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Omega Alpha Pick ‘Em Winner

omega alpha horse

[Photo: Omega Alpha]

It was nearly as thrilling a finish for the chinchillas calculating the winners for this year’s Omega Alpha Pick ‘Em as it was for fans in the Rolex stadium on Sunday. There was chittering. There was whisker twitching. There was nearly an accidental nipping of John. (They’re quite excitable.)

Many readers correctly divined William Fox Pitt’s first place finish. But only two of you, Ashley Harvey and Lisa Burnett, picked the horse he’d do it on. Most guessed Seacookie. But it was his “tubby,” “cheekier” brother, Bay My Hero who was the champ. The chinchillas, who are also tubby and cheeky, were beside themselves.

Both Ashley and Lisa picked Andrew Nicholson and Avebury to place second. Instead, he went bowling.

In a nail, er, claw-biter of a tie-breaking Pick ‘Em finish, it came down to which reader came closest to guessing the Rolex winner’s score. Ashley predicted 42.5. But Lisa came closer to WFP’s final score of 44 with her guess of 43.5.

Congratulations Lisa Burnett! If you are also able to predict this week’s powerball number, please email us immediately.

Lisa will receive at least $150 worth of Omega Alpha products. The wise team of experts at OA will “pick ‘em” for her. No guessing will be involved, as these folks know what it takes to help your horses perform and feel their best. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

Thanks for playing!

And thanks, Omega Alpha, for helping us thank our readers!

omega alpha logo



Third Annual World Equestrian Brands Rolex Top Dog Contest

Sally's dog Brody was our runner-up a couple years ago! Sally's dog Brody was our runner-up a couple years ago!

Keep your children on a leash and your dogs in focus!

Sniffing, wagging, splashing, napping – and hopefully not chasing Buck Davidson – the pooches will be on parade on cross-country day. Capture one with your camera and you could win a fabulous set of Equilibrium Airlite XC boots from our generous, animal-loving friends at World Equestrian Brands in the Third Annual WEB Rolex Top Dog Contest.

Here are a couple faves from last year to help you hone in on the hounds:

Katie Bowles Head of the Lake

Somethin’ fishy – and cute. By Katie Bowles Head

Short legs, long course walk. By Jason Hill.

Short legs, long course walk. By Jason Hill.

The winning photographer will receive front and back Equilibrium Airlite XC boots, which are about as close to bombproof, breathable bubblewrap as you’re going to get for your pony’s legs. They’ve got three high tech layers protecting your horse. There’s an inner layer of soft pillows of impact-absorbing EVA for maximum comfort. EVA mesh lines the middle and the outer strike pads are make of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). There’s additional TPU panels strategically positioned inside the boots to protect the most vulnerable areas of your horse’s legs. All the layers are perforated to allow heat to escape.

The Equilibrium Airlite XC boots

The Equilibrium Airlite XC boots

The lightweight boots absorb very little liquid. They even float on water – like a Corgi!

A vertical hook strap fits over the horizontal loop strap as an extra security feature to prevent the straps from becoming loose if you’re, say, galloping through the Head of the Lake – or the massive puddle in the middle of your arena.


Check out the boots and other goodies at the VTO booth, #146, in the trade fair. Dogs welcome, of course. Don’t forget to swing by the adoptable dogs and fun merchandise at the Lexington Humane Society tent.

Go dogs!

Go eventing!

Go World Equestrian Brands!

Contest Details:

Send your puppy pic to [email protected] with the subject line “Top Dog.”

One entry per person.

Deadline: Monday, April 28, 5 PM EST

WEB logo

Caption It Contest Presented By Devoucoux

“What shall we do today Andrew?” “Same thing we do every day, Mark ... try to take over the world.” — Lori Jenks (Photo by Jenni Autry) “What shall we do today Andrew?” “Same thing we do every day, Mark ... try to take over the world.” — Lori Jenks (Photo by Jenni Autry)

Andrew Nicholson and Avebury and Mark Todd and Oloa strolling down the lane at the Kentucky Horse Park. Whatever could they be saying? (It wouldn’t be anything about the chances of an American winning this year, would it?)

Send us your wittiest caption for this picture and you could win a very special limited edition Devoucoux shirt (perhaps even autographed by Devoucoux Rolex riders)!

Sadly, we don’t yet have a photo of the shirt, but can you imagine anything made by Devoucoux that you don’t want?

