#EventerProblems, Vol. 51: ‘Let It Snow’ Edition

How are you holding up out there, Eventing Nation? Staying warm? Staying dry?


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You don’t have to answer that. We know that times are tough, and to cheer you up we wrote you a little song. It’s just like “Let It Snow,” but way more depressing. Here we go!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

And of south-bound friends…

Off to Ocala! Are we going for a weekend or a month? I can’t tell! #eventerproblems #justcallitbeingprepared #teamBDF

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… you’re spiteful

But there are horses to groom

And places to go

Oh please no

Oh please no

Oh please no

I would say that’s one #dedicateddad true #eventerproblems kid wants to ride, dad wants to survive the cold.

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Oh, your flu shows no signs of stopping


And the pipes are close to popping

But at least it’s not 17 below

Oh please no

Oh please no

Oh please no

#nofilter #mindyourmelon #eventerproblems #toomanyhashtags

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When you finally get to ride

How you’ll hate going out in the storm

And you’d better hold on tight

Because that ground doesn’t look very warm

#whyyoulistentoyourtrainer #eventerproblems #oopsididitagain #ugh

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On the inside you’re slowly dying

And the forecast has you sighing

But event season is just around the corner, so

Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it snow

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Go Eventing.