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US Equestrian E25/E18 Athletes Reflect on Winter Training Sessions

Photo by Zib Thieriot courtesy of US Equestrian.

The U.S. Team riders of tomorrow are in our midst today. The US Equestrian (USEF) Emerging Athlete Lists seek to identify these rising stars and provide them support on their path, as outlined in the 2019 Strategic Plan.

Training sessions are a key component of the plan. Last month young eventers named to the 2019 USEF Emerging Athlete Eventing 25 (E25) and Emerging Athlete Eventing 18 (E18) lists participated in intense three-day winter training sessions with USEF Eventing Emerging Athlete Coach Leslie Law.

Leslie reflected on the sessions: “The [E18 and E25] sessions were very positive and I saw some good kids doing good work across the country. We’re identifying athletes that will become the future team riders for the U.S. in world championships. Talent, temperament and longevity are all a part of that. And we’re seeing how [the program] is making a difference as past participants like Jenny Caras, Hallie Coon, and Caroline Martin are taking steps up.”

In addition to mounted lessons, training sessions on the East Coast and the West Coast also included a variety of lectures from industry experts on business and stable management, training practices, horse nutrition and digestive health, horsemanship, and communications training. Additionally, Daniel Stewart presented a scholarship opportunity available through the USET Foundation for the training sessions he runs.

The East Coast training sessions took place at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, Florida. The E18 training session was held Jan. 7-10 and the E25 training session was held Jan. 14-17. In addition to lessons with Leslie, sessions included unmounted lectures with Max Corcoran, Chris Barnard, Dr. Lisa Casinella, Katie Wentz and David O’Connor.

The West Coast training sessions were hosted by Twin Rivers Ranch in Paso Robles, California, from Jan. 28-31. Guest lecturers included Jennifer Myers, Derek di Grazia and Dr. David Bogenrief.

Photo by Zib Thieriot courtesy of US Equestrian.

The educational opportunities provided to these young riders are immeasurable. Here is what a few of the 2019 program participants had to say about their experience:

Cornelia Dorr, E25 (Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.): “The Eventing 25 [program] has given me not only mentors to learn from and look up to, but also a group of fellow riders my age to relate to. It can be hard to move from the Young Rider age group to the more competitive, older group. To have relationships with other riders in the same transition as I am, as well as mentors to help guide you, has been the biggest takeaway for me every year!”

Dylan Philipps, E18 (Pittsboro, N.C.): “The seminars stressed the importance of good horsemanship and the need for a good team of farriers, vets, and even nutritionists behind you. The program was intensive and inspiring, working alongside and watching the other like-minded and goal-oriented riders.”

Mallory Hogan, E25 (Belvedere, Calif.): “I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in the Eventing 18 program before and this year in the Eventing 25 program. It’s beyond a clinic, and really a time to delve deep into conversation about the future of the sport and what roles we could potentially play in that future. I always come home from the sessions with plenty to work on and think about, and it gets me excited for the upcoming season. This program that the USEF generously offers is really taking the education of the younger generation of riders to a whole new level, and I feel my own riding and horsemanship growing tremendously.”

Brianna Maroney, E18 (Portola Valley, Calif.): “The Emerging Athlete training session was one of the most educational and inspirational [weeks] of my career. Leslie [Law]’s lectures on athlete mentality and the future of the sport left the riders feeling extremely motivated. He did an exceptional job helping me to establish a new warm-up routine for my show jumping, and, because of this, I am feeling more confident than ever to begin the 2019 season. Leslie regards all his riders as young professionals and was so helpful in sorting out our short-term and long-term goals.”

Learn more about the Eventing 25 Program, the Eventing 18 Program, and follow USA Eventing on Facebook.

[Emerging Athlete Eventing 25 and Eventing 18 Program Participants Complete Intensive Training Sessions in Florida and California]

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Five-Star Horses Stretch Legs at Rocking Horse

It’s fun to see five-star horses (will I ever get used to typing that?!) out knocking the rust off at early season horse trials, and we got an eyeful at Rocking Horse Winter II H.T. over the weekend.

David Frechette, a.k.a HorsePesterer, was out and about with his video camera filming the action. Speaking of David, we are thrilled to report that with YOUR help, he has been able to fundraise enough for not only a new camcorder, but also funds toward Amanda Gardiner’s Rebecca Farm Young Rider Fund. Now any additional money donated (visit his GoFundMe here) will be given out as either prize money or a scholarship. “This is what motivates me to video eventing!” he says.

We truly appreciate your service to the sport, David. It’s the least we can do.

Here is some cross country video of the five-star veterans spotted in Advanced divisions. We hope to see them at Kentucky and/or beyond later this year!

Buck Davidson and Carlevo posted the lowest Advanced dressage score of either division, a 25.7, and added 4.8 cross country time penalties to finish 2nd in the Advanced Test A division. Carlevo was 20th at Kentucky last year in his debut at the level. Watch part 2 here.

Buck and Copper Beach led the Advanced Test B dressage on a score of 26.7, adding a rail and 8.4 time to finish 5th in the Advanced Test B division. Copper Beach has completed three CCI5*s, most recently finishing 10th at Kentucky last year. Watch part 2 here.

Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me added nothing to their dressage score of 31.6 to finish 3rd in Advanced Test A. Honor Me has thrice completed Kentucky and also represented Canada at the 2018 WEG in Tryon.

Ashley Johnson and two-time Kentucky finisher Tactical Maneuver finished 8th in Advanced Test B.

Other CCI5* veterans: Selena O’Hanlon and Foxwood High won Advanced Test B on their dressage score of 28.3; Ellen Doughty-Hume and Sir Oberon were 4th and Sydney Elliot and Cisko A were 12th in the same division. Buck Davidson had Park Trader out but withdrew before cross country. Another handful of CCI5* horses were seen cruising around the Intermediate course.

And … we’ve got one helmet cam! Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless added a couple rails to their dressage score of 27.7 to finish 3rd in Advanced Test B. This pair has finished Kentucky three times and also finished 14th at Burghley in 2016.

View complete Rocking Horse event results here. Go Eventing.

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Tamie Smith and Danito Splash to Rainy Fresno County Horse Park CCI3*-S Win

Tamie Smith and Danito. Photo by MGO Photography.

It was a soggy weekend at Fresno County Horse Park CCI & H.T. over the weekend, with no trademark California sunshine in sight. But the rain, wind and cold couldn’t stop Tamie Smith and Danito from posting a wire-to-wire win in the CCI3*-S — the fourth consecutive win for this pair and the horse’s debut at the level.

Tamie and the 10-year-old Anglo Arab/Hanoverian gelding (Dancier x Wie Musik, by Wolkenstein II), owned by Ruth Bley, have been on fire since they joined forces last year.

“Danito came to me in June as a sales horse and I knew there was something special about him,” Tamie says. “I hadn’t competed him yet but did a lot of ground work and spent last year getting to know him. Around August sometime, I called Ruth and said, ‘Are you sure you want to sell this one?'”

Ruth gave them the go-ahead and after finishing 4th in their first competition together, the 2018 American Eventing Championships Open Prelim division, the pair won the Stable View CIC1* in September, the Open Prelim division at Chattahoochee Hills in October, and the Ocala Jockey Club CCI1* in November. Each time they won the pair finished on their dressage score, which dipped as low as a 22.0 at the AEC.

“He has a very genuine soul. There is just something about him that I’ve really loved from the beginning,” Tamie says of the bright chestnut gelding, better known as “Cheeto” and/or “Burrito” around the barn. “He kind of reminds me of me. Hard shell on the outside and it takes a lot to let someone in but when you do we give you everything.”

Video from their Fresno County Horse Park win:


Ruth Bley’s “Danito” won his first CCI3s wire to wire this weekend! Class horse and so happy to be riding such great horses!! So proud of the Cheeto!! My hat goes off to John Marshall & the crew at Fresno County Horse Park, but especially to Jay Hambley & Bert Wood for prepping the tracks so that we had great footing to run on!! #cheetopuff #angloarab #germanunicorn thanks Tommy for the video clip ❤️

Posted by Tamie Smith on Saturday, February 16, 2019


Ruth Bley’s Danito is currently winning the CCI3S after a super dressage and clean show jumping. Onto XC tomorrow.

Posted by Tamie Smith on Friday, February 15, 2019

Despite being on the small side — he stands just 16 hands — Danito has a big jump and no shortage of heart. “Most of the horses I ride are very self-confident and think they are the best in the world,” Tamie says. “Danito doesn’t know how good he is, which makes it even more wonderful. He tries every day to be better.”

