#EventerProblems, Vol. 34: What Is An Eventer?

What is an eventer? Gathering up all these #EventerProblems week in and week out, I feel like I’ve made some real progress on nailing down a few key traits that combine to make us the “special” athletes that we are.

A few of my conclusions via 30+ more reader-submitted struggles:

Eventers are entrepreneurs.

Eventers are resourceful.

Eventers aren’t scared of a challenge.

Eventers need a shower.

Dirt. Tan. #eventerproblems #horsegirlprobs

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Eventers aren’t fair-weather riders.

Should be a fun day showing …. #eventerproblems #horseshow #eventing #eventingnation #yuck #wethorses

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Why yes, we can ride dressage in the middle of a monsoon. #eventerproblems

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Eventers are horse whisperers.

Eventers are hoarders.

And that’s not even all of them #eventerproblems #equestrianproblems #eventing #eventer #equestrian

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Eventers don’t get enough sleep.

Today was XC day… #eventerproblems #eventingnation

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Eventers do their own thing.

#parkingspotsarentbigenough #eventerproblems

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Eventers have big imaginations.

Eventers look on the bright side.

Eventers aren’t easily grossed out.

Iodine solution getting me ready for Halloween #horseproblems #eventerproblems #eventingproblems

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Eventers take better care of their horses than themselves.

“Free breakfast” at the hotel means free breakfast for your ponies!! #eventerproblems

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Eventers are adventurous.

Eventers don’t get paid enough.

Eventers are pragmatists.

Eventers keep themselves entertained.

As do their horses.

Eventers understand irony.

Eventers get the job done.

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Go Eventing!

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