Devoucoux has become an official sponsor of Rolex this year, cranking up their already generous support of eventing and proving once again their fine taste in investments, as they are a longtime, loyal friend of Eventing Nation. It’ll be gold, green and leather that’ll make you drool right in the Sponsor Village, where Devoucoux will be hosting a slew of autograph sessions with their riders throughout the event. Keep an eye on each morning’s News & Notes for the schedule.  And check out the Devoucoux Kentucky Facebook page for more info.

In the meantime, send your caption to [email protected] with the subject line “Best Rolex Caption Ever.”




Make Mona Smile, Win Boots!

Know what would make Mona bust out her dimples?

Tall boots that don’t require painful breaking in!

Introducing the brand new Tredstep Ireland Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots, a masterpiece by Irishman Aidan Keogh that features Italian leather and secret stretch panels that promise a fit that is magnifico!

The new Tredstep Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots

The new Tredstep Da Vinci Stretch Field Boots

What else would make Mona smile? Your most hilarious horse-related photo – so send it to us and you could be smiling about a new pair of Tredstep boots!

And swing by for some smiles, refreshments, excellent views and a chance to WIN MORE BOOTS (among other things!) on Saturday as we tailgate with Tredstep on the cross country course. Keep an eye out for the tent flagged like a cross country jump: Red on right, white on left and insanity – and refreshments – in the middle!

Make the Mona Lisa Smile Contest Details:

Email your photo to: [email protected] with the subject line: “Mona Lisa’s Hysterical”

Deadline: May 1, 12 PM EST.

tredstep renn



Snap the Dash, Win a Tipperary Eventer Pro VEST!

Daniel Clasing and Houston, Photo Courtesy of Tipperary Equestrian. Daniel Clasing and Houston, Photo Courtesy of Tipperary Equestrian.

And you thought only four-star riders had reason to be psyched about Tipperary’s Dash for Cash at Rolex! While it’s true that you have to actually compete at the four-star event at Rolex for a chance at the $15,000 prize money, you can still win a fantastic Tipperary Eventer Pro 3015 Vest even if you ride at the “un-star”* level.

The contest is similar to last year’s Tipperary Snap That Contest, where in a bit of a point-to-point paparazzi fest, readers dueled with smartphones and SLRs to capture the best pic of a Rolex rider sporting the Eventer Pro on the cross country course. The Nation voted. And Bruce Kendall’s photo of Shandiss McDonald won.

Bruce Kendall's winning photo of Shandiss McDonald at Rolex 2013.

Bruce Kendall’s winning photo of Shandiss McDonald at Rolex 2013.

This year, just as Tipperary’s Dash for Cash bonus money dangles temptingly before riders not only galloping through the verdant bluegrass, but also in the dressage and show jumping arenas, you can take your shot out there too Take a picture of a competitor in a Tipperary Eventer Pro or T-Series helmet in any phase and you’ll be in the running for your very own Eventer Pro.

At the moment, we’ve confirmed that Daniel Clasing and Jessica Phoenix will be riding in Tipperary. As we find out others, we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out this amazingly comfortable piece of protective gear you could win if you remember to keep your finger out from in front of your lens.


Read what EN product reviewer Colleen Peachey says about the vest in this post: “The new Eventer Pro is actually made with something called Evolution Foam (Tipperary’s own material), which literally molds to your body while you are wearing it. And not only that…”

Or even better, go try one on for yourself at Bob Mickler’s tent.

*Un-star level: Often includes public displays of rodeo moves, unplanned dismounts and other random acts of disqualification, all in the face of jumps no taller than bales of hay.

Tipperary Snap The Dash Details:

Send a picture of a Rolex rider wearing either a Tipperary vest or T-Series helmet this weekend to:  en.cont[email protected] with the subject line “Snap The Dash.”

Deadline: April 27, 5 p.m. EST

Tipperary Eventing Nation-Horizontel Banner22

Win a Pair of Pipers!

win pipers

Does your tack room scream “Hoarders: Saddle Pad Edition?” Do you have enough ponies for your very own parade?

We understand. In fact, we celebrate you! And so do our friends at SmartPak.

After all, as eventers we know riding’s too fun to have just one discipline.

To celebrate wonderful horsey things that are simply too fun to have just one of — and ROLEX! — SmartPak’s helping us give away six pairs of their new Piper Britches.

Why do you want these? Color, baby. As eventers, we don’t live in a black and white world (black and blue, sometimes, but definitely not black and white). The Pipers now come in a veritable rainbow of fabric shades and snazzy trim: anthracite with electric coral, black and white, blue jeans with brown, charcoal with light grey, iron with champagne, merlot with dark grey, military green with black, navy with emerald, and wheat with teal. Check out all the colors at the Rolex booth.