Danito is a one-person horse, and has clearly picked Tamie as his person. “He will test Heather (Morris) every time she sits on him for me if I’m away. It’s kind of funny,” she says. “He’s a super sweet boy on the ground and super easy to be around.”

Tamie and Danito posted the second fastest time of their 15-horse CCI3*-S field at Fresno, collecting 6 time faults. Tamie credits Jay Hambley and Bert Wood for prepping the tracks so that, despite the rain, they had great footing to run on.

Of Danito, she says, “I feel really lucky to have him part of my string of horses now. It’s been really fun building our partnership and after this weekend I think it’s there!”

Amber Levine and Carry on. Photo by Elizabeth Thieriot.

Amber Levine and Carry On Win Advanced Division

Advanced winner Amber Levine also had words of praise for the event’s management. “The Fresno County Horse Park did a wonderful job pulling off a very wet and muddy weekend,” she says. “They built a fantastic course for the Advanced, and the footing really held up very nicely.”

Amber and Carry On, her own 12-year-old Dutch gelding (Vittorio x Jaraica, by Bredero), didn’t have too much competition at the early season event, but Amber says she was pleased with her longtime partner’s return to the level.

“It just felt great to be out there with ‘Cory’ as this was his first Advanced run in almost two years,” she says. “Our plan is to gear up for the CCI4*-S at Twin Rivers in April followed by the CCI4-L at Rebecca Farm in July.”

Amber Levine and Carry on. Photo by Elizabeth Thieriot.

View complete Fresno County Horse Park results here.

Weekend Winners: Rocking Horse II, Paradise Farm, Fresno County Horse Park

Lots of winter eventing action afoot this weekend, from Rocking Horse in Ocala and Paradise Farm in Aiken to the first FEI event of the year at Fresno County Horse Park in California. That amounts to several dozen blue ribbons — each of whom we think is deserving of a shout-out!

An extra congrats in is order for our lowest scoring finishers in the country of the weekend, Stephanie Cauffman and Lamondale Florinia, who posted a 20.7 to win the Open Training-A division at Rocking Horse.

Hey look who’s got the ride on her mum’s four-star horse? Really neat to see Taylor McFall getting on so well with High Times at Fresno County Horse Park — they finished 1st in the Jr. Training Rider division.

Your weekend winners:

Rocking Horse Winter II H.T. [Results]
Advanced Test A: Felix Vogg & Cayenne (28.9)
Advanced Test B: Selena O’Hanlon & Foxwood High (28.3)
Intermediate Rider: Elizabeth Bierman & Highland Storm (44.2)
Open Intermediate-A: Lynn Symansky & Under Suspection (26.3)
Open Intermediate-B: Leslie Law & First Class (32.7)
Open Intermediate-C: William Coleman & Off The Record (30.5)
Open Preliminary-A: Robin Walker & SBT Clover Road (26.5)
Open Preliminary-B: Brittany Kart & Filomena (30.9)
Open Preliminary Friday A-1 Day: Mike Huber & Deauville Beekhoeve (30.5)
Open Preliminary Friday B-1 Day: William Coleman & Cooley Mahgeeta (29.6)
Preliminary Horse: Leslie Law & Rock on Cooley (29.7)
Preliminary Rider-A: Donna Miller & HC Celtic Mark (35.4)
Preliminary Rider-B: Sami Crandell & Fernhill Chaos (34.6)
Jr. Training Rider: Corey Jarman & O’Meara (32.5)
Open Training-A: Stephanie Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (20.7)
Open Training-B: Elisa Wallace & Munson Slew (24.8)
Open Training-C: William Zuschlag & Go Happy (23.2)
Sr. Training Rider-A: Lauren Chumley & Atlanta B (35.4)
Sr. Training Rider-B: Lauren Chumley & Santa Barbara Dash (26.5)
Training Horse-A: Nicole Hatley & Aspen (28.6)
Training Horse-B: Samantha McCleerey & Fernhill B First (26.6)
Jr. Novice Rider: Sophia Pivero & Cupido SE Z (29.8)
Novice Horse-A: Cole Horn & MBF Cooley Permission To Land (25.7)
Novice Horse-B: Ellen Doughty-Hume & Two Step Program (27.1)
Open Novice: Kendyl Tracy & HSH Golden Boy (28.1)
Sr. Novice Rider-A: Lydia Anderson & Russell’s Reserve (27.9)
Sr. Novice Rider-B: Carol Tresan & Knight Skye’s Zensation (26.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Maddie Heckaman & Incredibly (35.3)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Anna Loschiavo & Fernhill Hole Shot (27.5)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Abigail Dennis & Remarkable-54 (27.5)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Julie Gilbert & Canadian Exchange (27.3)

So this happened today! Salty finished once again on his dressage score this time making the big leap from 8th to 4th…

Posted by Donna Miller on Saturday, February 16, 2019

Paradise Farm H.T. [Results]
Open Preliminary – Friday: Elizabeth Bortuzzo & Belongs To Teufer (27.4)
Open Preliminary: Colleen Rutledge & Cooley Ironic (26.6)
Preliminary Rider – Friday: Olivia Hayes & Astrana De La Galerna (32.7)
Preliminary Rider: Samantha Hay & Tre Jolie (30.4)
Preliminary/Training – Friday: Kim Severson & Exclusively Cooley (27.2)
Open Training – Friday-A: Lillian Heard & Dassett Olympus (29.5)
Open Training – Friday-B: Daryl Layfield-Insley & LF Florida Georgia Line (31.7)
Open Training – Friday-C: Michael Pendleton & Copper Classic (30.0)
Open Training: Kevin Keane & HH Ontario (25.5)
Training Rider – Friday-A: Jack Curtis & Playmate III (33.3)
Training Rider – Friday-B: Sam Curtis & Cooley Cut Copy (34.1)
Training Rider: Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip (36.0)
Novice Rider – Friday-A: Sally Rosen & Mayson (27.1)
Novice Rider – Friday-B: Madison Gilbert & Dylano Q (30.7)
Novice Rider-A: Anna Billings & Wexford Cruise (26.0)
Novice Rider-B: Kathleen Bertuna & Millye’s Mojave (30.2)
Open Novice – Friday-A: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (22.6)
Open Novice – Friday-B: Bennett Camp-Crowder & Sherran (26.7)
Open Novice – Friday-C: Booli Selmayr & EEF Sampson (26.4)
Open Novice: Susan Thomas & FGF Actively Engaged (31.4)
Beginner Novice Rider – Friday: Sara Stone & For Goodness Sake (30.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Caroline Nagrodsky & Spartacus (32.8)
Open Beginner Novice – Friday-A: Alison Eastman-Lawler & Lexington II (32.3)
Open Beginner Novice – Friday-B: Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride & Slick Moves (28.5)
Open Beginner Novice: Michele Kuchta & Sparking Cider (33.0)
Starter – Friday: Aaron S Hill & Denali (34.7)
Starter: Elizabeth Bagsby & Out of the Rain (45.0)

Fresno County Horse Park CCI & H.T. [Results]
CCI3*-Short: Tamra Smith & Danito (37.2)
CCI2*-Short: Alexis Helffrich & M Creme De La Creme SE (34.3)
Advanced: Amber Levine & Carry On (63.0)
Open Intermediate: Auburn Excell Brady & BSP Tuxedo (44.5)
Open Preliminary: Kelsey Holmes & NZB The Chosen One (30.6)
Preliminary Rider: Jeanette Gilbert & The Alchemist (36.6)
Jr. Training Rider: Taylor Mcfall & High Times (25.0)
Open Training: Rebecca Braitling & Dassett Ricochet (26.0)
Sr. Training Rider: Jaclyn Thomas & Aella (36.9)
Training Horse: Madison Temkin & MVP Madbum (22.4)
Jr. Novice Rider: Sophia Merz & Bird Is The Word (23.3)
Open Novice: Amber Levine & I’M Jaguar (24.1)
Sr. Novice Rider: Miranda Olagaray & Tanqueray (27.1)
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider A: Paige Priest & Charlotte (29.7)
Jr. Beg. Novice Rider B: Hailey Weber & SE Gin Fizz (33.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Amber Levine & Chicago (29.4)
Sr. Beg. Novice Rider: Linda Carley Rosen & REHY USA (24.3)
Introductory: Noelle Dever & Mercedes (40.8)

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Best pony EVER!!

