#EventerProblems, Vol. 44: OTTB Edition

Nobody loves off-track thoroughbreds more than eventers. From the athleticism and heart to a gallop like no other, they’re the total package and the breed of choice for many of us in the sport.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to give them a little affectionate ribbing every now and again! From over-achieving over fences to exhibiting surplus enthusiasm in the dressage ring, when #OTTB meets #EventerProblems, the results can be pretty entertaining. And, of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are a few that we recently spotted:

Do you think she cleared it? #Ottb #eventerproblems #chestnutmare #theresamonsterinthatoxer

A photo posted by Reagan Wiles (@rmw_eventing) on

God love ’em. For all our OTTB enthusiasts out there who are on Instagram, I highly recommend checking out the #OTTB hashtag. If you thought you loved the breed before, you’ll love them even harder after clicking through this gallery of OTTBs being just plain awesome.

Of course, #EventerProblems are equal opportunity. Here’s the latest batch of your reader-submitted struggles.

Sitting on a 16.3 hand horse at the walk, how does mud splash that high?! #eventerproblems

A photo posted by Genevieve Abbiss (@p53angel) on

I think it might’ve been time for new laces….. #eventerproblems

A photo posted by Kate Drake (@katedrakevt) on

It’s a sad day here today! #wintertime #eventerproblems #wisconsinite

A photo posted by Taylor Rieck (@trieckx) on

Here’s the definitive answer to the question of whether horses snore… #ottb #eventerproblems #sleepypony

A video posted by Erica Spradling (@xbetterbesocialx) on

When you look down at your leg and have zero idea when (or how) you got that bruise… #farmlife #eventerproblems

A photo posted by Area 8 Eventer (@saragrace1290) on

Getting Intouch with my transcendentalist side #EventerProblems #pinetop #honorsenglish3 #mrsstewart #usea

A photo posted by Grace Clayton (@gmclayton) on

What horses do in Florida in the winter #eventing #eventerproblems #horsesofinstagram #chestnutmare #splishsplash

A video posted by Marjory Berkache (@lechevalfrancais) on


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Go Eventing!