The low-rise Pipers are fashion forward, even as you lean forward. The contoured two-inch waistband eliminates unflattering gapping. (Imagine George Morris’ zingers about plumber’s crack?). These schooling britches also have cute and functional jeans-style pockets.

piper pockets

For at chance at winning a pair of Pipers, send us photographic evidence of your horsey addiction collection. Snap a pic of all your bits, barn cats, items signed by WFP, etc. As usual, The Nation will vote on winners. Three Eventing Nation “collectors” will win a pair of Pipers, because they’re too fun to have just one.

Send your image to [email protected] with the subject line, “I am not a hoarder.”

Deadline: April 28, 5 pm. (This way, you can include any additions to your collection that you buy at Rolex!)

And to make you feel better about your collection, watch this clip from TLC’s  “Hoarding: Buried Alive – Toy Horses,” in which Deborah painfully resists parting with her beloved Breyers.


 smartpak logo

Pick ‘Em and Win!

Sixth grade fortune telling, before there was an app for that

Sixth grade fortune telling, before there was an app for that

What’s your system? Tea leaves, magic eight ball, octopus?

Or have you forgotten, Paul the German octopus oracle who accurately predicted all seven matches of the soccer World Cup in 2010? Regardless, grab your psychic tools – tentacled or otherwise – and send us your prediction for who will win Rolex this year. You could win $150 worth of supplements from Omega Alpha.

Send us the name of the horse and rider combo you believe will win along with their overall score. As a tiebreaker, include your guess for the pair that will finish second. Whoever chooses the correct winners with the score closest to the actual winning score will win an Omega Alpha prize package worth at least $150. The supplements are all made from the finest natural ingredients with formulations held to the highest standards.

Peruse the Rolex entry list for inspiration.

Send your picks* to [email protected] with the subject line “Pick ‘Em.”

Deadline: April 24, 8 AM EST. (Before the first horse heads down centerline.)

*Entries from the United States or Canada only.

OA tubes

Stop by the Omega Alpha booth (#175) at the trade fair to learn more about helping your horse feel and perform better.

 Omega Alpha

Protect YourSELFIE and Win a Point Two Vest!

P2 Win This REVSD

To celebrate Rolex and YOU, our loyal readers, our fabulous sponsor Point Two is once again helping us give away a Pro Air Vest.

Introducing …

the Point Two Protect Your SELFIE Contest!

How do you play?

Snap a pic of exactly what you’re protecting when you zip into a vest — yourself.

Hit us with your best Rolexy shot and you could win a brand new Pro Air!

What exactly do we mean by “Rolexy”?

We mean of, or pertaining to, the Rolex event, the Rolex venue, Rolex horses and riders, Rolex wear and/or Rolex dreams, of course.

Not "Rolexy"

Not “Rolexy.” You must show some Rolex four-star flair.

If you’re lucky enough to be at the Kentucky Horse Park this week, there are tons of opportunities. Selfie with Bruce Davidson? He’s always conveniently posing with Eagle Lion. Perhaps an underwater selfie with snorkel in the Head of the Lake?

For readers stuck at home, there are still plenty of ways to Rolex-ify your selfie (even on the off chance you don’t have a real Rolex to wear in the pic). Prance for your own personal jog up. Get creative with leftover Peeps. Victory gallop for an audience of one.

Check out these entries in the Selfie Olympics for inspiration. We know you can do better than these people when a POINT TWO AIR VEST is on the line.

Protect YourSELFIE ideas are probably already popping into your mind, expanding like Point Two air jackets. (But maybe without the pffffft!)

Go forth, Eventing Nation, and selfie!

The contest begins in .2 seconds ….



First Place: Point Two ProAir

Second Place: $200 Point Two gift certificate

Third Place: $100 Point Two gift certificate

Email your Protect YourSELFIE to [email protected] with “Protect YourSELFIE” in the subject line.

Deadline: Sunday, April 27 at 5 p.m. EST.

Readers will vote on their favorites beginning Tuesday, April 29.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 10.24.44 AM

Design Your Dubes: Win Dubarry Boots!

It’s true! You’ve got ANOTHER chance to win a lovely pair of Dubarry boots!

In celebration of the inaugural $20,000 Dubarry Nations Team Challenge at RK3DE14, our marvelous sponsors Dubarry of Ireland are inviting you show some national sole!  

Bust out your national pride in the form of a pair of Dubes specially created for your national team for a chance to win a pair of your very own.