A post shared by Kelsey Holmes 🤠 (@kelsholmes) on

Arnell Sporthorse’s Dassett Ricochet kicked off the year with a win in the Open Training Tough Mudder. These weather…

Posted by Bec Braitling on Sunday, February 17, 2019

Congrats to all! Go Eventing.

What’s Happening This Winter? [Updated 2/17]

‘Tis the season for self-improvement! And wearing ALL the clothes. Sinead Halpin braved 20-something temps to teach a clinic at Road Less Traveled Eventing earlier this year. Photo by Katherine McDonough.

What’s Happening is EN’s guide to lessons, clinics, schooling shows and other riding and educational opportunities during the winter. It’s free to post a listing. Just email the date, location, contact information and any other details to [email protected]. (Note: This is a list generated solely from submissions. If no one sends us the details of your event, it won’t be included.)

Location Quick Links: Area I | Area II | Area III | Area IV | Area V | Area VIArea VII | Area VIII | Area IX | Canada

Area I

Area II

Feb. 23 & March 2: Winter Gymnastics Clinic Series with Martin Douzant (Upperville, VA)
Eventers, young horses and hunter/jumpers of all levels are all welcome for this eight-week winter gymnastic clinic series at Deerfield Stables! Gymnastic and adjustability exercises will build on the prior week’s lesson so riders of all levels can perfect their basics and prepare for their 2019 goals, whatever they may be. Dates include Jan. 1219 & 26Feb. 2916 & 23March 2.

Feb. 23: Kelley Williams Clinics (locations vary)
Join Advanced-level eventer and popular instructor Kelley Williams for her annual Winter Clinic Series! Known for her absolute dedication to her horses, her students, and her wonderful supportive family, Kelley has developed A Bit Better Farm from a small family barn to a leading event facility. Possessing an enviable amount of patience, she is a naturally gifted trainer and instructor who always seems to know what her pupils need, whether they be human or equine. Kelley draws great gratification in her teaching and coaching, and firmly believes that she learns as much from her students as they learn from her. Dates include Dec. 29 at Loch Moy Farm (Adamstown, MD), Jan. 5 Winter Clinic Series #1 at A Bit Better Farm (Brookeville, MD), Jan. 19 Winter Clinic Series #2 at A Bit Better FarmFeb. 16 Winter Clinic Series #3 at A Bit Better FarmFeb. 16 Winter Clinic Series #4 at A Bit Better Farm.

Feb. 23-24: Andrea Davidson Clinics at Pinnacle Farm (Califon, NJ) 
Join us for winter clinics with Andrea Leatherman Davidson at Pinnacle Farm! The winter series clinics are designed to be two-day experiences (but entries for one day are also accepted!) that continue to progressively build skills through the winter season. The first day uses gymnastic exercises to sharpen and balance the horse and rider, and the second day puts new skills to practice over full jump courses. FB group with info on how to sign up: https://www.facebook.com/events/371789876908990/?active_tab=about

Feb. 23-24: Equine Management Training Center Winter Horse Care Clinic Series #5 – “Beyond the Braids with Sam Henley”
Everything you need to know about show turnout, packing for you and your horse, managing your horse at a competition, stall set up, aftercare and more. Clinics held at Sandy River Equestrian Center. They will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and include lunch at noon in the bunk house. The cost is $175 for each clinic, or $750 for all five clinics when you pre-register and pay in advance. To register please contact Sam Henley, [email protected] or (549)488-5416; or Vicky Williams, [email protected] or (434)489-6414.

March 3: Cavaletti Clinics with Meghan Truppner (Mt. Airy, MD)
Join USDF Silver Medalist Meghan Truppner at her Karmic Run Stables for a day full of cavaletti! All levels welcome from walk-trot beginners through more advanced pairs. Groups are limited to 3-4 riders to guarantee personalized attention. Looking for something interesting and beneficial to add to your horse’s exercise program this winter? Cavaletti work may be the answer! There are many variations you can use to benefit yourself and your horse. Cavaletti work encourages your horse to become more rhythmic and balanced, while adding a little interest to your flatwork. Dates include Jan. 5-6Feb. 3 and March 3.

Through March 8: Cross Country Schooling on All-Weather Footing at Loch Moy Farm (Adamstown, MD)
School cross country obstacles on eight acres of all-weather footing. Ditches, banks, water, and portable fences from Intro height (18″) through Preliminary. By appointment only. The cost is $50 per horse/rider combination and includes use of the regular schooling course and trails. A ground person is required and safety vests must be worn. Call ahead and jumps can be customized to what you’re working on. Derby course is closed for schooling during competition days, but the schooling course remains available. Call or text Carolyn at 301-514-0111 or email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. More information and download the waiver and rules at https://themarylandhorsetrials.com/schooling-opportunities/cross-country-schooling.

Area III

Feb. 19, 26: Tik Maynard and Cathy Wieschhoff Clinic Series at Majestic Oaks (Reddick, FL)
Tik Maynard and Cathy Wieschhoff are teaming up to host a clinic series on natural horsemanship solutions to eventer training problems, with sessions scheduled for every Tuesday in February at Majestic Oaks. Cathy and Tik will help you and your horse work through performance, behavior and connection issues in a hands-on learning environment designed to create a safer and more reliable partnership. Click here for more details on dates and pricing.

Feb. 18-21: USEA Educational Symposium (Weirsdale, FL)
The 2019 USEA Educational Symposium will take place February 18-21 at The Grand Oaks Resort in Weirsdale, Florida. The ICP symposium will be February 18-19 and you can register here. The YEH/FEH will be February 20-21 and you can register here.

Feb. 20 & 27: POP Winter Wednesdays (Ocala, FL)
Partners of the Park series at Florida Horse Park. Cross country schooling ($50/horse), jumper show (18″-4′), dressage clinic (clinician TBD). More info here.

Feb. 23-24: Stable View Eventing Schooling Day & Academy Schooling Show (Aiken, SC)
Open cross country schooling on Saturday; Academy Schooling Show on Sunday. Horse trials offered at Sprouts (<18”) through Prelim/Training levels; combined tests offered at Sprouts through Advanced level; dressage tests and show jumping rounds — choice of any USEF/ USEF/USDF/USEA test/jumping height. Closing date is Feb. 18. Cross country schooling info is here; schooling trials info is here. Visit www.stableviewfarm.com.

Feb. 23-24: Lellie Ward Clinic at Timber Acres (Buhl, AL)
The University of Alabama Eventing Team is hosting a Lellie Ward clinic on February 23-24 at Timber Acres in Buhl, Alabama. Dressage will be Saturday with individual lessons for 1 hour. On Sunday there will be group jump lessons. It is $150 for both days or $80 for one day only. Stabling will be $20 per night, and the haul in fee is $10 per day. The audit fee will be $25/day. Lellie Ward has gone to the Rolex Kentucky 3-day event a total of four times on three different horses. She has also competed in many other US and Canadian events such as Bromont, Jersey Fresh, Gladstone, and Buffalo Texas. She has a USEA level III teaching certificate as well as certificates from Germany and the UK. She has produced 10 unstarted horses to the advanced levels including Peter Pan and Next Dance. She has also trained horses through Grand Prix dressage and show jumping.  She can help any rider with any discipline. Please contact [email protected] to enter the clinic.

Feb. 24-26: Christoph Hess Clinic at Magnolia Farms (Live Oak, FL) 
Christoph Hess is an author, clinician and FEI “I” dressage and eventing judge. He is highly respected around the world as a teacher of riding and the development of the horse according to classical principles. He authored the book “Ride Better,” wherein he collects some of his very best riding and training tips along with well-honed insight related to the topics that he finds most often challenge equestrians and their equine partners. This clinic is hosted by Cathy Willson/Magnolia Farms and Andrea Haller. The clinic will be at Magnolia Farms, with Olympic-caliber covered arena, 16×16 stalls, LQ Trailer spaces, guest housing, and other amenities. Prices: Lesson $225, includes lunch and spectating. Spectating is $50 per day, includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Please contact Andrea for more info at [email protected] or (386)623-2292.

March 5-11, 15-19: Eric Smiley Clinics (Aiken, SC)
Please contact [email protected] for more information.

March 6: Wednesday Jumpers at Stable View (Aiken, SC)
Polish your show jumping skills — 2’3″ – 3’9″ jumper classes available. Show begins at 10 a.m. Entry form here. Visit www.stableviewfarm.com.

