#EventerProblems, Vol. 62: Spring Struggles Edition

Ah, spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’ve got a whole new set of #EventerProblems on your hands. Including but not limited to:

Daylight Savings Time pros…

This post work ride outside brought to us by daylight savings time!! #eventerproblems #thankfulforspring #stilltired

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…and cons

Mares in heat

Maybe it’s Maybelline,maybe it’s Regumate. Love my mare today. #eventerproblems

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#stormwatch #timelapse #mustridebeforeitrains #californiaproblems #eventerproblems

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Which leads to… mud.


Oh, the horror!!#mud #aweekvacation #eventerproblems


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Losing that winter weight

Bad footing

I guess that last lesson was a little muddy #eventerproblems

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Mark Phillips: “Water or mud?” Rider picked the water. #eventerproblems


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Winter riding in the great Northwest. #PNW #eventerproblems #fairweatherisrare #aspenfarms #areavii #usea

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No spring break for you!

Your first tan “tan” of the year

Just four days and the watch/glove tan is too real. #eventerproblems #sunnysouthcarolina #aikensc

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The waiting game

Go away already, winter! It’s supposed to be spring!

Living up to the crazy eventer stereotype. A little snow never hurt anybody, right? #eventerproblems #FloridaOrBust

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I’d rather be getting ready in the snow than competing in the snow! #area2 #eventerproblems #ihatewinter

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Walking my cross country course for tomorrow in the SNOW #wtf #eventerproblems

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Hoping for a miracle so that I can actually compete this weekend #area2 #eventerproblems #ihatewinter

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Go Eventing.