Here’s how to Design Your Dubes:

1. Design, draw, fake, bake or otherwise create the ultimate nation-themed Dubarry boots.

2. Take a photo of your creation.

3. Submit your entry using the competition submission form.

4. Tag your entry with #DesignYour Dubes.

The top five entries will be chosen by Dubarry judges and presented to the public for voting on May 1.

DEADLINE for photo submission: Wednesday, April 30th, 11 PM EST.

The entry with the most votes, wins!

And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Perfect RK3DE14 Outfit! (Surely helping a fellow reader win their pair of Dubes will be good karma toward winning yours!)



Vote for the Perfect Rolex Outfit

The wine has been drunk. The chinchillas have spoken. The finalists have been selected. Five Eventing Nation readers are one step closer to the buttery leather of a brand new pair of Dubarrys.

Now, it’s your turn. You have the power to help fulfill a fellow reader’s footwear dreams (alas, not the Cinderella-with-Prince-Coleman one) by voting for which ensemble you feel is the Best Rolex Outfit.

Help make one reader very, very happy by voting here.

The winner will be announced April 23.

Even with my math deficiencies, which make my attempts at taxes and counting strides equally frightening to watch, I can figure out that the chances are that you’re not one of the five finalists.

But that’s OK.

After a dip in the box of wine, a well-informed chinchilla was heard muttering about another chance to win a pair of Dubarrys. He also slurred something about a kitty riding a Rolex horse, but we’re quite sure that was the cheap merlot talking.

Stay tuned.

And go vote!


Great Quotes from Premier Equine Insurance

Nicholson. Andrew Nicholson.

He’s cooler than an icy martini, shaken or stirred. More chill than any secret agent. Let’s see Bond ride that drop one-handed, looking for all the world like he’s out for a leisurely hack rather than galloping a Rolex cross-country course with a horse competing for the first time at the four-star level.

The Silver Fox is pictured here last year at Pau with Rolex-winning partner Quimbo. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Premier Great Quote Banner

Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys: Mr. (Red on the) Right Edition

To give you final nudge to enter to win a pair of Dubarry Roscommon and Kerry Boots I took matters into my own hands to create a Perfect Rolex Outfit. Not for me, but for my new boyfriend. Let’s call him Mr. (Red on the) Right.

Beginning center, working clockwise:

Mr. (Red on the) Right’s sporting a spiffy Dubarry Arklow Gilet. You can’t see his hands, as they’re in the vest’s snuggly pockets, but they are not adorned with any marriage-indicating accessories. He’s got the requisite EN cap, as he’s big fan of the site.

He’s got a puppy who he takes with him everywhere. He’s been known to take his Dubarry Galway Boot off his foot and let him play with it if the puppy wants to. Because he’s just that kind of guy.

Mr. (Red on the) Right speaks in a lovely Irish brogue (or Aussie accent; Italian’s OK too). He brings this fabulous picnic hamper because we can’t stay at the EN tailgate the entire day. There will be a fresh-from-the-deep fryer funnel cake in there because he won’t mind trotting over to the food area when I’m ready for it. A waterproof picnic blanket, of course.

Mr. (Red on the) Right’s got a VIP pass so I can join him “backstage” as he wishes his four-star rider friends luck. (It will be hard for me not to go into fan-dork mode). The key chain includes a few keys to the buildings on Mr. Right’s family equestrian estate and to the truck and trailer, which he lets me use whenever he wants.

With his wicked sense of humor — and style — Mr. (Red on the) Right rocks the Dubarry Men’s Leather Boxer Briefs, launched on April 1. According to the catalog, “Stylish and comfortable, they were developed for the Irish fieldsport of hurling in Craughwell County Galway by Fergus O’Reilly in 1865 and then benefitted from enhanced breathability with the addition of Gore-Tex lining in the early 1990s.”

Binoculars are handy, so we can stand right at the rope by the jumps, but also spot riders on other parts of the course. Even more handy is Mr. (Red on the) Right’s Dubarry Burren’s Men’s Wallet. It has six slots for his many credit cards and pictures of me, his puppy and his horses.

Unfortunately, as an employee of Eventing Nation, I can’t win the Dubarry boots. But I can meet Mr. (Red on the) Right! If you’re him (or you know him), I’ll be at the tailgate Saturday in sneakers, as I sadly lack Dubes. I look just like Jennifer Lawrence have brown hair and ride like Jennie Brannigan might be sporting a sexy sling from a cross-country-related encounter with the Rocky Mountain ground.