March 12: Centerline Workshop with Peter Gray (Reddick, FL)
This clinic is designed for riders, trainers and judges and will go through the new USEF and FEI Eventing tests. Warm up exercises will be discussed and directives for each movement practiced before riding the tests with live judge’s commentary. Cost is $100 for riders and $40 for auditors. Sign up via email [email protected] or by text 352-425-6302. Location is Wentworth Farm, 12345 NW 110 Ave., Reddick, FL 32686.

March 9-10: LandSafe Clinic at Big Time Eventing (Canton, GA)
March 25-26: LandSafe Clinic at JH Eventing (Aiken, SC)
LandSafe is a two-day clinic (four hours per day) which implements specific exercises to help develop the muscle memory to give participants the tools to reduce their rider risk in a fall scenario. Participants will spend time on the gym mats and simulator each day to practice a variety of fall scenarios. For more information about LandSafe please visit www.landsafeequestrian.com.
LandSafe received a grant from the USEA and still has funding available for each Area. Until the grant money is depleted, any current member taking the LandSafe clinic can receive a $50 rebate and if you are a USEA Young Rider you will receive an additional $50 rebate. The grant money is available on a first come first serve basis, so sign up early to receive the discounted price before funds run out.
To sign up please visit https://landsafeequestrian.com/product/march-9-10-2019-big-time-eventing-canton-ga/. Please contact Keli Warrington if you have any questions about clinics: [email protected] or 484-459-4974.

Area IV

Feb. 23: Eventing Clinic with EN’s Amy Nelson (Rochester, IL)
Jump start your 2019 show season with a one day eventing clinic with Amy Nelson at Hummingbird Stables! Get ready for your first event of the year with practice outside on our cross country course if weather allows – water, banks, ditches (BN-prelim), corner fences; or indoor eventing with palisades, faux weldon’s wall, faux ditch and more! Small groups of 3. $55 each horse/rider, second horse just $50. Auditing is FREE. Lesson horses/ponies available. Payment must be made out to Hummingbird Stables by Feb. 9, 2019. Email entry is fine: indicate Name, horse’s
name, level, and if a day stall is needed for $15. Levels: Green as Grass, Starter, BN, Novice, Training, T/P. RSVP on Facebook event page here.

April 27-28: Peter Gray Clinic (Barrington Hills, Illinois)
Hosted by L’Esprit Equestrian, Jennifer Rousseau.
Schedule: Saturday, April 27 – Flat and Gymnastics (Snow Angels Farm 9 Porter School Rd – Barrington Hills)
Sunday, April 28 – Cross Country (Snow Angels Farm/Cotter Jump Field)
Shuttles from SAF 9 Porter School Rd – Barrington Hills
If you are a member of USEA Area IV, US Pony Club or Returning L’Esprit Clinic Participant
Fees: $400 for the 2 day clinic
Registration after March 15, 2019: Fee: $450
Limited stabling available: See Registration for details, available at https://www.lespritequestrian.com or visit on Facebook.
Questions contact Chris Skudlarek: [email protected] or 708-846-0974
Save your spot with a $100 deposit with your registration form mailed to: L’Esprit Equestrian c/o Chris Skudlarek / 201 N Withorn Ln / Mount Prospect, Il 60056. Final Payment is due by Apr 1, 2019 to keep your spot with $100 deposit


Area V

Area VI

March 2-3: Matt Brown Jumping Clinic
Semi-private jump lessons. Price TBD. Email [email protected]. Location: Big Sky Equestrian Center, 7730 Cardwell Ave., Orangevale CA

Area VII


Feb. 16-17: Nick Cwick Clinic @ Patterson Creek Equestrian Center (Redmond, WA)
More Details contact Leigh Mesher. http://pcec-redmond.com/home.htm

Feb. 22-24: Tamie Smith Clinic @ Grand Farms (Vaughn, WA)

March 16: Donida Farm Dressage Schooling Show (Auburn, WA)
More details http://www.donidafarm.com/

March 16-17: Aspen Farms Event Derby (Yelm, WA)
More details http://aspenfarmseventing.com/


Feb. 23 – Feb. 24: Sharon White Clinic (Lexington, Kentucky)
Come join UK Eventing at the Sharon White Clinic. Two days of jumping at Clearview Equestrian Center. Sharon White is an international four-star event rider with over 20 years of competitive experience. Venue is Clear View Equestrian Center (3349 Elkchester Rd. / Lexington, Kentucky 40510). Click here for more information.

Area IX

March 9-10: Tamie Smith Clinic (Cheyenne, Wyoming)
Contact Allison Murphy at 307-640-9222 or [email protected].

Area X


Check back soon!

Want to see your lesson, clinic or schooling show listed here? Email [email protected]  

Sunday Video: Rocking Horse Winter II Prelim Helmet Cam

Rocking Horse Stable’s winter event series rolls on with its Winter II H.T. taking place this weekend. The upper-level divisions are done and dusted, with several Novice and Beginner Novice divisions still unfolding this afternoon. See live scores here, and of course we’ll have a full winners report on EN tomorrow.

Mallory Stiver kindly shared this Prelim cross country helmet cam. She and Hugo Boss, her own 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding (Artax x Goodie Good Girl, by Here We Come), finished second in the Preliminary Rider B division, having added just six cross country time faults to their dressage score of 33.3.

We love Mallory’s positive commentary: Lots of “good boy” and “woo-hoo!,” a couple enthusiastic shouts of “I love you!” and “thank you!,” and plenty of air smooches. Her horse’s pricked ears indicate that he’s having as much fun as she is.

Mallory and Hugo had a super 2018, with top finishes to include a 7th in the Texas Rose CCI1* and a 6th at the American Eventing Championships, and we wish them all the best this season.

Go Eventing!


Sport Horse Nation Spotlight: Four ‘Mochachino’ Eventers

In the market for a new four-legged partner? You may find your unicorn on our sister site, Sport Horse Nation. To help with the search, we’re going to feature a selection of current listings here on EN each week. We include the ad copy provided; click the links for videos, pricing and contact information.

Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Mochachino. Photo by Lisa Madren.

Fact: We all have a bit of a crush on Landmark’s Mochachino, the 8-year-old dun/paint gelding owned by Ms. Jacqueline Mars who has been collecting top ribbons at the Intermediate level with Lauren Kieffer in the irons. The horse turns heads everywhere he goes with his unique coloring — “Mochachino” is a fitting name, as he would perfectly match a mug of the creamy coffee drink.

Fancy a “mochachino” eventer of your own? Here are three dun colored horses, all available via Sport Horse Nation, who could be your next eventing partner!


***Barana Andy****

  • He is a 148cm, 7 y/o, Dun Connemara gelding.
  • He has a beautiful temperament and is always willing to please both under saddle and on the ground.
  • This pony has exceptional movement with three uphill balanced paces. He has well-established flatwork, is light in the hand and is obedient to the aids.
  • He is a fantastic jumper with lots of scope. He locks onto his fences and is very careful. He has a super jumping technique and is a pony for big tracks.
  • He is a cross-country machine. He is very brave and jumps everything in his path, be it water combinations, ditches, skinnies, coffins etc.
  • He is an incredibly talented pony and excels in all disciplines. He has the potential to make a top eventing pony. He recently placed 7th in the “RC National Eventing Championships 2018”.

He has competed in eventing, show jumping, cross country, dressage, working hunter, Connemara performance classes, charity rides, etc. This pony will bring his rider to a high level of competition.

He would be suitable for a teenager who is confident and who has the desire to compete at a high level. He is great in every way and is good to box, shoe, clip, hack alone or in company.

Cooper. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.

STUNNER ~ Imported Dun 16.1 Connie x ID Gelding


16.1 rising 5yr old Imported ISH

Cooper is an absolutely stunning imported 16.1 just turning 5 year old gelding that we have recently imported! He is a very special boy and easy enough for an amateur!

  • He has been under saddle for a few months now and coming along so nicely! He is the sweetest soul and ready to be someone’s best friend! He has cross country schooled and popping small fences with ease! He would even be easy enough for a Junior to finish!
  • Extremely well priced prior to 2019 show season for a nice young horse. His price will go up once he starts competing here in the U.S.
  • No vices and clean full vetting, PM for more info!
  • 7 others available and can be tried in Ocala Florida!

Ardnehue April Gold. Photo by Louise O’Brien Photography.

