#EventerProblems, Vol. 38

Happy Monday, Eventing Nation, and welcome to the most torturous month of the year, No Stirrup November! Are your thighs partaking in this year’s festivities?

Something is missing… #nostirrupsnovember #eventerproblems

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Brave souls. If you too are among the few, the proud, the sore, don’t suffer alone! Stand up and be counted: Snap a photo depicting your pain and post it to social with the tag #NoStirrupNovember. Here are a few bazillion more reader submitted #EventerProblems:

“She’s going to be brave for you at the big jumps, so you need to be brave for her when she thinks she hears aliens.” ————————————— Here’s a #FailFriday to start the weekend off… That moment when your horse goes from having a lovely Dressage warmup to losing all of her cookies right before you have to enter the ring at Area Champs (this lasted for 10 minutes… There’s unfortunately no video of our obnoxious piaffing and passaging). After literally walking around the ring waiting for the judge to ring the bell, we somehow managed to keep it together enough to pull a 36 (I did not ask for any lengthenings for fear of my life). Gotta love those redheads. #EventerProblems #goeventing A video posted by Taylor (@taylordawn_13) on

The look on your face after you have a hard dressage ride. #dshrustify #diamondsporthorses

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Ugh I hate thrush buster!! #eventerproblems #thrushbuster #purplehand

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When your horse wants to sleep but you need to braid #compromise #eventerproblems A photo posted by Katherine (@knollls) on

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Go Eventing!