What You Might Have Missed at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention

Tamie Smith celebrating receiving the $30,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grant during the Year-End Awards Luncheon at the 2015 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld. Tamie Smith celebrating receiving the $30,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grant during the Year-End Awards Luncheon at the 2015 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

The 2015 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention at the Omni Shoreham Hotel and Resort in Washington, D.C. last weekend had a packed schedule of committee meetings, educational seminars and brainstorming sessions. Professionals and amateurs, owners and riders, committee members and sponsors worked together towards bettering the sport, tackling everything from membership growth to safety equipment to volunteerism.

We worked hard, but we played hard, too, celebrating together at receptions, year-end awards and of course the dazzling Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Quite a few attendees even managed to go outside and enjoy the sights in our nation’s capital.

All in all, the Annual Meeting and Convention can be a lot to take in and we covered many topics here on EN over the four days. In case you missed anything or want to save a link to read later, here is all our coverage from the 2015 Convention. We have even more to bring you in the coming days, so stay tuned!

USEA Membership, Number of Competitors Trending Up in 2015: The USEA released its 2015 membership and starter statistics ahead of the Annual Meeting and Convention, showing an increase in both membership and the number of riders competing in recognized events.

Team USA Year in Review: Key Facts & Figures from 2015: U.S. Team Coach David O’Connor led the first of his sessions for the High Performance riders on Thursday, taking a look back at some key facts and figures from the 2015 season.

What You Need to Know From Day 1 of the USEA Convention: The USEF Eventing Technical Committee discuss rule change proposals; David O’Connor talks wait lists and balloting; course design certification and building standards are considered; the Membership Committee wonders if members should be allowed to choose their Area; new FEI competitions are on the horizon for 2017; the Event Owner’s Task Force discusses how to engage and show appreciation to owners.

USEA Board of Governors Convention Meeting Highlights: Highlights from the first of two USEA Board of Governors meetings where various USEA Committees presented status reports and general association business was discussed.

David O’Connor Outlines Proposed 2016 Plan for U.S. Eventing Team: David O’Connor outlined his proposed 2016 plan for the U.S. eventing team as we look ahead to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro during the Friday High Performance Riders meeting.

Memorable Moments at the USEA Year-End Awards Luncheon: The awards are always a bittersweet ceremony as we celebrate our friends in the sport who have succeeded in their endeavors and honor those we love and have lost. These are just a few of the many memorable moments that stuck out to us during Friday’s Year-End Awards.

What You Need to Know from Day 2 of the USEA Convention: Details on the new Modified division; PRO accident and disability insurance; collegiate eventing; free jumping for Future Event Horses

A Full Summary of the Eventing 2016-2026 USEA Summit: The much anticipated Eventing 2016-2026 USEA Summit and Town Hall Meeting took place Saturday morning with lively discussion on the following topics: Eventing Costs, Membership Growth, Organizers, 21st Century Sport/Business, Calendar/Pricing, ICP/Education, Professionals and Adult Amateurs.

Adult Riders Check In At the USEA Convention: The Adult Rider Coordinators for each area check in and report on the educational activities, grants and developments in each Area’s program.

Key Topics from the Rule Change Open Forum at USEA Convention: USEF Eventing Technical Committee Member Malcolm Hook went over key rule changes that were approved by the USEF Eventing Technical Committee this weekend and will now go forward to the USEF Board of Directors at the USEF Annual Meeting January 13-16 in Lexington, Kentucky.

What You need to Know from Day 3 of the USEA Convention: Welcoming new USEA CEO Rob Burk; volunteer initiatives; Toronto to Rio; the methodology of dressage judging.

USEA Convention Wrap: What You Need to Know: It was a light day with Area II conducting business during its committee meetings and honoring Area II members at the awards luncheon. The USEF Developing Riders and USEA Board of Governors also met this morning. Here is what you need to know from the final day of the 2015 Convention.

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