Top class Irish Connemara competition Mare

***Ardnehue April Gold****

  • She is a 6 y/o, 15.1hh, grey/dun, Connemara performance mare.
  • She has the most beautiful temperament. She is easy, safe, sensible and a pleasure in every way.
  • She rides beautifully on the flat with three uphill established paces, always scoring high in her dressage tests.
  • She is a fantastic jumping mare, with lots of scope. Her sire is grade A showjumping stallion “Woodfield Sammy”. She is extremely careful and respects her fences. She has jumped up to 1.10m with ease. This lady jumps for fun, she takes on her fences and brings her rider so much enjoyment.
  • She is a cross country machine and jumps everything asked of her, be it skinnies, ditches, coffins, water combinations, banks, etc, she just loves cross country, is so trustworthy and again is so much fun to ride.
  • She is a seriously talented mare and will bring her rider to a high level of competition. She excels in all disciplines and is a true all-rounder. She would be suitable for a teenager or adult rider who has the desire to compete at a high level. This mare will bring her rider all the way.
  • A mare of this quality is not easily found. She has competed in showjumping, dressage, eventing, cross-country, working hunter, Connemara performance classes, derby’s, charity rides, etc. She is easy in every way, good to box, shoe, clip, in traffic and is a pleasure to hack both in company or alone.
  • She is a homebred — as a foal her and her dam qualified for the RDS (Royal Dublin Horse Show) Connemara performance Broodmare and foal championship. This consisted of the top Connemara mares and foals in Ireland where they came 3rd.

Photo via Sport Horse Nation.


15.2 dun 7yo Connemara x Tb mare available for lease or purchase.

Many miles in the jumper ring up to 1m20 and is almost unbeatable, rarely having a pole, never stops and has won multiple classes and championships. Very forgiving and careful with scope for bigger tracks.

Evented to training level both in the UK and USA with top placings and wins. Schooled prelim xc easily; very brave and catty. Would be ready to move up this fall.

Would suit a yr or aa wanting to win prizes in the jumper ring or someone aiming for NAYC one star and beyond. She is quite a forward ride so wouldn’t suit a timid rider but equally is very safe and a lot of fun.

I need the room in the barn so would be happy to lease her to the right home.

Listings included in this article are randomly selected and confirmed to be current and active before inclusion. Sport Horse Nation features user-generated content and therefore cannot verify or make any warranty as to the validity or reliability of information.

2nd Annual Rebecca Farm Skijoring Is Back on Track for March 2-3

Jen Johnson in the tack and Sarah Broussard skiing in the 2017 Skijoring at Rebecca Farm costume class. Photo by Tommy Diegel Photography.

Mother Nature grants requests on her own terms and timelines, and she declined Rebecca Farm’s initial plea for sufficient snow to host its second annual skijoring competition in late December. Better late than never, though, Rebecca Farm reports that snow finally arrived, and the competition has been rescheduled for March 2-3.

Last year’s skijoring (think: skiing behind horses) event was the first-ever at Rebecca Farm. Notwithstanding a blizzard the night before, the event drew nearly 90 teams from the Flathead Valley and surrounding counties, plus several from out of state. Thousands of spectators braved the snowdrifts and frigid temps to watch the fun.

“Skijoring is a thrilling sport for all involved, spectators and competitors alike,” says organizer Sarah Broussard. “We’re excited to be bringing skijoring to Kalispell and Rebecca Farm again this year. It’s important to us to be able to provide a place for the community to enjoy themselves on a winter weekend.”

Derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning “ski driving,” skijoring is a winter sport that combines skiing and horseback riding. The sport consists of a horse pulling a skier through an obstacle course, all while hitting jumps that range in size from three to nine feet high. Competitors are judged based on how long it takes for them to run the track — the quicker the time, the better the score. Participants receive penalties for gates and rings missed along the course.

Photo by Tommy Diegel Photography, courtesy of Rebecca Farm.

Teams will compete in three classes, Open, Sport and Novice, vying for cash prizes, as well as a Costume class for entertainment. A newly-designed track will be built for this year’s competition.

“We’re looking forward to creating a track that will be exciting for both competitors and spectators,” says Sarah. “It’s our plan that this year’s course will be different from the one we built last year, but we won’t actually finalize the design until the weekend draws closer and we can take into consideration the current weather and snow conditions. We want to have an exciting, yet safe course for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Those fastest finishers will be awarded a total prize purse in excess of $20,000, funded by sponsorships. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Halt Cancer at X, an initiative created by Sarah that raises funds for breast cancer research and support services.

Any takers, EN? Registration information is available here. Volunteers are also needed, with duties to include course maintenance, gatekeeping, backup timing, warm up and ground crew. Shifts are four hours long and during that time, volunteers can enjoy free hot cocoa and coffee along with free entry to the event. Please sign up online here or contact Heidi at [email protected] or (406)270-3889.

Spectator admission is $5 and prime viewing is available right along the course. Kids are welcome (and free if under 13 years) at this family-friendly event, along with well-behaved, four-legged friends. Food and beverages will be available for purchase from local vendors, and Skijoring Stout, developed specifically for the Rebecca Farm event last year by Kalispell Brewing Company, will be on tap.

Go Skijoring!

Thursday Video from SmartPak: Enter the 2019 SmartCookies Flavor Contest!

What’s your horse’s dream treat flavor? SmartPak is offering us a chance to turn that dream into reality. It’s your last chance to enter your treat flavor idea into the 2019 SmartCookies Flavor Contest! Click here to tell SmartPak what flavor you want to add to the current selection, which includes Guilt-Free Peppermint Pattie, Guilt-Free Carrot Cake, and Guilt-Free Banana Bread.

Go Eventing.

Event Horse Names: Valentine’s Day Edition

We eventers heart our horses! I mean, like, we heart-heart them. Even though they don’t always heart us back.

Graphic by Leslie Wylie.

So it’s no surprise that there are a gazillion event horses out there with sweet mushy-gushy lovey-dovey names. Here’s a word cloud created from a few we pulled up from the USEA horse registration database:

Graphic by Leslie Wylie.

Jessica Phoenix and A Little Romance, sired by A Fine Romance. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Pretty cute. But my favorite subgenre of Valentine’s Day appropriate event horse names?

Fun fact: There are actually three horses named “Better Than a Boyfriend” in the USEA database. Nice work, ladies. Graphic by Leslie Wylie.

Fun fact: There are actually three horses named “Better Than a Boyfriend” in the USEA database. Nice work, ladies.

Happy Valentine’s Day out there!

In case you missed them, check out these previous editions of Event Horse Names: Authors, Books & CharactersBattle of the BoozeThe Empire BusinessMonster TrucksCelebritiesSnowSt. Paddy’s DayFourth of JulyChristmas, Pumpkin Spice All the Thingz, New Orleans Edition and What’s For Breakfast?

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: In-Barn Rider Fitness

How are those New Year’s fitness resolutions going? We know — the barn can be something of a time-suck, making it tough to squeeze in regular trips to the gym. So how about squeezing the gym into your barn time?

Since the New Year, FEI TV has released a couple Health & Fitness videos, both featuring exercises you can do with props you most likely already have at the barn.

In the first video, Ali and Mari demonstrate a few exercises for improving your stamina, balance and suppleness to move with their horse.

In the latest video, the gals are back with five quick and easy warm-ups that will get you ready to ride.

Also be sure to check out the new Feb. 11 & 18, 2019 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse, the magazine’s inaugural Health & Fitness Issue. The cover story features German eventing legend Bettina Hoy, who at the age of 56 says she’s fitter than ever thanks to a new embrace of CrossFit principles. In the article she shares some in-the-barn exercises, like a “farmer’s carry” with water buckets and a weighted bridge with feed sacks, that are the epitome of functional fitness.

That lady sure has a lot of energy!

We see that some of you out there are already using your barn as a gym — keep up the good work:

Get fit. Go Eventing!

JointWise TM

Need to preserve healthy joints?

Ask your vet about JointWise™.

• Maintains a balanced immune response within the joint, decreasing damaging inflammation
and the development of osteoarthritis.
• Preserves fluid motion and flexibility.
• Supplies the building blocks necessary to support normal cartilage growth and the
regeneration of damaged tissues.
• Sustains ample high-quality synovial fluid, which lubricates and nourishes the joints.

For more information, visit KPPusa.com..

FEI Cites ‘Very High’ Interest in 2022 World Championships Bid Process

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

With the sustainability of a seven-discipline world championship in question, in November the FEI initiated a bidding process for individual world championships for all divisions for 2022. Today the FEI reports that it has already received some exciting expressions of interest for 2022, with more submissions expected before the Feb. 28 deadline.

“I am delighted to say that the level of interest and the quality of submissions to host FEI World Championships in 2022 has been very high so far, and we are confident that we will have an interesting pool of candidates to choose from when the allocations are made later this year,” says FEI President Ingmar De Vos.

