#EventerProblems, Vol. 30

Want some #EventerProblems? I’ve got one for you: When you get home from covering the American Eventing Championships at midnight, stay up another couple hours finishing your last event report, and then, just when you’re about to head for bed, you remember that you haven’t checked on #EventerProblems submissions in almost a week.

So you check, and there are so many of them piled up that you know you won’t sleep well unless you start sifting through them, and then suddenly it’s 3:30 a.m. and you’re doubled over on the kitchen table, laughing hysterically and feeling less alone.

We’re all mad here, my friends. Here are 30 more reader-submitted #EventerProblems:

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i’ve got more scope than bear #eventerproblems

A video posted by Maggie Martin (@mkeventing) on

When you can walk the XC course but can’t ride it. #StantonFarm#EventerProblems

A photo posted by Kassidy Woody (@kassidywoody) on

Almost rocked this get-up for XC on Saturday at TR&HC. #JockeyGogglesOrSunglasses #DecisionsDecisions #EventerProblems A photo posted by Katharine Stancliff (@magicalpoppies) on

Socks won’t stay up in boots. Vet wrap to the rescue! #ncsu #horsepeopleproblems #eventerproblems

A photo posted by Jessica Alvarez (@jesssca_ann) on

It’s sports day tomorrow but I might get some weird looks if I wear my volants and show coat #eventerproblems A photo posted by Eventer (@blaze.eventing) on

Setting this alarm makes me question how badly I REALLY want to show this weekend #justkidding #eventerproblems #loveit A photo posted by Area 8 Eventer (@saragrace1290) on

Time saving, when you only have half a mane to plait…. #eventerproblems #eventinglife #greyhorseproblems

A photo posted by Beth McCann (@ejm_eventing) on

“So, they’re allowed to land *on* this fence and then jump off of it, right?” No. #RK3DE #kentuckyhorsepark A photo posted by Dawn Mackenzie (@dawnathenia) on

#badhorsejokes #punny #eventerproblems @cayleigh_gb

A photo posted by Lauren Marie (@lauren_marie_9) on

Some people see firewood… I see potential XC jumps #eventerproblems #insanityinthemiddle @goeventing #ottb A photo posted by Brenlow Properties, LLC (@brenlowproperties) on  


How the girls of C-Horse get sh*t done. #changingtires #doworkson #chorseequestrian photo Cred @axelromanmonty A photo posted by Cassidy Sitton (@chorseeventing) on

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Go Eventing!