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The Pratoni Review with Bobby Costello: What Went Right for Team USA, and How to Keep the Party Going

Before this month, 2006 was the most recent year that the U.S. had secured a medal in World Equestrian Games/World Championship competition. This honor was earned by the late and great Amy Tryon with Poggio

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“It’s Important that Sport is Involved with Social Action”: Team Canada Rides for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights at Pratoni

Elite-level sport is an extraordinary driver for positive social change, and that’s something we’ve seen writ large over the last few years: from NFL player Colin Kaepernick taking the knee in 2016 as a protest

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A Mixed Bag: Riders React to Guiseppe della Chiesa’s Championship Cross Country Course

With 88 riders in total, a consensus wouldn’t be expected, but opinions of Guiseppe della Chiesa’s cross country course are all over the board. Some applaud it, others dislike it, but everyone respects its significance. EN’s Tilly Berendt has

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