De Vos has stressed that this does not necessarily mean the end of the FEI World Equestrian Games concept, and bids to host the full seven disciplines together for 2022 will be considered. However, no “realistic” bids were submitted either of the two times the bidding process for the 2022 WEG was opened last year.

“Equestrian sport has become increasingly globalized, but there are relatively few countries that have the capacity to host world championships in all disciplines simultaneously,” he says.

The FEI has noted that multi-discipline bids will be given preference, and that dressage and para dressage should be combined. The world championships for 2022 in the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines will serve as qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“The new bid process allows for the sustainable and cost-effective use of existing equestrian sports facilities and for the FEI to partner with National Federations that may have hesitated putting forward multi-discipline bids in the past,” De Vos says. “The door is now open for these Federations to consider submitting an expression of interest for an individual world championship in the discipline of their choice.”

The FEI will host an interactive workshop at the end of March in Lausanne for all National Federations/Organizing Committees that submit an expression of interest in the 2022 World Championships.

“This interactive workshop is a key factor in ensuring that we adequately convey the structure, opportunities and minimum requirements of hosting the FEI World Championships 2022. By working more closely with the National Federations and Organizing Committees from the very start of the process, we can ensure a unified vision and establish an achievable set of goals to work towards,” De Vos says.


  • Feb. 18, 2019 – Deadline for receipt of non-binding expressions of interest to host one or multiple FEI World Championship(s) 2022. All information can be accessed here.
  • March 26, 2019 – Workshop to be held in Lausanne after which interested bidders will be invited to submit a formal bid, outlining their plans and visions for hosting FEI World Championships in 2022.
  • November 2019 – Allocation of FEI World Championships at the in-person Board meeting at the FEI General Assembly in Moscow (RUS). All bids will be fully evaluated over the Spring/Summer of 2019.


Richard Jeffery to Conduct Show Jumping Seminar at Carolina International

Richard Jeffery’s show jumping course set and ready for action at Burghley 2017. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Heading to Carolina International? Show jumping course designer Richard Jeffery will be offering a Show Jumping Seminar on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. While the clinic serves as a training program for course designers, it’s also open to auditors and a great opportunity to learn from one of the top minds in our sport — no one has more show jumping design experience than Jeffery, whose resume includes the past 21 years of Kentucky Three-Day Events and myriad championships.

The Seminar takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, North Carolina, prior to the start of the Carolina International CCI & Horse Trials.

For Course Designers: This seminar serves as a training program for current USEF “R” and “S” Eventing Course Designers who meet the eligibility requirements and wish to obtain their USEF “R” Eventing Jumping Course Designer (EVJCD) license. The seminar will also fulfill the continuing education clinic (CEC) requirements for current “R” EVJCD license holders.

In order to be eligible for a USEF “R” EVJCD license, judges must have “designed the jumping course at a minimum of two Intermediate level or higher horse trials at two separate Federation licensed/endorsed competitions within the current or previous two years. These courses must be submitted with the application.”

The registration fee for a prospective “R” EVJCD is $125.

For Auditors: The clinic is also open to auditors interested in learning more about show jumping course design — the better we as riders understand the questions being asked of us and our horses, the better we are able to answer them, right?

The registration fee for auditing is $45.

Click here to register. Pre-registration is not required; you may register on-site the day of the seminar. Lunch and beverages will be provided during the day.

Questions about the Show Jumping Seminar should be directed to Nancy Knight at [email protected] or (703) 669-9997.

[Attend the Richard Jeffery Show Jumping Seminar at Carolina International]

#EventerProblems Vol. 170, Presented by Haygain: Not-Quite-Spring Cleaning

Contrary to what tradition might have you believe, spring is actually a terrible time for cleaning — at least when it comes to horse stuff. Come spring, there’s so much else to do, like riding and competing … who wants to be holed up indoors, deep cleaning the tack room?

Winter is a much better season for cleaning. Drag that stuff inside, crank up the space heater, brew some hot chocolate, and buckle in. Because this might take a while.

Good luck with all that! And now … a few more of your latest struggles:

Go Eventing.

Haygain is a science driven company with the horse’s health as the primary focus.

We are committed to improving equine health through scientific research, product innovation and consumer education in respiratory and digestive health. Developed by riders, for riders, we understand the importance of clean forage and a healthy stable environment in maintaining the overall well-being of the horse.

Our Haygain hay steamers are recommended by the world’s leading riders, trainers and equine vets and ComfortStall® Sealed Orthopedic Flooring System is used and recommended by leading Veterinary Hospitals, including Cornell University.

Weekend Winners: Full Gallop February, Ocala Winter I, Pine Top I

Full Gallop, Ocala and Pine Top are winter eventing stalwarts, and the three events saw plenty of action over the weekend. Check out our Intermediate report from Ocala and Pine Top here, and an edition of “Who Jumped It Best?” from Ocala here.

An extra congrats to our lowest scoring finishers in the country this weekend, Lauren Kieffer and Get Gaudi, who scored a 19.1 to win the Modified/Training-A division at Ocala.

Here are your weekend winners!

Full Gallop February H.T. [Final Scores]
Preliminary: Karen Mahaffey & Kayla (63.2)
Preliminary/Training: Erin Risso & Sportsfield Enquiry (33.2)
Training-A: Whitney Weston & ROR Quality Hopps (28.1)
Training-B: Laura Orlowski & Yankee Mickey (28.3)
Training/Novice: Kristen Rozycki & Glen Hollis (36.4)
Novice-A: Cindy Wood & Plan B (27.9)
Novice-B: Mallory Distler & Quality Addiction (35.5)
Beginner Novice-A: Jessica Schultz & FGF Giacokhan (27.5)
Beginner Novice-B: Jenny Kemp & Belerina (29.2)
Starter: Aine O’Rourke & Oliver Twist (30.3)

Ocala Winter I H.T. [Final Scores]
Advanced Combined Test: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Deniro Z (25.2)
Intermediate Horse: Justine Dutton & MGH Heartbeat (30.5)
Intermediate Rider: Hannah Leahey & Cassinova (34.0)
Open Intermediate-A: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Cooley Quicksilver (22.9)
Open Intermediate-B: Katherine Rivera & Royal Lufttanzer (30.0)
Open Preliminary-A: Jonathan Holling & Dalanteretto (20.7)
Open Preliminary-B: Leslie Law & First Class (25.4)
Open Preliminary (Friday 1 day)-A: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Flash Cooley (25.4)
Open Preliminary (Friday 1 day)-B: Lauren Kieffer & Landmark’s Monte Carlo (25.2)
Preliminary Horse-A: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Duiske Abbey (29.9)
Preliminary Horse-B: Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Cooley Stormwater (25.2)
Preliminary Rider-A: Samantha Tinney & Glenbrook Cooley (29.4)
Preliminary Rider-B: Sami Crandell & Fernhill Chaos (30.0)
Jr. Training Rider: Madeline Hartsock & Prinz S.W. (29.1)
Modified / Training-A: Lauren Kieffer & Get Gaudi (19.1)
Modified / Training-B: Jonathan Holling & Toxicodendron (31.8)
Open Training-A: Jennifer Brannigan & Hopscotch (32.9)
Open Training-B: Lynn Symansky & Global Cassero 3 (22.5)
Open Training-C: Andrea Davidson & Mr. Poppers (23.6)
Sr. Training Rider-A: Juliana Hansen & Lovely Assistant (36.1)
Sr. Training Rider-B: Cristin Roby & Fernhill Dragonfly (30.7)
Training Horse-A: Sinead Halpin & Stakkato Bronx (23.2)
Training Horse-B: Beth Murphy & It’s Me (28.0)
Training Horse-C: Clayton Fredericks & FE Friday (25.2)
Jr. Novice Rider: Alice Khayami & Stracathro Solitary Minstral (30.5)
Novice Horse-A: Kendal Lehari & Isaac GS (27.9)
Novice Horse-B: Kurt Martin & Reloaded (25.2)
Open Novice A: Curtis Barbour & Daisy Bell (26.0)
Open Novice-B: Lexie Samuels & GTB Tiger Tooo (27.9)
Sr. Novice Rider-A: Terry Cain & Weis Lilie (23.1)
Sr. Novice Rider-B: Christa Schmidt & RF Overdressed (28.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Kelly Green & Woodstock Classic Rock (27.5)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Beth Allen & Remastered (23.3)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Meghan O’Donoghue & Quinn Connection (25.3)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Caroline Martin & Commitment (32.5)

