#EventerProblems, Vol. 27

I know, guys. The struggle is real. Here’s your fix — 30-plus more reader-submitted #EventerProblems.

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From Glenn Wilson: "George was just feeling so good! He's still here at 19 and he still has his 'fun' moments." #EventerProblems! Photo by Hoofclix.

From Glenn Wilson, Pine Top Farm: “Robert Wilson on Pine Top George going Training at our February Horse Trials. George was just feeling so good! He’s still here at 19 and he still has his ‘fun’ moments. #EventerProblems!” Photo by Hoofclix.

Actual comments on Cairo’s dressage test continued: transition to trot at X, “Some drama.” #eventerproblems

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I’d be willing to give up my firstborn to have those logs for XC jumps #eventerproblems

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When getting ready for a hack turns into icing your nose and a trip to the ER… #eventerproblems #yesitsbroken

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Well I look like a #werewolf but my horse looks great! #ottb #eventerproblems #equestrianproblems

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