YOU however, still have a chance of winning Dubarrys! HURRY! You’ve got until noon today!

Pin your version of the Perfect Rolex Outfit, including three pieces from Dubarry’s collection, on your preferred online board and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry of Ireland on Pinterest. Check out the official rules and use this form.

dubarry pin promo

Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys: The EN Edition

Nothing completes a Perfect Rolex Outfit better than two things that ensure the future of our beloved sport: A pony-crazed kid and a wallet stuffed with credit cards!

Today’s featured fashionista in this week’s quest to win a pair of Dubarrys’ new Roscommon and Kerry Boots is Katie Bornholdt-Peery. Katie would love to accessorize her Dubes with her 7-year-old Elizabeth, “who has dreams of one day riding in Rolex herself!” Thus, the Mastercard.

Katie would start the day with the Dubarry Swift Women’s Multi-Pocket Hourglass Silhouette Jacket over an uber-soft Dubarry Claddagh Women’s Luxurious Alpaca/Cotton Mix Cowl Neck Sweater. Wearing this sweater is like wearing a kitten. But better.

When the sun comes out (fingers crossed!) Katie will peel off the alpaca to reveal non other than our very own Rolex must-have, the EN Insanity in the Middle v-neck by DappleBay. (A little chinchilla has told us items in this fabulous line MIGHT be handed out at Saturday’s Insanity In the Middle Tailgate with Tredstep Ireland.)

Katie stylishly accessorizes a Dubarry Foxglove Women’s Short Pleated Tweed Skirt with a pair of Dubarry Trinity Women’s Knitted Socks (the cable knit tops fold up and down in case her knees get chilly) which are perfect for showing off the new low Dubarry Roscommon boots. Which you, too, could have a chance to win if you move your … finger (really, that’s all it takes to click) and create your own Perfect Rolex Outfit.

Pin your version, including three pieces from Dubarrys’collection, on your preferred online board and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry of Ireland on Pinterest. Check out the official rules and use this form.

The clock, er, rather the Rolex, is ticking. You’ve got until mid-day tomorrow to enter.

dubarry pin promo

Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys: Foam Finger Edition

Manhattan-eventer's Polyvore pin Manhattan-eventer's Polyvore pin

Seven hours of dressage spectating might, in fact, require a flask. A little nip of something will make Sally O’Connor’s comments even more enjoyable (“oh dear-dear-dear!”), especially if you’re sipping from a Dubarry Rugby Leather Hip Flask.

Manhattan-eventer, today’s featured poster entered to win a pair of Dubarry Roscommon and Kerry Boots, created an ensemble that includes this key piece of equipment, along with sunscreen and an umbrella, two other wise choices for a day that may include gusty winds, soaking squalls and sunshine – all before lunch.

She also picked a spacious Dubarry Durrow Weekend Bag, with plenty of room for the EN schwag she scores at our tailgate and treasures she picks up in the trade fair. Manhattan-eventer anchored her outfit with the classic Dubarry Galway Boots, which will keep her feet warm, dry and comfy as she climbs the stadium stairs or hoofs it across the cross-country course.

Best of all (besides the adorable canine sidekick in the Ralph Lauren vest from Bloomies – yes, she is MANHATTAN-eventer), is the red foam finger. Almost as eyecatching an accessory as Will Coleman, the foam finger made famous by Stephen Colbert when he decried “competitive horse prancing the sport of summer” truly does go with any outfit. (Imagine what will happen to horse prancing’s popularity when he takes over “Late Night!”) Plus, you can always sit on it.

Create your own Perfect Rolex Outfit including at least three pieces from Dubarrys’ collection and pin it to a board of your choice with the tag #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry of Ireland on Pinterest. Submit your pin with this form.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18th.

dubarry pin promo


Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys: The Will Coleman Edition


Hayley Harwell’s Polyvore Pins

“There’s no better accessory than Will Coleman as your date!” writes today’s featured poster, Hayley Harwell. Does your version of Cinderella include Will Coleman slipping a perfectly fitted Dubarry boot onto your foot? We can help you with some of that fantasy. Not, alas, the Will Coleman part. But pin an outfit like Hayley did and you could win a pair of Dubarrys.

Share the ultimate ensemble this week for a shot at a pair of Roscommon and Kerry boots.

For those of you that can, tear your eyes from Will’s dashing image for a bit and check out the rest of Hayley’s choices. She wisely grabbed a pair of cozy Dubarry Donegals and a snuggly Dubarry Kirwan alpaca-cotton sweater to keep her toasty in the early morning while waiting for riders at the Head of the Lake. And she strategically chose the Bracken tweed utility jacket. Yes, it’s Teflon-coated wool. No, it’s not so warm that it prevents you from huddling close with Will as the riders splash by. Clever, eh?