Pine Top I H.T. [Final Scores]
Advanced / Intermediate: Colleen Loach & Qorry Blue D’Argouges (45.6)
Intermediate Rider: Marley Stone Bourke & LVS Dassett Charisma (43.4)
Open Intermediate-A: Jenny Caras & Fernhill Fortitude (38.2)
Open Intermediate-B: Waylon Roberts & Lancaster (30.9)
Open Intermediate-C: Tim Bourke & Quality Time (38.1)
Junior Young Riders Open Preliminary: Maia Kantorowski & Kiltubrid Rebel (39.4)
Open Preliminary-A: Waylon Roberts & Fortunate Rebel (33.5)
Open Preliminary-B: Doug Payne & Cascor (30.0)
Open Preliminary-C: Erin Renfroe & Monbeg Myth (34.1)
Preliminary Rider: Alese Lyle & Princess Leia (42.3)
Preliminary / Training: Allison Springer & Crystal Crescent Moon (27.4)
Jr. Training Rider: Ian Payne & Danger Ranger (34.0)
Open Training: Kim Severson & Exclusively Cooley (24.1)
Sr. Training Rider: Alison Kroviak & Dolce (33.6)
Training / Novice: Rebecca Brown & Flying Private (35.2)
Jr. Novice Rider: Paige Drury & Shanagore Jenga (31.4)
Novice Rider: Megan Harris & TBS Declan Pondi (29.1)
Open Novice: Nobie Cannon & Asante (26.4)
Open Beginner Novice: Lindsay Beer & RREF Saffron (27.6)

Congrats to all. Go Eventing.

USEA Announces Schedule for 2019 Educational Symposium

French team rider Maxime Livio will headline the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium. Maxime Livio and Opium de Verrieres (FRA) at the 2018 World Equestrian Games. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

The 2019 USEA Educational Symposium is coming to Grand Oaks in Weirsdale, Florida, on Feb. 18-21, and the USEA has released the schedule! The jam-packed four-day event includes training and education via the USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP), Future Event Horse (FEH) Program and Young Event Horse (YEH) Program.

The ICP Symposium will take place on Monday, Feb. 18 and Tuesday, Feb. 19, with Maxime teaching dressage lessons on Monday and show jumping and cross country lessons on Tuesday.

The YEH Symposium — “From Five Years to Five Stars: Identifying the Star Quality” — will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 20, with Maxime evaluating 5-year-olds and their suitability as future five-star horses based on their conformation, movement, behavior, rideability and trainability.

The FEH Symposium will take place on Thursday, Feb. 21 with a focus on hands-on assessment of young eventing prospects. Sessions will be conducted by a panel of professionals including Robin Walker, Peter Gray, Holly Simensen, and Matthias Hollberg.

Tentative schedule: 

Monday, Feb. 18 – ICP Symposium – Dressage
8 a.m. – Registration
9 a.m. – Preliminary/Training
10 a.m. – Preliminary
11 a.m. – Intermediate
*Lunch Break
1 p.m. – Intermediate
2 p.m. – Intermediate
3 p.m. – Advanced
4 p.m. – Advanced (show jumping)
*Dressage lessons will have two riders per hour with the last 15 minutes devoted to Q&A.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – ICP Symposium – Show Jumping & Cross Country
8 a.m. – Registration
9-10:15 a.m. – Training show jumping
10:15-11:30 a.m. – Preliminary show jumping
11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m. – Intermediate show jumping
1-2:15 p.m. – Training cross country
2:15-3:30 p.m. – Preliminary cross country
3:30-4:45 p.m. – Intermediate cross country
*Show jumping and cross country lessons will be small groups (4-5 riders) and approximately 75 minutes with the last 15 minutes devoted to Q&A.

Wednesday, Feb. 20 – YEH Symposium – From Five Years to Five Stars: Identifying the Star Quality
7:30 a.m. – Registration
8 a.m. – Introductions
8:15 a.m. – Christian Schacht PowerPoint presentation
9 a.m. – Review of the YEH scoresheet with Marilyn Payne, including changes in 2019
9:30 a.m. – Maxime Livio identifies the star qualities in 5-year-olds, using video examples
11:30 a.m. – Sponsored lunch by EquiAppraisal, LLC. *Lunch in the classroom, and then head outside to the dressage arena
12:30 p.m. – Dressage with 4-year-olds
1:30 p.m. – Jumping with 5-year-olds, group 1 (show jumping and then cross country/gallop)
3:00 p.m. – Jumping with 5-year-olds, group 2 (show jumping and then cross country/gallop)
4:30 p.m. – Wrap up Q&A

Thursday, Feb. 21 – FEH Symposium
8 a.m. – Registration
8:30 a.m. – Introductions
8:45 a.m. – Judging yearlings through 3-year-olds on conformation in the arena
10:30 a.m. – Break
12:30 PM – Sponsored Lunch by EquiAppraisal, LLC. (opportunity for 1-on-1 judging practice with Holly Simenson for apprentice judges)
1:30 p.m. – Demo judging 4-year-olds under saddle with Robin Walker and Peter Gray
2 p.m. – Introduction of Matthias Hollberg and explanation of judging canter and jump technique
2:15 p.m. – Young horse free jumping in the jump chute with Matthias Hollberg, Robin Walker and Peter Gray
5 p.m. – Q&A and conclusions

How to register:

Auditors are welcome to watch the lessons on one or both days of the ICP Symposium. One-day tickets cost $35 for ICP Certified Instructors, FEH/YEH participants and USEF licensed officials; $50 for the general public; and $15 for children 12 and under. Two-day tickets cost $60 for all ICP Certified Instructors, FEH/YEH participants and USEF Licensed Officials; $90 for the general public; and $25 for children 12 and under. Click here to register for the ICP Symposium.

USEA members can attend the YEH or FEH Symposium for $30, and non-members can attend for $40. Two-day tickets to attend both the YEH Symposium and FEH Symposium cost $55 for USEA members and $70 for non-members. Click here to register and purchase tickets.

For more information, check out Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium and Meet the Clinicians of the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium. Keep up to date with symposium details by following the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium Facebook event page.

[Announcing the Schedule for the 2019 USEA Educational Symposium]

#ThrowbackThursday Videos from SmartPak: Stuff Riders Say … About Blankets

It’s like SmartPak can read our minds. Following in the grand tradition of SmartPak‘s popular Stuff Riders Say series, this 2014 video series pretty much takes the words right out of our mouths. It’s a timeless classic, and we thought it was worth revisiting!


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River Glen to Host FEI CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S Divisions at June Event

Photo by William D. Kenner.

River Glen Horse Trials is one of the longest running events on the Area III calendar — it’s been going strong for over 30 years now. Nestled into a river bend at the foot of dramatic hills in Newmarket, Tennessee, the event has a homegrown, Appalachian feel and has cultivated a family of devotees who show up at event after event.

The venue hosts four horse trials each year, offering Starter through Intermediate divisions. New for 2019, its June 8-9 event will include two FEI divisions as well: a CCI2*-S and CCI3*-S (CIC1* and CIC2* under former FEI star classification system).

River Glen owner Bill Graves says he began pursuing the process of FEI accreditation because he perceived interest among competitors. “The reason why this came about is that the competitors kept asking for it,” he says. “We have quite a few people in our area who have been coming up the ranks at River Glen. It’s their home court and they would like to see FEI opportunities here to fulfill their aspirations. We want to make those opportunities more accessible to the people who need them.”

River Glen’s June FEI event takes place the week of Bromont (CCI2*-L, CCI3*-L, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-L) in Quebec, and Bill is excited to offer a domestic short-format option. “Particularly between June and September there are very few FEI opportunities available,” he says. “There’s this big void in the schedule, and we’re trying to fill the void in June.”

Bill says that getting River Glen a date on the FEI calendar was a long and at times frustrating five-year process, but that he looks forward to producing a viable inaugural FEI event.

With the guidance of Canadian cross country course designer Steve Buckman, River Glen has rebuilt many of its jumps and introduced new complexes, such as a sunken road, over the past three years. The FEI cross country courses will share many of the same obstacles with the horse trials divisions, but there will be some modifications for the new divisions. “We certainly are going to have some special touches, some new jumps and questions out there,” Bill says.

If all goes well in June, Bill hopes to apply to host a long-format event in the future. “We’re going to work really hard to make it friendly and hospitable so we can build on that for other FEI events,” he says.

River Glen’s 2019 USEA horse trial dates are April 20-21, June 8-9, August 3-4 and November 11-12. The venue also hosts a locally-sanctioned hunter/jumper series, USEF/USDF dressage show and schooling shows, including an upcoming combined test on Feb. 23. For more information visit the website here.

