroughbred bay gelding owned by Rumsey Keefe.

Flintstar was competed through the four-star level by New Zealand’s Jonelle Price, with a resume that includes the 2012 Olympic Games in London (team bronze), Burghley in 2011 (27th place), Luhmühlen (8th place) and Burghley (20th place) in 2013. After Burghley he was imported to the U.S. by young rider Calvin Ramsey, with whom he won individual silver in the 2014 NAYC CCI2*. In 2016 he was purchased by the Keefe family, and Ryan and Flintstar have finished in the top four at each of the FEI 1*/2* events the pair has contested together.

Ryan trains with Rumsey Keefe, Sandy Spring, MD, and Sharon White of Last Frontier Eventing, W. VA .This is Ryan’s first experience on an Area II Young Rider team.

Alexa Lapp and Cambalda. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Alexa Lapp, 19, Gap, PA, a graduate of Pequea Valley High School, Kinzers, PA, riding Cambalda, a 2002 bay ISH gelding owned by Tim and Nina Gardner.

Cambalda is Jennie Brannigan’s very experienced partner, who was named 2017 USEA Horse of the Year and has a long-string of three-star wins to his name: Plantation Field CIC3* (2010, 2015), Galway Downs CCI3* (2010), The Fork CIC3* (2011 and 2015), Fair Hill CCI3* (2014) and Great Meadow CIC3* (2017), and too many top finishes to list. He completed the Kentucky CCI4* in 2014 and was a member of the winning FEI Great Meadows U.S. Nations Cup team in 2017.

He has been partnered with Alexa Lapp this year, with whom he finished 6th in the Red Hills CIC1* and 3rd in the Jersey Fresh CIC2*. Alexa trains with Brannigan Eventing in Coatesville, PA., and this is her second time on an Area II Young Riders Championship team, having attended in 2016 as a CCI1* youth athlete on her horse Paprika.

Tayler Stewart and Ideal Contini. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Tayler Stewart, 18, Damascus, MD., a graduate of Damascus High School, Damascus, MD., riding Ideal Contini, a 2003 grey Westphalian gelding owned by herself, Emily and Tyler Stewart.

Ideal Contini was competed through the three-star level by Sally Cousins, including an 11th place finish in the Plantation Field CIC3* in 2013.

The Stewart family purchased him for Tayler in 2015, and the pair has since progressed from the one- to three-star level. In 2018 they completed the Jersey Fresh CIC3* and placed 6th in The Fork CIC2*; in 2017 they completed the Fair Hill International CCI2*. Tayler and Ideal Contini competed at the NAYC in 2016, placing 7th in the CCI1*, and this is Tayler’s second time representing Area II Young Riders. Tayler was named as an Emerging Athlete on the 2018 USEF E25 List and trains with Packy McGaughan in Clarksburg, MD, and Marilyn Little in Frederick, MD.

Area II NAYC (CCI1*) Team

Macy Beach, 17, from Millsboro, DE., a senior at Cape Henlopen High School, Lewes, DE, riding Chasing Moonlight, a 2008 bay Thoroughbred gelding.

In 2018 they placed 5th in the  Virginia Horse Trials CCIY1*, 13th at Fair Hill International CIC1*, and completed the Carolina International CIC1*. Chasing Moonlight is a Kentucky-bred off-track Thoroughbred with 33 racing starts, earning $165,000 prior to his eventing career. Macy has attended United States Pony Club Championships in 2015, 2016 and 2017; this is her first time as a youth athlete on Area II Young Riders. She trains with Dawn Beach at Winswept Stables, Millsboro, DE.

Haley Carspecken, 18, Purcellville, VA., a graduate of Tuscarora High School, Leesburg, VA., riding Center Stage, a 2006 grey Holsteiner gelding owned by the rider.

In 2018 they placed 20th in the Fair Hill International Spring CIC2*; in 2017 they placed 5th in the Virginia Horse Trials CCI1* and were 8th in the Plantation Field International CIC1*. Center Stage has competed through the the CCI3* level with Caroline Martin. Haley attended the 2016 NAYC as a groom, and she trains with Mara DePuy, Round Hill, VA.

Katherine Christopher, 18, Bahama, NC, a graduate of Northern High School, Durham, NC, and enrolled at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, riding Frodo of the Shire, a 2003 bay Thoroughbred gelding.

In 2018, they placed 4th in the Carolina International CIC1Y*, 1st in a Junior Preliminary Rider horse trial division at Carolina Horse Park, and 2nd junior in a Preliminary Rider horse trials division at Sporting Days; in 2017 they placed 18th in the Ocala Jockey Club CCI1*. Frodo of the Shire is an off-track Thoroughbred with one lifetime start prior to his eventing career; with a former rider, he completed a CCI2* in 2014. Katherine has qualified for and competed in the American Eventing Championships. She trains with Holly Hudspeth of Rougemont, NC, and Lynn Leath out of Chapel Hill, NC. Katherine was a groom for the 2015 Area II team.