We also love Hayley’s choice of headwear. Why not rock the derby hats on cross-country day?

Accessorize yourself with a 4-Star Prince (or Princess) Charming of your choice and at least three pieces of Dubarry finery and pin it with the tag #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry on Pinterest. Submit your pin with this form.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18th.

dubarry pin promo

Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys

Sophiaacamaya94's entry in the Dubarry Pin It to Win It contest. Sophiaacamaya94's entry in the Dubarry Pin It to Win It contest.

You’ve still got nearly five days to pin the ultimate Rolex outfit for a shot at winning a pair of Roscommon and Kerry boots. Are you finding inspiration challenging because all your clothes are currently covered in recently shedded horse hair (lingerie -somehow- included)? Fear not, fashionista. We’ll give you an example every day this week for inspiration.

Sophiaacamaya94 created today’s ensemble on Polyvore (You can pin to any board you choose.). We applaud Sophia’s choice of the adorable canine accessory and give her bonus points for choosing an Irish Wolfhound available for adoption on rescue site Note how the pooch’s leash matches her Dubarry Leather Black Belt. Her selection of the Dubarry Clara Ladies Large Leather Saddle Style Bag will fit tons of treats for herself and Fido. The Dubarry Swift Women’s Multi-Pocket Hourglass Silhouette Jacket  also has plenty of pockets for cross-country day accessories of the Milk Bone or milk chocolate variety. Remember people, it’s important to keep refueling as you walk around that huge course.

She went with the Dubarry Roscommon Boots and Dubarry Cap, so face and feet will be fashionable and protected from the elements. If you are of the Garanimals, matchy-matchy school of fashy, you may question Sophia’s choice of the horse print scarf over the striped Dubarry Shannon Ladies Rugby Shirt. But you’d be forgetting this critical rule of horse people fashion: One can never have too many horsey accessories. Especially if their purchase goes to a good cause, like the Tender Voices Diamond Accent necklace Sophia selected. Its purchase benefits the ASPCA.

Think you can do better? Go for it:

Create your unique version of the Perfect Rolex Outfit, pin it to an online board of your choice and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry on Pinterest. Submit your Pin using this form. The public will begin voting on the top five entries on April 19th.

You must use at least THREE Dubarry items in your ensemble and no, they don’t have to be the Roscommon or Kerry Boots. If those Galways won’t leave your feet until someone pries them off your cold, dead body that’s cool. Pin ‘em.

This is what we’ve been waiting for EN — Project Runway with mud and Gore-Tex!

dubarry pin promo

We know you can match your saddle pad and wraps (and stirrups and vest and helmet cover and watchband….). Here’s a chance to bust out that eventing style and win a sweet pair of boots.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18th.

 Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.18.02 PM

Erin Go Irish: Badminton Bound

Erin Go Irish highlights the success of Irish-bred horses and ponies in eventing. Michael Doherty of Irish Horse Gateway writes each week to discuss what makes Irish horses so competitive in our sport. This week, Michael takes a look at Irish horses at Badminton.

Mary King & Imperial Cavalier at Barbury Castle, 2012
Photo: Samantha Clark Mary King & Imperial Cavalier at Barbury Castle, 2012 Photo: Samantha Clark

From Michael:

Irish-bred event horses account for 34 percent of the accepted entries for this years’ Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. The eight former Badminton winners returning to the UK event this year are New Zealand’s Mark Todd, Andrew Hoy, Paul Tapner and Lucinda Fredericks from Australia, and Great Britain’s Mary King, Oliver Townend, Pippa Funnell and William Fox-Pitt. Three of the eight, Mary King, William Fox-Pitt and Paul Tapner, have entered their top Irish Sport Horse contenders.

Mary King will ride her London Olympic Games mount Imperial Cavalier who will be taking on Badminton CCI4* for the fifth time having finished fourth in 2010 and third in 2011. Paul Tapner returns again on Kilronan while William Fox-Pitt has entered his Tattersalls CCI3* winner Bay My Hero who has not been present on the international eventing circuit since placing 4th in the Pau CCI4* in 2012.