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Escape to KHP


When you work at the Ky Horse Park and produce the only 5* event in the Americas, sometimes horses from neighboring farms decide to come visit.
(And this is after they spent a little time checking out the XC course.) All are now home safe. #LRK3DE adventures #LRK3DEsomeday #BestWeekendAllYear #BestNeighborsAllYear #viewfromtheoffice

Posted by Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Kentucky Horse Park got a friendly visit from a few of its neighbors earlier this week. Can’t really blame them … we’re all itching for April to get here already!

The 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event takes place April 25-28, 2019; check out the provisional schedule here. Order your tickets today at www.KentuckyThreeDayEvent.com/tickets. Advanced ticket prices are good through March 1, after which they’ll be raised to the final price bracket.

It’s just around the corner, folks — hang in there! Go Eventing.

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#EventerProblems Vol. 169, Presented by Haygain: Postcards From the Polar Vortex

Brrrrr! The Midwest battened down the hatches against record cold temps last week, but hats off (just kidding, keep those balaclavas on) to all the horse people who braved the polar vortex to keep their horses fed, watered, blanketed and even ridden. THAT is true dedication, and this week’s edition of #EventerProblems goes out to you!

Go Eventing.

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Weekend Winners: Stable View, Sporting Days, Three Lakes, Galway Downs

Move over, Super Bowl — we know where the real action was at this weekend!

An extra high-five to our lowest scoring finishers in the country this weekend, Matthew Bryner and Va Va Voom! The pair scored a 20.2 to win their division of Open Training at Three Lakes at Caudle Ranch H.T.

Here are your weekend winners:

Stable View Winter H.T. [Website] [Results]
*Ran on Wednesday, but we’re going to count this as “Weekend” anyway! Check out EN’s recap of the event here.
Open Preliminary-A: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (30.8)
Open Preliminary-B: Waylon Roberts & Fortunate Rebel (30.0)
Preliminary Jr/Young Riders: Katherine Christopher & Frodo of the Shire (45.7)
Preliminary Rider: Morgan Batton & Toby The Coal Man (35.6)
Open Training: Lindsay Beer & El Caballero (26.4)
Training Rider: Elizabeth Welker-Ebling & Santana II (31.4)
Novice Rider: Campbell Jones & Aura CF (25.5)
Open Novice: Waylon Roberts & FE Lobo (24.5)
Beginner Novice Rider: Nancy Z. Wilson & Lagerfeld (30.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Alison Eastman-Lawler & Lexington II (26.8)

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate/Preliminary: Samantha Bielawski & Stick with Richie (52.9)
Open Preliminary: Ryan Wood & Chusin My Confession (31.3)
Preliminary Rider: Jackie LeMastus & Indian Mill (27.8)
Preliminary/Training: Tate Northrop & Fine With Me (36.9)
Open Training-A: Tim Bourke & Chantilly All Quality (26.1)
Open Training-B: Susan Thomas & Fleaux Easy (32.3)
Training Rider-A: Louis Rogers & Mighty Himself (35.2)
Training Rider-B: Margot C. Luria & Truly Wonderful (31.1)
Novice Rider-A: Courtney Calnan & Little Black Dress (28.3)
Novice Rider-B: Gloria Huber & Dancing Queen (24.3)
Open Novice-A: Lindsay Beer & Billy Shamrock (20.7)
Open Novice-B: Megan McGrain & Dandy Lion (32.1)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Lisa Edinger & Woodstock Checkmate (23.0)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Erin Buckner & Picassi (33.8)
Open Beginner Novice-A: Lillian Heard & Commanding Curve (31.8)
Open Beginner Novice-B: Mia Petersen & SkyFlex (34.5)
Starter: Tiffany Warren & Sherlock (Next In Line) (34.2)

Three Lakes at Caudle Ranch H.T. [Website] [Results]
Intermediate / Preliminary: Katherine Coleman & Colorfast (26.9)
Open Preliminary: Jennifer Brannigan & Subiaco (21.7)
Preliminary Rider: Georgia Dillard & Galileo WP (31.3)
Open Training-A: Matthew Bryner & Va Va Voom (20.2)
Open Training-B: Hannah Sue Burnett & RF Overdressed (20.8)
Training Rider: Kristin Rubash & Capone (34.7)
Novice Rider: Leanne Fitzgerald & Ardeo Michelangelo (25.2)
Open Novice-A: Joe Meyer & Chilli Bean (26.2)
Open Novice-B: Stephanie Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (24.8)
Beginner Novice Rider: Ellis Dillard & Normandys’s Coles’ Clover (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice: Caroline Martin & Jewel (28.6)

Galway Downs H.T. [Website] [Results]
Open Intermediate: Auburn Excell-Brady & BSP Tuxedo (56.3)
Open Preliminary: Erin Kellerhouse & Woodford Reserve (23.9)
Preliminary Rider-A: Jordan Crabo & Over Easy (30.1)
Preliminary Rider-B: Sarah Lipetz & Southern Belle (29.4)
Jr. Training Rider: Savannah Carter & Ballustree Dun Believable (34.2)
Open Training: Erin Kellerhouse & Axiom DF (29.8)
Sr. Training Rider: Julia Brittain & Haiku (29.1)
Jr. Novice Rider: Tyler Leary & Made You Look (27.1)
Open Novice: Gina Economou & Swizzle (21.2)
Sr. Novice Rider: Bethany Serafin & Winslow (35.7)
Intro Rider: Nicole Petersen & Armi (36.9)
Jr. Beginner Novice Rider: Kasey Hansen & Mr. Bluesky (26.7)
Open Beginner Novice: Erin Kellerhouse & Reverie GWF (24.8)
Open Intro: Adelaide Rudkin & Francesca (35.0)
Sr. Beginner Novice Rider: Joshua Saltman & Chacco (34.3)

Behind every blue ribbon, there’s a story.

To my heroic grey horse, thank you thank thank you, for helping me get back to this level..11 years of trials and…

Posted by Juli Hutchings-Sebring on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!

Event Rider Masters Announces 2019 Series Calendar

The 2018 Event Rider Masters series podium: Tim Price, Chris Burton and Laura Collett. Photo by Anna Franklin/Event Rider Masters.

Six legs, five countries, four days of three-phase competition condensed into two days, and one big winner … we begin the countdown to the 2019 Event Rider Masters season with the release of this season’s calendar. This glossy, prize-monied CCI4*-S (formerly CIC3*) series includes two new European locations, further expanding this showcase of the sport to global audiences.

2019 ERM dates and venues:

  • Leg 1: The Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials (GBR) — May 11-12, 2019
  • Leg 2: Internationales Wiesbadener Pfingstturnier (GER) — June 7-8, 2019
  • Leg 3:  Concours Complet D’Arville (BEL) — June 22-23, 2019
  • Leg 4: The Jardy Eventing Show (FRA) — July 13-14, 2019
  • Leg 5: Millstreet International Horse Trials (IRL) — August 24-25, 2019
  • Leg 6: The Finale – Concours Complet International Lignières en Berry (FRA) — October 5-6, 2019

New for 2019, the number of riders accepted into each ERM Leg has been reduced from 40 to 30 riders. This will be the 26 highest ranked riders from the FEI World Rider Rankings at the time of entry, plus four wild card riders. The 2019 series will adhere to new FEI Rules for Eventing —  view a guide to new 2019 rules here.

2019 should be an exciting season, with Australia’s Chris Burton seeking to defend his 2018 title, and runner-up Laura Collett (GBR) and third-placed Tim Price (NZL) hot on his heels. 2016 ERM Champion Oliver Townend (GBR) and 2017 ERM Champion Gemma Tattersall (GBR) will be looking to fight their way back onto the podium as well, but it’s a fresh new year and it’s anyone’s game.

As always each leg will be broadcast live via ERM’s social channels and via website with eight highlights shows including a series preview and season review show available on TV in 101 countries. Learn more by visiting the website here.

[2019 ERM Series Calendar]

#ThrowbackThursday Videos from SmartPak: If Horses Were People – Blanketing Edition

The polar vortex has descended and our horses are bundled up within an inch of their lives. What better time to break out this classic SmartPak video series?

Yeah… we humans can be a little bit ridiculous when it comes to blankets. Did you know that SmartPak has a blanketing guide that can help us feel a little less neurotic? While you’re at it, be sure to check out SmartPak’s winter clearance blanket event for up to 70% off blanket purchases!

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