#EventerProblems, Vol. 32: Hurricane Joaquin Edition

It’s been a soggy week out there for much of the Eventing Nation. The hurricane or tropical storm or whatever you want to call this gnarly rainbow-colored blob dumped buckets on everyone in its wake for days.

Joaquin must not have gotten the memo that this is prime horse show season. Nature fail!

A hurricane, you say? *Maybe* we’ll consider changing your ride time for cross country. #eventerproblems

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As reader Margaret Koche put it: “Signs you’re done riding for the evening. Clouds with fangs. Seriously. #eventerproblems”


But hey, we do what we can. We suit up ourselves…

How to horse show in October #Camargo #why #eventerproblems #fieldhunterfortheday

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…and we suit up our horses…

‘Tis the season #eventerproblems #OTTB #thoroughbred #ottbsofinstagram #newvocations

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…and maybe do some light construction work…

What $200 worth of lumber looks like. #notmuch #runinshed #huricaneseason #eventerproblems

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…and then we put on a smile and act like everything is perfectly fine and normal. Like, “Hey, this is great! Rain is the new sunshine!”

From Lauren Romanelli: “What single girls do on Saturday night…. Set up the jump field from their 11-year-old-Breyer-loving-dreams in the pouring rain! #singlelife #eventerproblems #wetfeet #FINALLYWEHAVEJUMPS”


Or, “Hurricane, no big deal! Just imagine that you’re splashing through a great big water jump!”

Riding in all this rain has me feeling like… #eventerproblems [pc: @skipperdoodlefritz ]

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Denial is a powerful thing. And then, there’s the aftermath. That’s when the REAL fun starts.

Good times. Go Eventing!

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Go Eventing.