Paul Tapner and Kilronan at Badminton last year photo: Jenni Autry

Paul Tapner and Kilronan at Badminton last year. Photo by Jenni Autry

Seven riders will line-out for Ireland this year, each of whom will be riding an Irish Sport Horse. Clare Abbott, Aoife Clark, Capt. Geoff Curran, Sarah Ennis, Joseph Murphy, Jim Newsam and Sam Watson make up the Irish contingent. Ennis, Newsam and Watson all with their 2013 Badminton CCI4* partners.

Since 1995, Badminton Horse Trials has been won by an Irish Sport Horse five times. That year saw American Bruce Davidson claim victory with Eagle Lion. The Gipfel sired gelding was bred by Patricia Nicholson, whose breeding programme is now enjoying success under Bruce (Buck) Davidson, Jr.

David O’Connor produced another U.S. victory in 1997 aboard Custom Made. Finishing in second place was Mary King and Star Appeal who returned to win the class in 2000.

Great Britain’s Pippa Funnell claimed back-to-back wins in 2002 and 2003 with the highly successful Supreme Rock who was sadly put to sleep in 2013, aged 25. Bred in County Cork by Lindy Good, Supreme Rock was by the Thoroughbred sire Edmund Burke and out of the Bassompierre sire mare Rineen Classic.

Aiofe Clark and Master Crusoe at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Aiofe Clark and Master Crusoe at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

“Funnell and Rocky (Supreme Rock) won two consecutive times at Badminton in 2002 and 2003, and landed two individual European titles in Luhmuhlen in 1999 and in Pau in 2001. Between the two Euro championships, they managed to get a team silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. And, together with Primmore’s Pride, Rocky helped Funnell bag the greatest eventing prize of all times, the Rolex Grand Slam, in 2003,” noted Horse & Hound.

With just under one month to go to the 2014 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, we are very much looking forward to cheering on our exciting contingent of Irish riders and horses.

Irish Horse Gateway Banner

Pin to Win a Pair of Dubarrys


dubarry pin promo

What are you wearing to Rolex?

Admit it. You’ve been thinking about it.

(It’s been keeping John up for months. And he only owns two T-shirts.)

This year, your amazing fashion powers can get you way more than nods in the funnel cake line (yeah, baby!), they can also get you a pair of Dubarrys!

Dubarry’s kicking off Eventing Nation’s Rolex contest extravaganza by giving away a pair of boots you’ll never want to kick off — even in August. Yes, people, the newest Dubes are low riders! And they are fine.

With leather like butta, Gore-Tex to shield your sweet soles from manure, beer or whatever life (or tailgating) throws your way, and that special Dubarry treatment that allows them to dry faster than any leather product known to man, the new Roscommon and Kerry Boots are perfect for Rolex.

But whatever should you wear with them?

Create your unique version of the Perfect Rolex Outfit, pin it to an online board of your choice and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry of Ireland on Pinterest. Submit your Pin using this form. The public will begin voting on the top five entries on April 19.

You must use at least three Dubarry items in your ensemble and no, they don’t have to be the Roscommon or Kerry Boots. If those Galways won’t leave your feet until someone pries them off your cold, dead body, that’s cool. Pin ‘em.

This is what we’ve been waiting for EN, Project Runway with mud and Gore-Tex!

We know you can match your saddle pad and helmet cover (and stirrups and vest and gloves and watchband). Here’s a chance to bust out that eventing style and win a sweet pair of boots.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18.

Go eventing (in style)! Go Dubarry!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.18.02 PM

Red on Right, White on Left, Party in the Middle!

April 26, 2014. Be there. April 26, 2014. Be there.

Once again our annual reader appreciation party will be right in the middle of the action — and the cross-country course at Rolex!

This year’s event promises to be the best EN Rolex tailgate party in the vast and storied history of EN Rolex tailgate parties (this is our second year) because our friends at Tredstep Ireland are presenting it — and the Irish know their way around a good time.

Join us for …

Free refreshments!

Free food!

And fabulous Tredstep giveaways!

Not to mention EN swag, including priceless official Eventing Nation keepsake stadium cups.

We’ve got a premium tailgating spot reserved where you can keep an eye on both the cross-country action and the snacks. Listen to the thundering hooves and the foaming beer at the same time! But come by early — and come by often — otherwise former fat kid John will snarf all your food.

Keep checking back for more details about what you can eat, drink and WIN on April 26.

And a big thank you to Tredstep Ireland for helping us thank YOU!

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Great Quotes from Premier Equine Insurance

Peter Atkins bounces like a super ball.

