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Myself, Comet, and Tom Holder. Photo by Melissa Beasley Rundt.
One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to meet Becky Holder’s legendary Courageous Comet in person! After seeing the entry list for the schooling show at Southern 8ths Farm, I was kicking myself...
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Nicolette Merle-Smith and her mother Rosemarie’s 9-year-old Trakehner gelding made their CCI* debut this weekend at the Hagyard Midsouth 3-Day Event and Team Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park. They scored 56.7 in dressage, then...
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Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.
You can’t beat a good mare. Get one on your side and she’ll do anything for you. Mix in some Thoroughbred heart and athleticism and the sky is the limit. For this edition of the...
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Buck and Andrea Davidson with their daughter Aubrey at the Kentucky Horse Park. Photo by Photography in Stride.
It’s so gratifying to see young hardworking eventers turn into hardworking eventing families, and then make hardworking eventing babies! In this case, Aubrey Davidson is clearly already working very hard at being as adorable as...
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Tamie Smith and Fleeceworks Royal. Photo by Libby Law Photography.
The American combinations proved their pluck around a tough and electrifying cross country course today, coming home clear and improving their placings in the process at Le Lion d’Angers 7-Year-Old Championships. At the top of...
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If you’ve been in the sport horse world for so much as a hot minute, you’ve probably experienced these exact feelings already. Maybe you’ve been the one saying goodbye to a longtime partner, maybe you’ve...
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If you needed one more excuse to fly south for the winter, the USEA has you covered. They’ll be holding their annual meeting and convention in beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida December 7-11, and they’ve just...
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Nearly any backdrop to a drone flyover of an eventing course would be pretty spectacular, but the Spurwing Horse Trials in the northeastern region of South Africa is going to be hard to beat. Especially...
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There's a place in France where the Young Event Horses dance (and then go do cross country the next day)
From Judith McSwain's Facebook Page
Ooh la la, it’s cross country day in France! I am truly impressed by some of the gorgeous fences they have at Le Lion d’Angers. The violin jump is easily one of my favorite cross...
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Meghan O'Donoghue and Rehy USA. Photo by Miranda Akins.
The ever so popular Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge and CCI* has the Kentucky Horse Park bustling with excitement this weekend. As usual the event is filled to the brim with competitors from levels Beginner Novice...
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