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Photo via Finger Lakes Finest.
With this year’s Retired Racehorse Project come and gone already, it’s time to start thinking ahead to next year. There are so many eligible Thoroughbreds out there — it’s just a matter of finding the...
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Brody Robertson explains an exercise to a clinic group. Photo by Bonnie Anderson.
We are all familiar with Brody Robertson’s successful show jump design business, but did you know he’s also a well accomplished rider and effective clinician to boot? Area IV riders got to experience a Brody...
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The forecast says 27 degrees tonight. Time to bust out the caterpillar suit!
I know, I know, 27 degrees isn’t THAT cold to most of you out there, but for those of us in Northern California it is positively arctic. In my part of California, it is rare that...
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We’ve seen an increase in drone footage of cross country in recent months, and this short look at the use of these machines for a unique angle on videography gives us another perspective on the...
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Our friend, David Robinson, sat down and wrote about his background as an equestrian videographer and where his journey has taken him through the years. It’s a great look into the behind-the-scenes of some of...
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Ingrid Klimke and Parmenides lead the victory gallop in Stockholm. Photo via Ingrid on Facebook.
Indoor eventing season is in full swing, and it definitely seems to be a staple on many European riders’ calendars. Ingrid Klimke, fresh off of a competition at Stuttgart last week, took home the win...
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I'll take one of each color please. Time to do some holiday shopping at my local tack shop. Photo from Tack Warehouse on Facebook
I must admit, I partied way too hard on Thanksgiving this year. My husband and I had some friends over and despite spending all day in the kitchen and none of my time at the...
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This latest episode of PRO’s Faces of Eventing series features Brian Rutledge, husband to four-star event rider Colleen Rutledge, proud father of two up-and-coming eventer daughters, and social media wizard behind the popular Colleen Rutledge...
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The Clemson Intercollegiate Eventing Team with Buck Davidson. Photo by Olga Mohr Photography.
When you have the opportunity to clinic with the fifth-ranked rider in the world, you take it. Even if you haven’t shown in over a year. Even if you’ve jumped all of two times in the...
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Maddie Smyly on Joey
Inspired by the formation of an Area I Schooling Horse Trials Championship earlier this year, we wanted to feature more awesome local eventing organizations that are recognizing and celebrating local low-level eventers by featuring them...
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