After winning the heart and mind of a horse afraid of shadows then emerging from an extended legal battle in 2012, Peter Atkins broke his leg just before he was set to fly to the U.K. to compete at Badminton with hopes of impressing Australian national team selectors. The hardworking Australian came back to finish 10th at Rolex in 2013 with Henry Jota Hampton. Eventing’s helmet-cam pioneer, Peter’s ever-bouyant love for the sport and his partner, Henny, can be seen — and heard — on his videos. Peter is aiming for Badminton again this spring, where he hopes to impress the Australian WEG selectors. Keep track of them on Facebook. Run, Henny, run!

This week’s quote comes to us from reader, Lauren, who notes that it’s as appropriate for life in general as it is for eventing (where “bouncing” should officially be the third discipline).

The photo, by Jenni Autry, shows Peter and Henny bouncing through Red Hills in March.

Do you have a favorite training quote? Send it to [email protected].

Premier Great Quote Banner

New Sponsor Spotlight: Ice Horse

A big Eventing Nation welcome to our newest sponsor, Ice Horse. The company’s been setting the standard for cold therapy for 15 years. Very cool. Like us, of course. And, also like us, they work tirelessly to come up with better and new ways to help our horses feel and perform their best.

To celebration this spirit of innovation — and the fact that we no longer have to schlep buckets of ice around at events — Ice Horse will be presenting Throwback Thursdays, our weekly series in which you try to see through the haircuts and braces to guess which rider (or horse) is pictured in all their Kodachrome glory.

Ice Horse’s own “now and then” story is best illustrated here:

Before Ice Horse

Old School Icing [photo courtesy Ice Horse]

Old school cold therapy. All photos, except where noted, courtesy of Ice Horse.

 After Ice Horse

Today's Cold Therapy The Ice Horse Knee to Ankle Wrap [all product photos courtesy Ice Horse]

Today’s cold therapy — The Ice Horse Knee to Ankle Wrap

Ice Horse has a whole line of wraps featuring their patented FirstIce insert packs. The inserts slip into pockets in the wraps and mold to your horse’s legs for maximum coverage. They stay cold for more than two hours. Where I board, we have a freezer dedicated to Ice Horse — which regularly bums out thirsty summer visitors seeking cold therapy of a different flavor. The wraps themselves are made from Quadrispan, a high-tech, anti-migration fabric designed to be breathable yet keep the wraps in place and the compression even.

Ice Horse Evendura Wraps

Ice Horse Evendura Wraps

The Ice Horse Evendura wrap was created with eventers in mind, locating the ice compression from below the knee to the pastern/fetlock. They can be used for front and hind legs.

The Big Black Boot

The Big Black Boot

The Big Black Boot focuses the therapy on the hoof. In a bit of Velcro origami genius, it folds over itself to lock a horse’s foot in ice from the coronary band to the toe. The bottom’s made of polymer molded into a safe, high-traction “shoe.” Ice compression therapy without the mess.

A wrapper even cooler than Jay Z

A wrapper even cooler than Jay Z.

Far easier to wrap than your average burrito

Far easier to wrap than your average burrito

Naturally, Ice Horse has products for riders as well for those rare (typing this with newly inserted chromium shoulder plate in what’s left of my collarbone) occasions when we hurt. The IceRider Knee Therapy and the IceRider Lower Back Therapy  can help you chill out the pain.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.35.44 AM

The Ice Horse XC System in action.

With the Ice Horse XC System, you can harness the technology developed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where it was designed to cool horses fast after brutally hot cross-country runs. Specially engineered water flow scrapers allow two people to spray a horse on both sides at once with evenly chilled and pressured water, fueled by a battery. The wheels make it easy to use in the vet box or in the barn. It would also probably fuel the best Slip ‘N Slide party ever. The Ice Horse Continuous Cooling System is another continuous flow cold water therapy system that’s portable and potent.

The pros love the products, which are made in America and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. “We use Ice Horse routinely after our cross-country runs for fast, easy cooling of tendons and ligaments,” Buck Davidson says on the company’s website. Ice Horse also sponsors Lucinda Fredericks, Clayton Fredericks and Gina Miles, as well as jumpers Laura Kraut, Hope Glynn and Rich Fellers. USET Team Veterinarian Dr. Mark Revenaugh and Dr. Russ Peterson, founder of the Association of Equine Sports Medicine and The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, are both fans of Ice Horse products.

Just as cool as their technology is Ice Horse’s commitment to CANTER. The company has provided the organization with outdated but perfectly functional products when they release new models.

Ice Horse makes cold therapy easy and efficient. It does leave us with one question: What to do with all that ice?

A few suggestions:






Go Eventing! Go Ice Horse!