#EventerProblems, Vol. 31

There are natural resources on this earth that are available only in a finite, limited supply — oil, water and coal being a few examples. Other things, well, they just keep coming. Like #EventerProblems.

Here are 30+ more reader-submitted struggles. We’ll kick things off with one from EN’s own Jenni Autry …

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Horse trials are hard on show dads! Lol #poorpapa #eventerproblems A photo posted by Brenna (@brennac628) on


Told you it’d all fit… #equestrianproblems #eventerproblems


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When you go from work directly to the barn, but your boots are inside. #eventerproblems


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Gets dumped in dressage warm up, gets back on goes straight in the ring and gets a 32! Finished in 2nd but taking home…

Posted by Brett Huard on Sunday, September 27, 2015


From Krista Amos Degitz: “They are replacing some of the railroad ties by my son’s elementary in Harridon, Ohio. All I can think of is that pile could make like 50 cross-country jumps.”



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