Maia Kantorowski, 17, Pinehurst, NC, attends The O’Neal School in Southern Pines, NC., riding Kiltubrid Rebel, a 2009 chestnut ISH gelding.

In 2018 they completed the Ocala Jockey Club CCI1*, placed 4th in a Jr/YR Open Preliminary horse trial division at Carolina Horse Park, and placed 5th in a Jr/YR Open Preliminary horse trial division at Pine Top. This is Maia’s first experience as a youth athlete for Area II Young Riders. She trains with Bobby Costello, John Zopatti and Lizzie Snow in Southern Pines, NC. Maia participated as a groom at the 2017 NAYC.

Olivia Wall, 18, Apex, NC, a graduate of Apex Friendship School, Apex, NC and enrolled in the University of Kentucky, riding Mandolin R, a 2008 SWB bay gelding owned by the rider.

In 2018 they finished 4th in the Virginia Horse Trials CCI1* and completed the Ocala International CCI1*. Olivia trains with Doug and Jess Payne of Hillsboro, NC. This is her first experience as a youth athlete representing Area II Young Riders.

Area II’s all-important groom roster is comprised of Caitlin O’Roark, Dylan Phillips, Zoe Bruno, Colette Leber, Cori Jarman, Anna Fitzhugh and Ella Braundel.

The Area II Young Riders team is coached by Holly Payne-Caravella with chef d’equipe as Meg Kepferle. The Area II YR coordinator is Chris Donovan.

The Adequan®/FEI North American Youth Championship Three-Day Event, presented by Gotham North, takes place again this year in Kalispell, Montana, in conjunction with The Event At Rebecca Farms from July 18-22. Prior to NAYC the Area II team will attend a mandatory Young Rider Training Camp to be held at the USET Headquarters at Gladstone, NJ, from June 30-July 7.

Many thanks to Holly Covey of the Area II Young Riders Committee for her assistance with this report. Learn more about the Area II Young Rider program and NAYC fundraising efforts here. Best of luck to all and keep an eye on EN for all the latest in the homestretch to NAYC 2018!

#EventerProblems Vol. 147 from Ecovet: Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday got you feeling like…?

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Well, you know what they say:

Hang in there, EN! Let’s ride out this hump together. Here are a few of your photos for inspiration:

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Go Eventing!

Little Bromont H.T. Allows Lower Levels to Share in the Bromont Magic

Little Bromont Open Prelim winners Melissa Boutin and EWSZ Jalando. Photo by Cealy Tetley.

When we think of Bromont its flagship June CCI Three Day Event event comes to mind, but two weeks later the venue opens its gates once again to the eventing community. Little Bromont Horse Trials, held June 16-17, hosted Entry through Preliminary divisions for a lively weekend of competition beneath the summer sun in the emerald folds of this charming Canadian ski town.

Horses and riders from the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island came out to vie for top prizes, with the home provence of Quebec ultimately dominating all divisions.

Mélissa Boutin and EWSZ Jalando of Ascot Corners, QC, led the Open Preliminary division from start to finish. They added eight cross country time penalties and a clear show jump round to their dressage score of 27.5 to finish on a 35.5.

The 9-year-old RPSI gelding (Daimler D’Adriers x Calanda, by Calando) just completed his first CCI2* in April at Ocala International, finishing in the top 20 in a highly competitive field. “This was his his first show back after a well deserved break!,” Mélissa says. “He is aiming for Fair Hill this fall.”

EWSZ Jalanda handily answered the cross country questions presented by course designer Jay Hambly, and Mélissa speaks fondly of the event and the venue.

“Although I was sad that Bromont CCI didn’t fit in my calendar this year, I am so happy that I was able to show at Little Bromont,” Mélissa says. “It’s a local event — I live about one hour away — and it’s an amazing opportunity to get the horses in those big rings, gallop on a cross country course where there is a lot to look at and show at a world class facility in a little bit more relaxed atmosphere! Perfect prep for bigger goals! Looking forward to go back for the CIC in August!”

Pearl Macgregor and Odin contesting the Open Training division. Photo by Cealy Tetley.

Open Training was won by Mireille Bilodeau of Gatineau, QC, and her own Canadian Sport Horse gelding Make My Day. The pair finished on a final score of 29.5.

Jay and Philippa Hambly with Captain Midnight after a crack at Open Entry cross country. Photo by Cealy Tetley.

Twenty-year-old Pénélope Haguette of Quebec City, QC, and Ivanhoe came out on top in the Open Pre-Training to finish ahead of a large field. Their score from start to finish was just 26.

Elisabeth Boisclair and Sea Breeze, winners of the Open Entry division. Photo by Cealy Tetley.

The Open Entry division was dominated by Quebec’s Elisabeth Boisclair riding Sea Breeze, who finished on their dressage score of 31.

Final results can be found here.

Little Bromont follows closely on the heels of the MARS Incorporated Bromont CCI Three Day Event held June 7-10. Coming up next for the Bromont Eventing calendar is the Bromont CIC on August 17- 19, which includes Training, CIC1*, CIC2* and CIC3* divisions. For more information please visit the Bromont website and follow Bromont on social media.

Go Eventing!